Episode 823 – Joe Lo Truglio

0 – Dan is wearing a shirt that says “Bastard Love Child.” Jimmy doesn’t like Snoop Dogg. Jimmy and Matt had a rough time in a motel5 – Dan looks like a serial killer. Darryl from NeverNotNotes.com is here with his lovely wife Jenn. They are on their honeymoon!

10 – The King of the cameos, Joe Lo Truglio is here.

15 – Jimmy puts on Joe’s hat and looks really good. Jimmy had a good Easter.

20 – The guys talk 70’s film composers.

25 – Dan fails a Paul Simon search. (THE CAPEMAN!!!!!!) Joe talks about his times shooting “Paul.”

30 – The guys talk Monopoly. Joe LOVES board games. Joe goes for his 4th 1000-meter stare from Pardo, while explaining the details of these different games he likes.

35 – Joe grew up with Bobby Cannavale and they used to swim together.

40 – Joe fell down doing a dive and one of Jimmy’s worst fears is fully realized. Diving is some scary shit.

45 – Jimmy wishes he could wear one of those protective face masks when travelling.

50 – Cash cab is the best game show for the first five minutes. It’s no taxi cab confessions.

55 – Joe met a guy who taught himself English by watching Barack Obama speak. The guys talk about girls from 80’s movies. Then guys talk about mispronouncing words.

1:00 – Let’s talk about reggae.


0 – The guys do a reggae guessing game.

5 – Jimmy talks about The Great Howard Of Macy’s.

10 – Celebrity meltdown at Macy’s – guessing game. Joe talks about quitting his job at The Gap.

15 – The guys talk Jeans stores.

20 – It’s the ten year anniversary of “Wet Hot American Summer.”

25 – 35: The guys discuss the perfect distance to jerk off to a lady at a concert.