807 – Jen Kirkman


These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode, and slightly supplemented by me. Thanks tons Dan!

0 – Jimmy flew back to LA late last night.
People shouldn’t give Allan Havey a hard time for last episode’s suicide joke. (We don’t edit jerk!)
Chicago people: Buy your Chicago NNF live show tickets. Jimmy knows your name, Facebook 300. Get on the ball!

5 – Matt has the best idea EVER for a New Years tradition. Hint: It involves socks.
Jimmy pays 12 cents per sock.
Throw Momma From The Train sucked.
Matt looks like a goddam chipmunk! And that’s a compliment.
Jimmy got a Chicago album clock.
Jimmy hired Dan to be his Secret Santa gift at Conan.

10 – Jen Kirkman is introduced 12 minutes into the program.
Jen is really good about not talking until she is introduced.
Jen has had altercations with people on facebook.

15 – Jen’s husband doesn’t let her check her Twitter, so she won’t “argue with ghosts.”
Jen loves David Hasselhoff’s tweets.

20 – Jimmy got a lot of hate mail when he was on Doug Loves Movies.
Jimmy has the best fans, and not just because they are not dumb, stoned-up, fucking morons.
He had a great New Years on the road doing comedy. His family was with him.

25 – Jen doesn’t know who Madeleine Stowe is.
Jen had breakfast by herself at Art’s Deli and decided to download Phil Collins, then got distracted and forgot. Jimmy just
reminded her.

30 – The guys talk about This American Life.
Jimmy does a voice that may or may not sound African American.

35 – Jimmy saw the #1 Laker fan on his way to the show today. It was on a license plate.
The guys analyze another license plate on an Escalade.
Matt tells a story about seeing Madeleine Stowe in 1997.

40 – 45 – Jen dated a guy who hated Led Zeppelin.
Jen talks about bad Boston accents in TV and movies.

50 – Jimmy was once rude to Tina Fey for no reason.
The guys analyze Jen’s skinny latte.

55 – Jen had a very weird conversation with her cousin about demons and time travelling.


0 – Eliot didn’t have to go to the bathroom. He had to move a can. (Thanks Eliot! That can is super-distracting!)
Turns out, Jen’s boyfriend was talking about The Beatles. And he believed that they ripped off King Crimson.

5 – Jimmy went to Medieval Times over the holiday season with his family and had a blast.
Jen really likes Jimmy’s son, Oliver.
Jimmy hopes Oliver never goes into the arts.

10 – Jen got a teddy bear photo for her niece and was disappointed that the kid wasn’t that into it.
Jen first took a picture at Michael Jackson’s star and had an awkward interaction with a crazed MJ fan.

15 – Jen also had an awkward interaction with fake Elvis and her hair dresser saw her putting $3 into his chest.

20 – Jen talks about the John Lennon tapes that got released recently that expose him for being an asshole.

25 – Jen talks about an awkward interaction with Robin Williams.

30 – Corrections are made. Apologies are made to Zsa Zsa’s leg.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten.