806 – Allan Havey


These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode, and slightly supplemented by me. Thanks tons Dan!

0 – Jimmy hates REM. He enjoys running in the rain.
Jimmy hates Matt’s jacket. Matt considers it a sweatshirt.

5 – Jimmy talks about today’s guest, Allan Havey, and how Jimmy discovered him in

10 – Jimmy and Allan used to hang out with Jeff Garcia and tried to figure out the
phrase “I’m down with it.”
Jimmy thinks the gays get a tough enough time. Allan thinks the gays are doing just fine.
Jimmy recounts his nose job story.

15 – Allan talks about his 101 yr old neighbor.
When Allan gets old, if he starts to waddle, he’s jumping off a bridge.
Jimmy recounts a great Dick Van Dyke joke that Kevin Nealon told.
Jimmy has never seen “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

20 – Allan talks about getting harassed by a bunch of black basketball players.
Allan also talks about how “The Wizard of Oz” used to be an annual event on television.

25 – Allan tells a hilarious Werner Herzog story.

30 – The guys discuss the merger between The Comedy Channel & The Ha! Network.
Allan also talks about his experience doing his talk show.

35 – Jimmy talks about how he and another comic shared an Alex Trebek joke.

40 – Tennessee Williams hit on Allan.

45 – It would be great to get head from Orson Welles.

50 – The guys talk about the pain of bombing. Jimmy tells his Lilly Tomlin story.

55 – Allan talks about his compliment from Glenn Close.


0 – The guys talk about the bathroom.
Eliot put his hat and jacket on to go to the bathroom which made him look like a 75 year old Jewish cobbler.
Jimmy talks about Oliver getting into ballet.
Matt and Jimmy took their kids to the UCB holiday children’s show.

5 – Allan talks about doing Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show with Sammy Davis Jr and Jason Bateman.

10 – The guys talk about The War for Late Night.

15 – Most of Allan’s peers don’t do stand-up anymore. Some are dead, some write, one guy lives with his mom.

20 – Allan LOVES doing corporate gigs.

25 – Jimmy and Allan talk about which movies they did and didn’t like from this year.

30 – Al Queda hated Jimmy’s one man show so much they did 9/11.

35 – Jimmy thanks the listener for listening in 2010.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten.