1920 – Moving In with Lauren Ash


Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Episode 1920! Award-winning podcast! Trinkets abound! Jimmy talks about the good things we’ve done here.

Jimmy talks about the electoral college and recording on Tuesday after the E.C. vote.

We never let it go.

Any conservative tell us to let it go after what they did for 8 years: fffUUUcckk you.

Again, it’s not about who lost, it’s about the “MAN” who won.

Talking Aloe Blacc. Jimmy loves him!

Matt talks about the betting theme song that a listener sent in to us that he forgot about.

05 – We welcome mail and creative in put (Like that). We don’t need to be reminded about people and guests!

Thanks for the song Andy Chrest! We’ll hear it next time we bet.

Chrest: The religious toothpaste.

We get to here the bet song Andy! Bet! One dollar one dollar one dollar!

Matt loves it.

Let’s here Mike Henry’s?

Eliot tries to jump in on the theme song but Jimmy calls out his tardiness again.

Hoobastank band talk.

10 – Eliot had personal business. HE had bathroom troubles.


Mike’s betting song!

Jimmy lets the folks at home make the decision.

#1 Crest 3D White
#2 Colgate Total

Eliot: Arm & Hammer/AIM
Matt: Tom’s/
Jimmy: Aquafresh/sensodyne

#3 selling toothpaste of 2016: Sensodyne


Winner Jimmy on round 2!

15 – http://www.foxsports.com/golf/story/costco-s-kirkland-golf-balls-sell-out-being-resold-for-insane-prices-121716

Talking Costco.

20 – Lauren Ash is here!!

She’s in for a dollar via chase bank transfer.

Lauren gets the whole pot if she gets it on the first guess.

She guesses AIM.

Jimmy thinks he is getting the pot. Matt immediately side bets that Jimmy is wrong.

Jimmy cleans up with his Sensodyne guess!

Talking AIM and Jimmy’s apparently newly diagnosed low-level allergy to cinnamon gum.


25 – Jimmy’s opening a package that might be food related. From Canada! It’s from Mississasaga.

Jimmy’s gone deaf!

Talking Miss Saigon. Jimmy has a friend who either thought it was his most or least favorite.

Miss Saigon – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Saigon

Debuted on Broadway in 1991.

30 – Everyone enjoys some Canadian treats!

35 – Dirty Carson!

Here are Jimmy’s picks for the hall of fame: immy predicts the five who will get into the Hall of Fame: The Cars, ELO, Pearl Jam, Kraftwerk, and if it isn’t Journey, Joan Baez or Yes.

Thanks Sandy!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back to 1920!

Thanks for the delicious treats Sandy!

Lauren went to the Rogue One premiere. Whatever.

Jimmy talks to her about bouncing from a canceled show to a successful one.

40 – Lauren’s boyfriend got them into the premier!

Tony Danza talk. Apparently he’s super nice.

Talking Jackie.

45 – Jimmy talks rump. He will not call him president. Trump.

Talking Barry. Lauren loved it. No notes from Lauren on Barry.



50 – Hall of fame talk.

Will Journey reunite with Steve Perry? Jimmy says we’ll never know.

Jimmy tells Matt to recount the story of Jimmy discovering Arnell (new singer for Journey) and saying he should be the new singer of journey.

55 – Round the horn continues with Eliot. His stomach is calming down. He got welled up by the idea of arnell stepping aside for Steve Perry.

Matt says Eliot must feel a connection due to his experience with Stone Temple Pilots.

Talking Santana!

Santana Christmas album?!

60 – We hear some of Eliots’s STP.

Lauren talks about a karaoke party she threw for the superstore folks. She and America got up and sang “I’m Every Woman” and thinking it was her best vocal and should be recorded.

Turns out there was a video and it was TERRIBLE.

Lauren talks about Ben Feldman doing Karaoke.

Baby I Need Your Loving:

65 – Nico Santos opened for Jimmy now he’s a sitcom star.

Jimmy introduces everyone else.

Lauren’s go to song at Karaoke is Blaze of Glory!

Jimmy talks about a star of the show doing karaoke with Trevor from props. He’s got a real good voice!

What would Matt do at Karaoke?!

My Prerogative by Bobby Brown. Jimmy does the Britney version.

Matt talks about some kind of weekly Hamilton karaoke. Jimmy says he could only do the king songs.

70 – Nashville’s back on Hulu.

Matt says “oh my god it’s fucking terrible.”

Danielle liked the new tone of the show but they are only half way through.

Matt hopes he gets back to liking it. He thinks it’s moved from being a prime time soap to a more realistic mumble core thing.

Nashvilletivity? Matt’s new Nashville podcast?

75 – Take a break! Matt’s gotta go to the bathroom!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back to 1920!

Jimmy talks about Old Man Lizard coming up in a game of sevens and oliver laughing about it.

Oliver did Young Man Lizard at Jimmy when he picked him up at school.

Talking about Jen Anniston’s dry eyes.

Lauren talks about Mariah Carey doing some Christmas show in Canada. She had her own fan guy.

Jimmy talks about going to see Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey and wonders about where they’re gonna dance sicne its an outdoor venue.

80 – Lauren talks about her new boyfriend Humberto which started with her determining that her husband is going to speak Spanish.

She also went on tinder and only swiped right on Latinos.

Jimmy is looking for more info on Tinder.

85 – Lauren and Humberto moved in with Lauren in October. She finds his accent remarkably attractive. He really wants an island though.

Tooth paste talk!

Back to Tinder.

Lauren talks about hating this new app Bumble.

90 – Lauren talks about going on a date with a Superfan of Superstore.

Pitch Perfect 3 comes out December 2017!

Lauren talks about challenging herself to go out by herself one night. She tells the story about it. She hit it off with some guy and when he left he texted her to come out and say good bye. When Lauren came out he said, “you’re the one I got the phone number from? Nevermind.”

“He took me from behind over the toilet.”

Talking superstore! Eliot likes it. Lauren, to Jimmy’s disgust, says “bless bless!”

95 – Jimmy asks about the cloud 9 façade he sees while driving. It’s jus the part they use for the outside shots. The store itself is on three soundstages on universal.

TV Magic!

Jimmy asks Lauren more about the show. Lauren says they are open to the cast improvising and often use it in the show.

The cast all get along really well.

Superstore Gag Reel –

Playing some music trivia!

Take on Me awards: Best New Artist, Best Concept, Most Experimental, Best Direction, best special effects, Viewers Choice.

Moving on to the 90s!

I got one!

Lauren wins!

She’s not staying home for the holidays. Her parents are coming in to the “Gonzalash” house.

Lauren doesn’t really have room for a rolling island.


Merry Christmas!!!!!! Lauren loves Christmas and feels this episode was meant to be since she has some Canadian snacks.

Happy holidays!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth