19W – Piling up tomorrows with Jesse Thorn

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jesse Thorn


00 – Welcome in! 19W!

Get your finances in order!

Jimmy is on exactly one hour of sleep. He was in San Antonio (suck my bonio), TX.

Jimmy asks Matt about the Alamo.

Jimmy talks about his hotel stay. He thinks he has slept a total of 4 hours (actually about 8) over the past few days.

Jimmy talks about his corporate gig that he did this week.

It was phenomenal and everybody was great.

05 – Jimmy talks more about the event and how it was done like a talk show.

Matt: 8am the laughing hour.

Great fun according to Jimmy!

Jimmy did the jokes about Oliver being able to beat him up to absolutely nothing.

Matt wonders if it was because it has the word “pussy” in it and maybe that is too reminding of Trump. Jimmy wanted to clean it up but was on autopilot.

10 – Jimmy talks about another joke that he had to clean it up and it turned out to be a better joke now.

January 19! Get your finances in order! Presale for Season 20 and the full year 20/21!

Talking twitter and politics.

15 – Eliot’s got a new hair style.

Jimmy says when he got here he saw Eliot in profile and he looked like a quarter.

Lots of opinion about Eliot’s hair today. Matt thinks he is in a tailspin.

20 – Talking hair.

Jimmy talks about his hair length.

Talking more about Meryl Streep, celebrity, politics, trump, and hair.

25 – Matt talks about “liberal Hollywood” and artists.

Jimmy talks about Trump’s press conference and how he ran it like one of his rallys.

Matt talks about what he agrees with on Trump: Meryl Streep is overrated.

Ricki and the Flash nominations: 

None for Meryl.

30 – No more political talk! Our guest is here!

We immediately talk about Jesse’s outfit and his Peruvian mountain scarf. Or a cowl as Jesse calls it.

Jesse goes through his layers.

Oil Talk!

Dirty Carson is here.

Meryl Streep has been nominated for 335 awards.


40 – Dry by design cookies!


We’re taking a break!

Jesse Thorn is here!

Jimmy’s wired and loopy!

We’ll be back!

45 – We’re back!

Seasons winding down doors close windows open.

Does Eliot remind anyone of Stephen Seagall?

Waterworld! (changed from westworld)

Sex king!

50 – “The pulled back one” We talk about Elias Koteas, who Matt is reminded of when he looks at Eliot.

Carl from Breakfast Club – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0438127/?ref_=tt_cl_t4

Searching For John Hughes: 

Jesse talks about interviewing Anthony Michael Hall.

55 – Robert Downey Jr described AMH as a “pussy wizard.”

Matt talks about SNL in the 80.

More SNL Anthony Michael Hall talk.

Eliot is here, thinks AMH is substantial.

60 – Eliot went through a few different words.

He went with When Harry Met Sally.

The guys love this movie and Billy Crystal.

Jesse bought a cabin so he could layer. He goes up there once a month.

Jimmy talks about the frolicking in the snow covered zoo in Oregon.

Video Shows Animals Frolicking During ‘Snow Day’ at Oregon Zoo

65 – Matt sticks with Waterworld but his back up is Waterboy. Which may be when he jumped off the Adam Sandler bandwagon.

CHiPs trailer – 

Talking about Billy on the Street being at the peak of its power.

70 – Talkin’ Gator!


Jesse watched The Longest Yard recently. It’s a comedy that has no jokes through the entire thing. Jimmy insists its not a comedy.


Jesse got Rick Rolled.

75 – Comedy movie talk.

Matt cites Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

Serious movie talk!

Jimmy resets.

Jesse’s W movie is Wargames!

80 – Wizkids and Waterworld are two of Trump’s favorite movies.

Talking Reddit threads about Dragons fucking cars.

Jimmy’s word is Wild Wild West, only so Matt can rap.

New logo for PCB? Me with two lightning bolts?

4 hands are better than 2!

That Summer lyrics – http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/garthbrooks/thatsummer.html

Talking Garth Brooks and his concert show.

Jimmy describes Garth as the Burt Reynolds of music.

90 – Talking Barber Shop Quartets. Neither, Jimmy or Matt would find it weird if they walked into Maximum Fun offices and saw a BSQ.

Jesse talks about how he would immediately accept an offer to do regional theater. He’d drop everything to play Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man.
Jesse can’t sing or dance but he has a lot of personality! He’d rehearse a lot!
Jimmy talks about how great it is to do comedy in ann arbor during football games. They show up depressed if they lose or drunk and annoying if they win.

Talking Ann Arbor.

95 – Jesse could see himself living in Santa Cruz.

Jimmy says Jesse should move up there. He can still do his work from there.

Jesse talks about someone he knew who was a producer on the Michael Savage show.

Bean is on an island near Seattle.

True or False Jimmy has a painting of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Jordan’s back at @midnight.

Mike Schmidt will be on Jordan Jesse Go soon!

Beer nuts, tea, and an eliot story.

100 – Tamale masa story is a failure. http://ktla.com/2016/12/26/downey-market-offers-refunds-after-bad-masa-ruins-customers-christmas-tamales/

105 – “Oh that’s great. Have fun with your buddies.” Jesse’s wife when she found out he was coming here.

Republic of Georgia election tampering – 

110 – Talking MyPillow and supporting Trump.

Jimmy has a nice talk with Jesse about knowing him since 2004 and how he now owes Eliot an apology.

Jimmy’s favorite thing on the show is my giggling.

I have resting sad face.

It’s time for….

115 – talking professional vs grassroots NNF.

Jesse was last here on episode 1417.

120 – Dirty Carson!

No Trumpet!

Jimmy’s starting a petition to change the name of Trumpets to buggle.

Jesse is unable to identify the song the sevens theme song is based on.

Jim Reeves time!

125 – Jesse is talking baseball


Jimmy gives to Jesse Thorn: 18 (Baseball)
Jimmy gives to Matt and Jesse Thorn: (Baseball)

Kochi Fighting Dogs signs Manny Ramirez

Jimmy just chose a random category.

Jimmy gives to Matt: 16 (Movies)

Matt gives to Jesse Thorn and Jimmy: 18 (Movies)

Paddington 2 comes out in November.

Matt hates tired Jimmy.

Jimmy explains he is giving 110% and that he came straight here from the airport.

“Mom, he’s got a song for everything.” Oliver on Jimmy.

Jesse talks about seeing Hamilton and going bowling with Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda).


Matt is jealous of Jesse’s bowling trip.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth