19Z – Clocking Out with Chick McGee

In room notes by Brad Wilhelm
Editing (not really) and (no) additional notes by Darryl Asher

Chick McGee


Jimmy hits the stage and announces its Z movie quiz night
Jimmy insults a husky voice lady
Jimmy talks about getting blown by Jennifer 2
Black lives matter to Rick
Jimmy talks “Beat Cop” – jacking it in his car
Kojak reference comes out early
cop show paper work treatment is explored
Dirty Carson tells a Wink Martindale story
Jared Kushner ghoul talk
red cord hanging for Trump voters offered
Matt is introduced
Knob and Knuckle is offered as example of Belknap
“FuckKnuckle” and “Assjacket”
Brad has had a 3some
Mike and Matt are compared
Trump voter rant
all abs
cop talk
Tap that bag – Johnny tostitos
Blowing Erik Estrada ( ChiP reference)
Jimmy is not a scoundrel
Jimmy’s dad took Karate
rim shot sex at the Pardo home
Brad has had 3 3somes

Matt got food poisoning
Matt has to think about he puts in his mouth
No shirt guy in hotel lobby
“This guys got his Trump shirt on”
song parody
Matt now has a part time activist job
Social commentary on fire
Stallone in a bottle is stolen by Matt – but its Frank not Sly
FIST talk
Jimmy and Raymond both correct
Matt is an asshole
Jimmy is flabbergasted by the current administration
Oh look a clock
Jared blames his staff for poor clock placement
Don’t bring up the red microphone cord
Matt goes after Jared
a lot of red mic talk turns into a Beck reference
Ive set on a snuff film
Tom arnold master plan
Call of the wild Jimmy auditioned for
Training Day riff
Jimmy thinks he’s very funny
Mic is unplugged
Matt thinks Jared sounds like Jason Lee
Scientology talk
Bellamy Brothers reference!
Musical interlude
Keisha v Pitbull
Bull riding in the mall
Matt doesn’t press his own doorbell
Matt will die riding a bull
movie reviews
Jimmy was underwhelmed by Moana
“Your Welcome” is infuriating
Jimmy’s family coerced into Moana for Jimmy’s sake
8mm porn – Matt gets schooled
earn that jerk
Matt only rented porn once
matt bootlegged porn
Chick Magee is introduced
His parents were pervs and he burnt their porn
“Charles” Magee
Jared isn’t funny
Clock still isn’t in plain sight
Timber runs game
“Timber” reprise
George Benson talk
This masquerade guessing game
Gout talk
Chick listening to podcast
Jimmy’s singing Leon Russell
Matt has trump pics
Matt gets applause break for urine reference
Akinator demo
More Tom Arnold Stories
Jimmy doesn’t know Rossanne’s resume
Jimmy’s seen Chck piss himself
Chick cashes NAPA checks
Free range teat
old jokes are celebrated
finally got the periscope joke out
trying to find Chick on Akinator
Good Roman Gabriel reference falls flat
Chick dishes dirt on Pence
no one knows chick
Uriah Heep comes up again
chick gets cheap pop for 40 years
actor auditioning for blind role appears
bailed on Akinator
Celebrity sightings
ball pain
Pat Francis swipe
money collected for betting
show’s going long
break for ab workout
Chick offends native americans
Chick kills the mood with body shaming
Brad had a good joke no-one heard
jizzing on celebrity face
Timber reprised again
Joyce DeWitt
Dirty Carson is back
Jane Lynch is the answer
z movies
around the horn
Sevens with Chick
29 with 70s music for Chick
Jeannie won Z Movie “Zorro” and now is playing sevens
Jeannie onstage – Brad has best seat in the house
Jimmy being creepy with Jeannie via Skype
13 is her movies score
now doing 70s music
wasnt good
Jimmy attacks Matt leg
Someone comes from Denver – Jennie and Jake
heartfelt close