19Y – Dropping the Gloves with Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons


19 You’ve Got Mail

00 – Jimmy has no idea what is happening. We’ve started and he had no idea.

Welcome in!

19 Y! Y because I like you.

Jimmy does some character work.

Rain is over! Beautiful sun outside, drying up the moist.

Jimmy tells a boring rain gutter story that ends with him cleaning gutters for 3 hours.

Talking gaslighting.

Half gaslight half not – Eliot. Jimmy “glad” he went back to that.

05 – Matt’s loving his Sirius XM.

Jimmy and Matt bond over their car radios.

Get a Volt!

Charge Point Card talk.

Matt went to the movies over the weekend. Jimmy tries to guess. Monster Trucks. He went with Charlie, who loved it.

10 – Matt talks about the movie being terrible but goes through the cast.

Matt calls it, “weird.”

Charlie really wanted to see it and Matt “perversely” wanted to see it.

15 – No one has anything bad to say about Rob Lowe.

Tom Lennon may have actually puked in the film?

Tom Simmons is here! Jimmy says he looks like a man.

It has not been 15 years since they’ve seen each other. It’s more like 5 years.

Jimmy did okay on the show Tom booked him on 5 years ago in Aspen. He gives it a 7.

Tom wonders how long he’s gonna sit in the corner and talks about driving from Vegas here.

Tom Simmons is here early, tries to say he wasn’t.

20 – Tom is from North Carolina and basically all over the place. He’s lived everywhere. Jimmy knows him as being from Atlanta.

Falcons and Patriots in the Superbowl.

Tom talks about his real dad.

Tom listened to the recent Matt Iseman episode.

25 – Marines v. Seals – http://www.diffen.com/difference/Marines_vs_Navy_SEALs

Tom talks about whether or not he is a conspiracy theory nut.

Federal Reserve Bank Ownership

Talking Hamilton. Do we do it to a fault?

Jimmy describes Tom as the one of the best political comedians!

Tom left Vegas at 9am to get here. He is staying with a friend while in town. MP. A lady. Jimmy guesses two made up names. Miss Pat?!

Jimmy resets.

TV shows next season? Food?!

Comedians isn’t a bad idea.

30 – Oliver is doing a report on Groucho Marx for “people in history who mattered.” He had to convince the teacher to let him do it.


We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Welcome back!


Seasons change People change. Expose.

Get your finances!

35 – I’m good.

3-way talk!

SNL talk.

Talking stand-up monologues on SNL.

40 – Jimmy having cord issues.

Tom talks about doing “black clubs” and Comic View.

Tom goes right to the government!

45 – Talking front facing cameras.

Tom doesn’t feel like he is a political comedian.

Talking more about political comedy and jokes.

50 – Talking Hedberg’s escalator joke.

Tom talks about his tour for Southern Liberals.

55 – Jimmy and Tom talk comedy and the business.

Eliot says he was reading up on being a survivalist. Tom slaps a hand to his forehead to everyone’s delight.

60 – Talking rich people preparing for doomsday.

You’ve Got Mail is my Y word!

65 – Tom and Oliver had a nickname Muffin.

Talking protecting homes.
Jimmy had someone running through the house as a kid. His dad did some kind of karate move and scared him off.

70 – Talking parenting and dads helping sons.

Crying on a baseball field.

Jimmy talks about Oliver’s coach being a dick.

Jimmy talks about Oliver golfing.

75 – Wheels Belknap recounts his story about getting smashed in the face with a baseball.

I get tea.

Eliot talks his preparations. Including getting a bike (but not a motorcycle)

Eliot’s Y word was Yellow Submarine but changed it from Young Frankenstein.

Dirty Carson!

80 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Bach

Matt’s Y word was Youngblood but he knows Jimmy would never pick it so he goes Young Guns 2.

Matt shares off air game confusion.

To Matt’s shock, Jimmy admits that Young Blood was the first movie he thought of but he changed it to Young Guns and then had to change it again.

Tom’s word is Yentl,

Maybe Soups next season?

85 – Word controversy?! Tom switches to Young Frankenstein.

What was Jimmy’s word?

Thanks for the books Rob!

Tom wins!

90 – Talking the march and what the future holds.

Talking media being profit driven, courtesy of Eliot.


talking RT News


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masha_Gessen is the person Jimmy was asking about.

100 – Talking jokes, crowds, and Jimmy’s opener.

Have we lost people because of our politics? Jimmy thinks so.

Tom talks about a neo-nazi door guy that worked a club he was performing at trying to talk all sorts of nonsense.

Rook to space nine – Eliot. Jimmy not pleased.

So Then There’s This – Tom’s webseries.



Tom Simmons changing the world with his jokes!

Jimmy can’t live like a hobo!

Tom tries to give back the money he won.

Let it end Tom!

Bit coin!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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