19S – Hearing the Good News with Keith Stubbs – Live in SLC

Keith Stubbs

Keith Stubbs

On location notes by Darryl Asher (but actually taken after the show dropped)


Jimmy sounds like he’s complaining that there wasn’t enough snow. (The snow skipped over SLC
and nearly stranded us in Wyoming)

Jimmy talks to Sam from Spokane, who drove 10 hours to be here (amateur!)

Jimmy gets lots of detail from Sam about gas costs, travel and his car

Sam is here with is friend Jeff, who doesn’t care how Jimmy is doing
Someone brought a Coolie hat

Annoying audience member shouts out to Jimmy to put on the hat; Jimmy hates him immediately


Snuff film = Trump election

McMillan and Wife

Sam is 31, but Jimmy thinks the drive has aged him

Inspired by Elton John’s album cover for 11-17-70 (see below)

Sam has a Toyota

More personal info about Sam

Jimmy wants to know Sam and Jeff’s sleeping arrangements

Raymond brought the coolie hat


SLC weather talk with Raymond, who is not in a cult

Donny Osmond, cult leader

Jimmy is unhappy with the lack of tables on the stage

Welcome Matt Belknap, who tells us about a spill

More table whining

Matt gives me a “What’s up Darryl?” but Jimmy shuts him down

Table drama continues

Jimmy is the new Goldilocks

Jimmy talks to young Catlin (Catlinn? Katlyn? Catlyn?) who brought up a table


Jimmy doesn’t recognize Catlin, who he met 15 seconds ago

Matt gives pick-up artist advice

No Game of Thrones for Jimmy or Cat

Aeroplane flight info

Dust on the Mountain / Dust on the Bottle David Lee Martin


Back to the Aeroplane story

But more complaining about the cold weather

Determining the ethnicity of a passenger

By the way: Letter S for the episode word, in honor of SLC

Matt’s story about an 85 year old Brit passenger


Fake British accent talk

True of False – Jimmy dances to Rick Astley

Astley Dance


Danielle’s reaction: ugh

Back to the old Brit passenger story


More Brit passenger story

Jimmy has questions about the bus, and its wheels


Jimmy’s regular voice sounds more like Johnny Carson than his Johnny Carson voice

Dirty Carson shows up, with wrong information

David Doyle, of Charlie’s Angles

Peter Doyle vs. Peter Boyle (It was actually DAVID Doyle, not Peter)

More Dirty Carson

Amy helps Jimmy with his theme song melody


Matt and Jimmy’s dinner at CPK

Matt talks about not wanting to wear New Balance because some blogger determined it was the
new official racist shoe

Jimmy realizes he is no Weird Al


The whisper thin host and co-host talk about weight loss and gaining

Jimmy loves Dick and his sporting goods

Matt decides to try to hit the video camera with the coolie hat

Not really a shout out since I’m right there, but hey, why not?

My offer of a sold gold (colored) dollar coin is rejected

Darryl’s Murray Valeriano shirt

Jimmy takes Jenn’s ten, rejects my dollar again, and calls me an asshole for wearing a Murray Valeriano tee shirt

52 dollars if Matt hits the camera


Jennifer Pelkey offers her pink (um, pink slip for her Mini Cooper)

Audience member Casey continues to yell out

Matt nearly injures audience members

Cat throws the hat and injures the same woman

Jimmy: Dumbest live show ever


Jimmy hits the same row

Everyone gets their money back

Jimmy restarts the whole show due to shouting out

Jimmy starts to go around the horn, then totally changes his mind and brings up Keith Stubbs

A peek into the private world of Darryl, wherein auto-corrects changes “probly” (which is not a word but I use it anyway) to “problem” which is. Good going auto-correct!

Keith tries the hat-throw

Jimmy wants Keith’s opinion about where the top of the key is

Keith is owner of Wiseguys


9/11 talk, because Keith bought Wiseguys in February 2001

Keith and Jimmy talks about his Wiseguys locations

Matt’s first time in SLC, which he thinks is beautiful, but lots of white people


Matt saw numerous random acts of kindness

Mormons and SLC stuff

More polygamy than Keith expected


Keith was on Evening at the Improv TWICE! Jimmy, zero.

Bonnie Raitt was in the audience for Keith’s show, and not impressed

Bonnie Raitt songs


Jimmy welcomes Darry Asher only because Matt reminds him

Again, why not?

We drove two days from Montana and got hit by the storm

Somehow storm talk instigates Matt and Jimmy to sing Greased Lightning

Casey’s friend had all the answers

Jimmy mocks my sea-breeze drink


Playing Sevens for Jenn’s Jar Cakes

It’s 9:11 just in time for me to stop talking

I try to get Jimmy to get S-words but he is too involved with his phone to hear me

Jimmy explains Sevens

Why Pauley Shore?

Jimmy needs Cat, and ONLY Cat, to bring him a drink


Jimmy panics that his drink was not shaken

Matt dances to This Old House to try to shake the drink

Jimmy apologizes for not having me look stuff up

I finally get Jimmy to S-Words

Movie that starts with S, Matt clarifies

My word is Showgirls, but no, it’s bands

My band Styx

Audience annoying shouting-out guy Casey is a local TV reporter

Matt and Keith say Supertramp

Getting S-words from audience members


Jimmy admits his S band was originally Styx but he changed it so I would be a big fat stupid
fat loser

More audience guesses


Jimmy’s was Starship

Against better judgement, Jimmy will bring Casey up for Sevens

Keith plays Sevens

Mike Schmidt was fired from NNF


Keith Stubbs 15 points


Jake plays Sevens – Movies: 11 points, wins mystery cake

Jackie gets kicked off stage for being dragged along by her boyfriend

Brittany plays Sevens – 90s Music – not many points but her Jodeci guess was a miracle


Be-crutched car-hit victim Mark plays Sevens – Celebrities: 10 points, enough for a jar cake


Casey plays Sevens – 80s Music: not even close.

Cancerous growth on the head that’s not cancerous

Amy Swindle plays Sevens after Nashville talk – Lots of silence from Amy.
TV Shows: 10 points


Almond Chai Jar Cake for Amy

Scott’s Hamilton reference almost got him barred from Sevens

Scott plays Sevens – Comedy Movies: 19 points, the Hardcastle!


Anti-climactic yet long show, Jimmy might possibly fuck a jar cake in his hotel room

Thanks to Keith Stubbs who insisted they come

Jimmy gets maudlin as he thanks everyone for coming

A hand for Darryl Asher, Jenn Asher, Keith Stubbs and the wait staff

AK-47, gone not forgotten

-Notes by Darryl Asher, curator of Never Not Notes / Father, Pioneer and Founder of comedy podcast show-notes, and inspiration to other show-note takers around the globe