1924 – Taking Pictures with Scott Aukerman


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Scott Aukerman


00 – Welcome in! 1924! The seasons are arbitrary.

We’re winding down, just as our country is winding down.

Good luck everyone!

Trump is doing a very subtle purge.

Matt was in NYC?! He and Zoey went to see Hamilton! Flew out Saturday came back Monday.


Matt says Joe Biden MUST challenge Trump to a Duel.

They stayed with Matt’s sister.

Talking a Hamilton ticket going for $4600!

05 – Jimmy would not spend that much for a ticket.

Matt talks about how the mezzanine is a better view for Hamilton than the Orchestra.

Matt says sharing Hamilton with his daughter was one of the best moments of his life. Zoey wore her Angelica costume to the show.

They met Alex Lackamore! Matt explains who he is and how he geeked out talking to him.

Jimmy needs a bottle!

Stallone in a bottle is here!

Matt congratulates him on Creed.

Jimmy may have forgotten how to do SIAB.

10 – Stallone confirms that Matt was being that guy.

Matt, again, is NOT a part of Hamilton.

15 – Jimmy and Matt talk about how terrible the lobby situation is at the Hamilton theater.

Jimmy makes reference to Wayne Brady joining the cast of Hamilton in Chicago.

Matt thinks that the city of NY is over Hamilton by now.

“Welcome to NY! The City that never sleeps!” – Matt’s six year old nephew.

Matt is ready to step into Hamilton if asked. HE is an above average rapper so he is ready to go. Jimmy insists that Matt understand he is not a part of the show and offers to pay for hypnosis so Matt an accept this.

Matt also went to see Hamilton’s house but found it anti-climactic.


20 – Matt got a new car! He talks about it. He got a Bolt!

Jimmy’s car is in the shop already. The radio freezes up. Apparently it needed an update.

There is another situation that might make Jimmy come off as nuts. Apparently, he feels like his seat is just slightly tilted.

Jimmy talks all about it. It makes you want to punch a wall. And by that Jimmy means a Wahlberg. Probably Donnie.

He talks about Donnie and Jennie McCarthy making out on NYE.

25 – Jimmy saw Patriot’s Day and loved it. “Really really good.”

He saw Manchester By The Sea the night before.

Scott Aukerman is here! White sneakers and comfortable!


Does Scott still do foot modeling AND impressions?

Scott has an incredulous character.

Would Scott take money for foot pictures? $50? In shoes? $100 sans shoes?

The guys talk about it.

Matt talks Tickled.

Jimmy doesn’t get Scott’s Luke Perry reference. He compliments it once he understands it.

30 – Scott is upping the ante on these photo pricing. Scott gets a picture of Jimmy’s jeaned erection, that Scott cost. Scott offers to may a mortgage payment.

Jimmy’s out, MAYBE a stranger. (but in reality no one).

Scott searches for other options.

Jimmy says he’d allow Bill Paxton to do it.

Creature Features in Burbank is having a CD Signing of the Twister soundtrack with Jan Debont and Mark Mancina


35 – Break!

We’re back!

24 Legacy – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5345490/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Corey Hawkins – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3659660/?ref_=tt_cl_t1

Talking whiz and Trump.

Talking Golden Girls and 3-ways!

“Four eyes get your lips on this!”

Jack (off) of all trades!

40 – Talking Pop Culture Beast!

45 – Eliot’s sauce review.

Ghostbusters talk! Old v New.

Jimmy saw Dan Ackroyd getting blown at the House of Blues??
Where do the sunglasses go on the cock?

Give this man a break today!

Eliot’s got a drone!?

50 – We lost Bob Hope. Scott was 8 doors Down. Apparently Bob Hope would go to bob’s Big Boy every day at 3am. Jimmy would have set an alarm.

Talking about celebrities in Toluca Lake

Ashley Tisdale is who Scott was referring to (I think?)

55 – Talking Constance Wu.

La La Land and Stranger Things talk.

Talking food and pizza. Matt orders from Dino’s often. He enjoys it!

What if Scott punched one of us? HE asks the angriest someone has been on this show?

Matt recounts the infamous mic incident. “That’s on you man.”

60 – Eliot wondered if he should be eating Chicken and Waffles on MLKJR day.

Chicken and waffles does sound great.

65 – Thanks for your time Eliot.

Eliot has asked for some notice if he was going to be fired.

Talking buying out Eliot’s equipment.

Talking NeverNotFunny.com

70 – Talking past guests.

Eliot has a slightly uncomfortable question for Scott and what they would do if Trump wanted to do Between Two Ferns.

“Absolutely not. Fuck that guy.”

Trump v Bush.

Are there any celebrities appropriate for president?
Ed Beagley Jr?

Egg Bagel?

Bagel flavor talk.

75 – Matt finishes describing Lasagna Pizza. More cake comparisons.

Matt shows off his MVMT watch.

Talking Becker!

Scott’s Michael Bolton Special?!

Taking a break!

80 – We’re back!

Matt’s here! He monopolized the top of the show.

Eliot’s jumping in for some reason.

Matt shuts the bit down.

Jimym really wants to know who it was that told Eliot to get into comedy. Matt thinks it is obvious that no one told him to get into comedy.

Scott’s here!

Talking music jobs and if Jimmy misses repping those bands.

Jimmy’s out of here guys on the phone.

Matt wants to talk about Scott’s Michael Bolton stuff.

We’d love to have Michael Bolton on the show!

85 – Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day variety special.

Jimmy’s back!

It’ll be on Netflix! Midnight on 2/7!

90 – Talking Christmas specials with Scott. He watched a little of Elf and A Christmas Story with his parents.

Jimmy watched, “It’s none of your fucking business” on CBS.

He watched Elf on a Shelf with Oliver.

Scott talks about loving to watch the Christmas specials as a kid.

Matt saw the live Rudolph thing.

Talking whether or not they still enjoy Metal.

Jimmy’s been revisiting Iron Maiden.

95 – Talking Oliver’s future and current status as a Star Trek castmember.

Anton Yelchin talk.

He was pinned by a jeep.

“We’re all about to be pinned by a jeep named Donald Jeep Trump.” – Matt

Talking about Jerry Lewis. Scott saw him live at cinefamily and absolutely hates him. He talks about the event.

100 – Matt is not a member of the Lewis family, Jimmy insists on pointing this out to him. Jimmy cannot remember if he is Sicilian or neopolitan.

Doulble sided dildo? Scott asks if Matt and Jimmy would take the dildo grind on it and giggle in pleasure for $1million split between them. Jimmy’s in. Matt’s out.

What time is it?!

The Day The Clown Cried –

105 – It’s time for Sevens

Jimmy gives to Scott Aukerman: 21 (80s Music)
Jimmy gives to Scott Aukerman: 29 (80s music)

Scott Aukerman gives to Jimmy: 21(80s Music)
Scott Aukerman gives to Jimmy: 20 (80s Music)
Scott Aukerman gives to Jimmy: Scott gives up. (80s Music)

Rick Astley talking inauguration – http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38298215

We’re done!
Good bye everyone!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth