1922 – Being Good with Rachel Bloom

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Rachel Bloom live at Flappers

Live at Flappers

00 – Ladies and gentlemen Jimmy Pardo!

Some audio issues made the opening a little anticlimactic.

Happy near year!

2 days in 18 days from “fucking hell!”

Jimmy explains why rich people and hillbillies love New Years.

Jimmy’s the man in black tonight. Lotta black with lights pointing at him.

Jimmy talks about his haircut.

Talking Christmas. Fans know what going on but do the Bloom fans?

Jimmy talks to an audience member about Christmas. His family voted for Trump.

Jimmy goes through the people we support.

Bakersfield family!

Jimmy gets info on how to get to Bakersfield.

Christian is his name.

Jerry dropped to numebr 3! After T and Ted.

05 – Hi Matt!

Talkin’ New Years and Mariah Carey.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin talk.

What act did I see in 2000?

Dirty Carson talks Mariah!

10 – Jimmy’s gonna clear the room for all the “oh god” and groaning.

Journalist like AC360 Smart and sharp like Bombay pants?
Diane von Fürstenberg

Jimmy talks jeans!

Jimmy’s building up anger!

Jimmy’s got a shirt to expose.

Trying to bet.

15 – Talking to Melvin in the audience.

Jimmy makes fun of his name.

Mel’s parents work for the state.

He’s named after Melvin the Monster??

20 – Justin “T-Lake” Timberlake.

Dirty Carson gets bailed due to old reference.

The Dixie Chicks!

25 – Jimmy talks about the NNF Death Curse.

Talking about George Michael.

Jimmy spent some money on eBay. It’s George Michael/Wham related.

Jimmy tells a story about George Michael grabbing his girls hand and engaging her a little too much and ruining the rest of his night. This same girl played Careless Whisper over and over until jimmy realized she was confessing to cheating on him.

30 – Jimmy talks more about George Michael tours and a woman who had George Michael boots and was holding them up the entire show.

Jimmy shows off his WHAMAMERICA shirt (which has a hood) that includes the date he first saw them.

It showed up 2 days before Christmas.

35 – Danielle doesn’t like Jimmy throwing his money around like an asshole so he kept the shirt to himself.

Iimmy’s taking the blame for Alan Thicke because he thought of him during the show.

Carol Channing is still going strong!

People die. Every day.

You gotta have faith.

Audience moan.

Richard Moll is the perfect example of someone who will pass after we talked about him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Moll

40 – Jimmy would leave his wife for Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Idina Menzel, and Steve Perry?!

Talking the Chicago doc.

Turn the channel: Bad news.

We are literally doing ads in the middle of the show.

Nashville is back! (Nashville Hot Chicken that is) https://www.kfc.com/menu/promotions/nashville-hot-chicken

(KFC Nashville Hot Chicken is addictively delicious, by the way. – Darryl) 

Nazi talk coming up!

45 – It’s Blue Apron time!

Furikake – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furikake


50 – Rueben Blades – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rub%C3%A9n_Blades

Raul Julia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra%C3%BAl_Juli%C3%A1

Harrys.com use the code Pardo! Today!

55 – Welcome abck to the show!

Beak shattering talk.

Our guest is here!

Jimmy introduces her and how it’s everyone’s favorite show!

Two words from jimmy Resist and Peace. Resist peace!? No two separate thoughts.

Ladies and gentlemen Rachel Bloom!

60 – She’s dressed like Rizzo apparently with this hermez scarf.


Jimmy’s manager was talking to Rachel about humiliating jimmy on stage.

Jimmy talks about cleaning house!

Talking management making money.

Rachel talks about her husband Dan Gregor who she calls Gregor and always has since they have been friends. “Bloom and the Gregor!” Always farting?!

65 – Talking about Rachel’s family. Jimmy wonders if she bought them a house. She did not. Rachel grew up in Manhattan Beach and was not allowed in the ocean but she did almost drown in a pool at 5 years old.

Jimmy wonders if Rachel’s near death saved their marriage.

Rachel apologizes to Bruce. He tells her she really through him under the bus.

Rachel and Jimmy talk about when she opened for him. She says he was very nice and gracious and cordial.

70 – Talking more about Bloomington.

Danielle is going to DC for the million woman march!

Rachel talks about her internet video she did on not voting for Trump. At least two people confirmed that they voted because of her song.

Talking Lena Dunham’s video.

Rachel talks about how Lena is getting a lot of shit lately.

75 – Rachel talks about the constant flux of news (that isn’t really news).

Christian goes through the places he’s lived.

Rachel talks about the documentary The Red Pill


Rachel’s show is the lowest rated show on TV currently, but it is critically acclaimed!

Masturbating to vampires vs Rachel’s show.

80 – Bela Lugosi is the original teen heartthrob.

They got Patti LuPone on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! She plays Rachel’s childhood Rabbi.

Rachel describes her as “the coolest”

Round the horn!

Hello from me!

Jimmy brings up Eliot asking Rachel to be on the show.

Rachel describes what a unicorn is. 

Motorboating the pucker hole!

85 – “Lotta assplay on this show.” – Jimmy “You don’t like a tossed salad?” – Matt

More Girls talk.

Matt sings Girl.

Rachel talks about the improv warm up Beastie Raps. It’s supposed to be easy but Rachel is having troubles.

Rachel talks about writing for the People’s Choice awards and having a really great fart joke for someone but they refused to do it because of a previous fart joke that did not go well.

Talking George Michael with Rachel.

She did not listen to non show tunes music until she was 20.

Assassins is her favorite musical. Sunday in the Park with George is her second favorite.

90 – Rachel talks about how great Patti LuPone is and how she is a blast.
Jimmy tells the story about Patti at a restaurant.

Rachel talks about the sketch she did called “Bernadette Peters Sex Tape”

It is out there on youtube!

Jimmy wants to watch it, alone, in his room.

95 – Jimmy does a Pardo classic! The man downstairs!

Talking Danny Thomas’ enjoyment of shit.


Here is a transcript of Chuck Berry’s sex tape:


Blue Suede Shoes – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Suede_Shoes

100 – Robert Zemeckis talk!

Rachel loved Arrival.

Matt asks her about La La Land. She found it beautiful.

Talking musical budgets!

Sevens time!

Rachel talks about Mariah’s NYE incident.

105 – Rachel plays sevens.

Jimmy gives to Rachel Bloom: 8 (Broadway)

Carol Channing raps –

Jimmy gives to Rachel Bloom: 18 (Broadway)

Jimmy gives to Christian (listener!): 7 (Movies) He gets the poster anyway!

We’re done!

Episode was too long.

Switcher problems up top.

Take care of your wait staff!

Jimmy gets played off and is not happy about it.

Things are gonna change come jan 3!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth