19U – Unwrapping Presents with Jimmy and the Boys

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – 19U! We got a tight show this week!

Calendar talk. Matt explains how space works.

Window Warriors?


19U! Dick in the dirt!

Get ready for the NYE countdown!

Has anyone actually done the countdown with us?

Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

Talking dirty knees origin. Apparently, not existent?

10 – Mail!

Damian and Crystalinne

Jimmy opens some mail from Crystaline Pantano!

(Follow her Instagram feed at https://www.instagram.com/miss_crystalinne/. You’ll be glad you did! – Darryl)

Matt’s gonna be okay.

Jimmy talks about a new game which is sticking words into move titles.

Matt tries to play the game.

Galoshes: Guardians of the Galoshes, All the President’s Galoshes.

15 – Jimmy reads Crystalinne’s card. She is Darryl Asher’s daughter!

(Matt is more right than Jimmy about the tattoo story at MaxFunCon. When I introduced Crystalinne to them, Jimmy took an interest in her many tattoos, and they talked about them for quite a bit as I stood nearby. At the end of the conversation, Jimmy remarked that now he felt creepy looking at all her tattoos, because “that’s his daughter!” Also, despite the fact that he said in this episode that she was “a child” she was actually 20 years old, so totally not creepy. Or is it? – Darryl)

Rick Astley’s 50 is Jimmy’s best album of the year.

Jimmy’s got a new car?! He got the Volt!

Danielle likes the VW better than the Volt so she switched with Jimmy.

20 – Jimmy talks about the Volt.

Jimmy places the great artwork up.

Talking the name Damian.

(Damian’s parents were indeed aware of The Omen connection, which is why they spelled it Damian instead of Damien. Totally makes a huge difference when spoken, right? And for the record, he is only about 72% antichrist, so not a problem. -Darryl)

25 – Round the horn

LaLa Land talk!


30 – Tim Burton talk. Apparently he’s a nice guy!


Talking Oingo Boingo.

35 – best 2016 movies?


Moana talk!

Sing Street talk!

Betting on how many movies I watched this year out of my 400 goal. As of this recording.


40 – Talking docs!

Leah Remini, hip hop doc on Netflix.

45 – Dr Dre talk!

Jimmy goes back to Jive Records. Billy Ocean and Houdini.

Trump Inauguration? http://heavy.com/news/2016/12/donald-trump-inauguration-ball-ceremony-musicians-performers-celebrities-performances-list-all-american/

Talking the inauguration and what might happen for it.
50 – we’ll be back!


Epididymitis. It’s ball related, so it’s still funny.

Jimmy’s on an antibiotic for 4 weeks for his epididymitis. No Zipro for Jimmy.

Eliot’s U word is Usual Suspects! Good pick.

Matt’s U is Under The Cherry Moon.

We lost the purple king.

19 Unforgiven! No winner!

More mail?!

This is from Jessica in Salt Lake City. This is both mail AND a celeb sighting!

A 1988 celeb sighting?

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bob Dylan

Peter Gabriel and Roseanna Arquette!

That was fun Jessica!

60 – Jimmy wraps it up!

We love everyone and doing the show!!

Countdown time!

Happy new year!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth