1915 – Building Castles in the Sky with Mike Schmidt

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome in! We’re laughing because if we didn’t we’d cry. Jimmy has a hot soup! Too hot to eat before we started.

Eliot asks “How Hot Is It!?” Dirty Carson responds and Eliot ruins it with his trumpet.

Danielle has told Jimmy he has to stop using Joyce DeWitt in the Dirty Carson bits.

We just talked about Leon Russel and we lost him, also, Hillary’s campaign. Curse related?

Jimmy talks about the last episode post election. 19N.

All that hope goes away: Steve Bannon.

Matt says we are always going to be funny but we’re never going to stop talking about what’s going on in the country.

Jimmy goes in on people telling us to move on and grow up.

05 – Jimmy talks about the protests and the reactions people are having to them and speaking out against Trump.

Choice of soups!

10 –Talking Trump kids.

Talking Michigan.

Third party candidates.

20 – Talking Red Oaks and 80s throwbacks.

Jimmy does not love Stranger Things.

Jimmy saw Hedwig again, Matt has tickets to see it.

Jimmy got into the Orchestra for the second show. He thinks Lena Hall is phenomenal.

Talking theater terms Loge, Dress Circle, Mezzanine, etc.

Jimmy and Oliver will be seeing Hamilton next week.

Jimmy gives apologies to Brian Huskey and Brandie Posey for appearing at a time when everything was in such flux in the country.

25 – Matt talks about the feedback from the shows. Jimmy just wants to make it known they will be back.

Mike Schmidt is here! He followed the mailman in.

Talking title of the 40 Year Old Boy. When he turns 50 shoots himself.

The Secret Service is gonna be called The SS.

It’s concerning Jimmy is morphing into Johnny Carson.

30 – Only the upbeat unicorn riding Mike Schmidt can get us through here!

We’ll be back!

We’re back with Mike Schmidt.

We’re back!!


More Castle talk.

Election talk!

Betting on Joe Exotic votes in CO.

Yoshinoya talk.

Mike – 204/
Eliot – 5012/
Matt – 2150/
Jimmy – 3705/

Harambe Votes – http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/10/us/harambe-votes-trnd/

50 – We’re going again!!

Or not. Mike wins!

Talking Castle, talking freakshow folks!

Talking Toyota Prius commercials.
Talking Tesla and auto pilot.

65 – Darrell Castle

163,852 (Ballot); 2,595 (Write-In, one state reporting)

Betting on the above!

Mike – 311814
Elliot – 243000
Matt – 386000
Jimmy – 287000

Eliot wins!

70 – Good Will Hunting talk.

Mike says that Batman V Superman is a bigger disaster than the election.

He loves Titanic!

Mike talks about judging Avatar as an achievement not a movie. Same with Black Hawk Down. He talks about Graham Elwood getting angry over a wizard of oz reference in Avatar.

More Avatar talk and Avatar Cirque Du Sole.

Talking the Cirque horse show.

75 – Dirty Carson comes in talking about Oprah.

Eliot’s show Flusterfaces, or Chthulusical. Did well, had fun! People got the references!

80 – Nationwide is on your side Eliot.


Welcome back!

Esteemed recording recording artist?! No AST recording artist.
We reset, Esteemed!

Mike got a couple tickets to see Temple of the Dogs tickets tonight. He’s going solo!

85 – Mike is hoping for some special guests at the Dog show especially after giving up his foo fighters tickets when they had a ton of special guests.

Talking ticket usage and getting screwed by someone else using tickets.

Mike wonders what Hamilton is.

More Hedwig.

90 – Mike talks about the Rocky Horror event on Fox. He calls it “terrifyingly bad.”

Mike just describes Adam Lambert as a “Walking Eyelash.”

Mike talks more about Laverne Cox v Tim Curry.

Talking sing-alongs, and Jimmy having to tell Oliver he can’t sing when they see Hamilton.

100 – More Hamilton/Lin Manuel Miranda chat.

Back to the election.

sevens110 – SEVENS TIME!

Jimmy gives to Mike Schmidt AND Matt: 23 (Never Not Funny)

Mike tells us a story about a show in Houston with Jimmy.

Stop! Nail time.

Talking People of Earth.

Jimmy gives to Mike Schmidt and Matt: 15 (Stand-Ups)
Jimmy gives to Mike Schmidt and Matt: 21 (Stand-Ups)
Jimmy gives to Mike Schmidt and Matt: 24 (Stand-Ups)

One more round!

Jimmy gives to Mike Schmidt and Matt: 22 (NNF Guests)

Talking Paul F. Tompkins Tide scene.

Eliot’s fine!

Talking Rick Astley.

Underline Only – tech band touring with Kraftwerk.

Jimmy recounts a joke he made on the set of dream girls “that’s 13 hours of work everybody!” Eliot asks if that joke is why the scene was cut.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth