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Brandie Posey

Brandie Posey

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


19 – Network

00 – Jimmy’s drumming us in guys. Here we gooooooo.

Welcome to the program!

Jimmy talks about the election day episode and how optimistic we were.

To ignore what happened…we don’t know what the fuck happened.

Jimmy hopes he does well and hopes he is the best president of all time.

What else do we have left but hope?

Matt and Jimmy talk Trump.

05 – Comparing to bush 2 terms and talking Trump’s acceptance speech.

10 – Barron Trump is 10.

Matt blames Jimmy for Trump because he watched The Apprentice.

Talking Regan.

15 – Cabinet member talk. Get Don Jr a haircut. Jimmy wonders if his kids just go home and kiss their elephant tails.

Watch Seth Meyers.


Comptroller – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comptroller

How great would it be having $4 million.

20 – Our guest is here! We’re being hopeful and she is sad sacking.


N-word right around the corner!

We’ll be back!

25 – Were back!

I cracked my tea!


30 – Brandy likes Ska! Jimmy hates it, Brandie has receipts.

Brandie went downtown to protest. She talks about it.

Weed passed!

Talking Jackie.

Talking Hedwig!

Brandie talks about her podcast: Lady2Lady. She’s only had on two guys. French Stewart and Anthony Rapp.

40 – Hamilton talk and Anthony Rapp chat!

Talking Rent! Or Low Rent as in the show Brandie saw.

Duckie reference.

Eliot gets shut down.

Jimmy tries a trump voice.

Eliot is here talking facebook posts.

Talking Brian Williams and Tina Fey and Rachel Maddow.

50 – Back to Eliot and his lady friend and his living situation.

55 – Talking more about Eliot’s apartment.

New Jack City is Eliot’s word! Mario Van Peebles directs! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102526/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Talking about going back and seeing movies from our pasts.

“Johnny Depp is the Adam Sandler of Whimsy.” – Brandie

Eliot’s growing a mustache. He’s a week and change in.

He’s doing it for movember. For Taint cancer?!

60 – Dirty Carson!!

Eliot is not doc Severenson!

“Ill never play the trumpet again.” – Zoe on Trump’s win (she’s never played the Trumpet)

Dueling trumpets between Jimmy and Eliot.

Jimmy offers Eliot a spot on PCAT to do a Croce song if he has a full mustache. Eliot accepts and says he will learn guitar to do it.

Todd Levin hair talk.

Matt’s n movie is Nashville or No Country For Old Men.

65 – Talking the pardo bump in terms of the election?!

Brandie talks about the free comedy election album she put out on election day

Brandies word was New Jack City?! She talks about it.

70 – Brandie can’t think of a different N word movie. She does however recommend watching the fast and the furious movies episodically. Apparently part 3 actually takes place at the end of part 6.

Night Shift is Jimmy’s word! No winner!


Splash reboot talk.

75 – Matt talks about a script he read about a male mermaid.

Channing Tatum talk!

Bradie’s favorite band is Reel Big Fish.

Jimmy asks Matt about zoe getting her ears pierced. Off the record he doesn’t care. On the record, maybe wait a bit.

Talking ear piercing. Matt wanted it because of George Michael. His parents rejected him.

Jimmy actually got in the chair to get it done but stopped at the last minute.

Brandie was 22 when she got her ears pierced. The holes are closed up. She did get her belly button pierced. So did Elise! News to Jimmy. They talk about it.

80 – Jimmy tells us what he did after asking if he could put his finger in a girl’s belly button.

Self pulp?!

Jimmy talks about having to defend Brandie after a horse suicide joke. They talk about it.

85 – Self-pulp!

Jimmy talks about Brandie being an audience member in the very first pardcastathon! We’re the show she’s listened to the longest and the most consistent. It was her and Jim Haggerty.

90 – Brandie saw Matt at the last Motion City Soundtrack show.

Talking Tony Thaxton. “Tough Actin’ T Thaxton.”

Eliot gets some credit for his Thaxton/Braxton joke.

Jimmy love Unbreak My Heart.



We’re back!

Jimmy resets! And then has to scold Matt for condescending.


Betting on Ken Bone’s twitter followers https://twitter.com/kenbone18?lang=en

Brandie: 325k
Matt: 420k
Eliot: 286k
Jimmy: 186k

NNF Porn??
Eliot wins! 255k

Never Nut Funny.

100 – Talking the protest that Brandie went to.

Talking more about the new American normal.

Why is Brandie angry at the cupcake?

Dry Bottom is the first episode of our NNF Porn.

Sevens but mail first!

Brandie talks about some girl trying to bust out Apples to Apples on her birthday.


Mail from Anna Sucevic. It’s Rick Balis Guacamole!

Eliot asks about the guac mix.

Bloody Mary – Vodka

Martini – Tequila

Matt rants about celebrities.

Eliot makes a joke and we clear the room.

Taking salsa!

Taste buds!

120 – Taste bud is a dog chef.

Chip dick talk!


Jimmy gives to Brandie Posey: 3 (90s)
Matt gives to Brandie Posey: 17(90s)

Brandie talks hosting Karaoke and wanting someone to nail Scatman.

Talking Eagle Rock Bowling Alley.

130 – Brandie talks about Eagle Rock.

Lady to Lady hosted by Brandie with Tess and Barbara.

We’re done!

I’m outta here to Canada!

Thanks for listening!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth