1914 – Hunkering Down with Brian Huskey

Brian Huskey

Brian Huskey

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome! Indeed! ALARM!

Jimmy was a little late and he’s gonna throw his clock into the mall!

He can’t fix the clock!

Welcome in! It’s election day! Most of us have voted except for Jimmy!

Eliot could not live with himself if he didn’t vote and CA was close.

Jimmy talks about the finale game of the World Series with Matt. Calling it the best game in baseball history.

They talk more about the game!

By the time this episode drops we’ll be either in a bunker or dancing in pant suits.

Eliot doesn’t have the bunker address and asks about it.

05 – There was a power outage in Culver City that caused major traffic problems for Jimmy.

NNF-Mail call copy

The mail is here!

J Keith took a headshot quality photo with his phone. He looked great and Jimmy doesn’t find him to be handsome.

Is this a Trout letter?!

Jimmy reads his letter and immediately makes fun of it.

It’s haunt themed!

Thanks Greg!

“That’s a cool ghoul!” – Matt

We all enjoyed the noises Jimmy was making with that card.

“The mellow storm.”

10 – We’re here at 10am for guest and for picking up Oliver for voting.

Talking MSNBC anchors.

Matt talks about the Trump press core.

Jimmy talks about our standing in the world vs Louis C.K.

Sing Along with Jimmy!
More mail! This time from Chicago.

Jimmy does some REO for us.

If you hate REO Speedwagon, Jimmy understands, but they have great rock and roll songs.

It’s an ACTUAL vintage T. It’s a vintage bootleg!

Thanks Janelle!

15 – Jimmy loves it and talks about the time Kevin Kronin walked away from him.


Talikng Jimmy’s celeb outing.

Omarosa, Kato Kailin, and others.

20 – Jimmy talks more about the Golf Outing. might be the charity he is referring to.

“Just found out I won a pick up truck.” – Paula Poundstone at an event.

Jimmy talks about someone at his table not knowing who he is.

It was a challenging course!

25 – Jimmy talks to the guest about this publicist!

He got lost on his way here.

There may be some trouble in the alley behind us.

Brian Huskey is our guest!!

He voted! But for who???

Jimmy talks guests doing the rounds on shows.

Brian is promoting his TV shows! He’s got two.

Jimmy prepares for moving to Canada by listening to Triumph and Rush.

Brian’s shows are People of Earth on TBS

And Mr. Neighbor’s House, Dec 12 at midnight on Adult Swim.

30 – Brian calls Jimmy out for not having a sticker yet.

Matt wants scannable t-shirts to count for voting.

Jimmy explains his plan to get Danielle and Oliver to go vote.

Brian talks about his voting place being some guys garage. He talks about the “Accouterments” in the garage.

“Well chewed dildos.”

Talking Toupees.

Great heads of hair with bad haircuts anger Brian.

Taking a break before the horn.

35 – Welcome back!!!

Jimmy says Eliot has every right to yell at Jimmy for being late.

Eliot got here early and talks about why and how.

Someone called Jimmy today asking for campaign money. Jimmy yelled at her! “Shut your mouth and respect the people you call!” CLICK.

Trumped Up Trickle Down just did not take off.

40 – Jimmy tells a story about porn names of movies. “Mr. Holland’s Open.” The silence for that was deafening.

Matt mentions “Mr. Holland Groped Us.” Jimmy texts it to the people in his group who ignored his attempt before.

45 – Shoes/shorts talk

Jimmy in Cedar Rapids talking post show meal and two drunk frat guys behind them. One of them slapped the other one.

Ken does political comedy that went fine in Cedar Rapids but not great in Madison.

Talking celeb politics.

50 – Matt saw a trump sign in the park.

Booby trapped sign:

gay man for T-rump!

Jimmy saw Chris Hardwick at the airport and talks about how he vanished.

“low stakes hallucination!”

Jimmy checks in with Eliot and asks about when we can say his lady friend’s name. He explains it.

Eliot discusses what “Doxxed” means.

55 – Jimmy talks about fans and how there are dumb ones and smart ones.

Lady friend! Mysterious.

We hear about Jimmy’s friend Leeroy. Eliot tries to marginalize it. Jimmy explains it to Brian.

60 – Eliot votes permanent absentee but he takes it in himself to get his sticker.

Talking Ross Perot.

Matt talks voting…it was at Zoes school!

Talking musically and Instagram and posting the kid’s photo!

65 – Matt talks his weekend and swatting. He went to a star wars book signing. Zoe dressed up and met the voice of Ahsokka Tano.
Oliver is watching nancy drew and hardy boys.

Matt remembers that Oliver made a quiz about which ghostbuster you are.

Jimmy got Holtzman. Zoe took it three times so she could get Holtzman.

70 – Brian Huskey is here! Jimmy introduces him. Talks about him being on Veep and People of Earth.

Talking Angie Tribeca and TBS. “Very funny.” – Brian.

75 – Talking binging vs weekly.

Talking John Oliver. Matt hates Pyramid schemes.

Jason Chaffetz – 

Brian explains what People of Earth is all about.

80 – Talking Samantha Bee’s show intro.

Brian talks about the shows he watches. Mostly British stuff it seems.

Goliath talk. Jimmy says that Bill Bob Thornton is great and one of the actresses is great but he cant decide if its good or not.

85 – Brian talks Mozart in the Jungle.

Talking Bloodlines. Jimmy loves the opening.

Ben Mendelsohn – 

Talking Australian actors.


90 – Jimmy saw Loving. Didn’t live up to the trailer. The guys talk about it and the documentary.

95 – Talking Wachowskis!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Are we in show business? Matt is asking for reals.

He talks more about it.

Brian talks about being in showbusiness but not feeling like it. He says he is in comedy.

100 – Brian talks about knowing even as a kid he wanted to be in comedy and he gave a speech about it. He talks about rooming with Rob Corddry.

Brian is from North Carolina and talk about how its become a big Tea Party state.

Jimmy asks whether Brian still has to audition. He talks about testing for the gary role on Veep against Tony Hale.

105 – Jimmy talks about his feelings about acting and desires to be on Veep.

Brian used to do shows with John Ross Bowie, Seth Morris and Rob Corddry in a group called Naked Babies. He talks about getting the career he always wanted.

Brian talks about forgetting some friend of a friend’s name.

Brian loved Stranger Things! Jimmy is trying to go back on it.

Paul Reiser is gonna be on season 2.

Brian says Paul has flat weird jeans.


Brian can slap ass but has not reached pussy grabbing level. Matt Walsh has reached that level! And he hasn’t changed a bit.

Jimmy talks about being on Kevin and Bean this morning after his airport tweet about the couple and Daylight Saving Time.

115 – Talking Trump’s use of “Big league.”

Talking Worst vs Worse.

We’re out of here!

Good luck America!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth