19O – Feeling what you feel with Lisa Loeb

Jimmy Pardo and Lisa Loeb

Jimmy Pardo and Lisa Loeb

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! We need slack!!!

Jimmy got the shit mic.

All better!

Jimmy blames Trump.

He talks about the election.

“We elected an animal!”

No applause for Jason Klamm?!

David is here. Talking hair!

Jimmy is not a fan of his pants. They have a cinch.

05 – http://www.98degrees.com/

Ryan Cabrera follows me on Twitter.

Jimmy talks pants. He had to buy some new ones and is not happy with them.

Gets some boos talking Steve Bannon and demands people leave if they think he is serious.

Matt talks previous pant controversy.

Matt says he’d take Jimmy’s pants if he doesn’t want them anymore. Jimmy would rather throw them away.

Wrestle for them?

Jimmy talks chaperoning a child’s field trip to Vietnam.

Bon Me!

For Humor guys!

10 – Matt has a tiny camera that attaches to the iPhone or can be used independently.

Matt wonders why musicals have to be called “The Musical”

Tweet box?!

15 – Procol Harum – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procol_Harum

Audience member Sean has trouble with his pizza and Jimmy calls him out.

Audience member David is enjoying a Wedge salad.

Jimmy and Matt talk Wedge salads and Jimmy’s enjoyment of it.

Matt asks about whether Jimmy can handle seeing a salad made.

Talking sandwich!

20 – Julian Assange – 

Talking high-pitched singers. Iron Maiden! Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Kyle Anderson is here! Sean Ryan came with him!

Jimmy questions Sean. Would his lack or drawing ability hold him back? Sean says yes.

Talking the resistance with Jeff!

Ninja Warriors on the wrong side of the fight.

Jeff enjoyed Trolls and took his 2 boys (10 and 7) to see it. He did not enjoy the latest Ice Age film.

Matt goes on a rant over ice age.

Scat Cat talk!

30 – Talking movies we saw at too young an age.

Check it before you wreck it Jeff!

Jeff asks about Jimmy’s pants being popular in the 80s.


Jeff keeps talking. We’re learning a lot about him. Jimmy thinks Jeff’s wife is filling out paperwork as we speak.

Jimmy does his Trump sons voices.

35 – Trumps gonna pardon that jive turkey bill cosby on thanksgiving.

Jason Klamm wanted Cosby on his podcast before the allegations hit.

“Oh god” audience member to Eliot’s question about a TV monitor.

Jimmy talks about Omarosa being at a golf outing with Jimmy.

Feel what you feel is Lisa Loeb’s new album!!

40 – Lisa Loeb wants to do Backstreet Boys songs.

Calls Jimmy out for wearing trainers (pants?!). Her son wears them.

Talking shoe stores. (Road Runner is the laurel cyn/ventura store)

Lisa corrects herself and confirms Jimmy’s pants are called Joggers.

Best smiler in showbiz? Clooney? Will he work for Trump? Will he be a mole?!

Lisa doesn’t want to see Brad Pitt in a movie. She says he has unbelievable nostrils.

Legends of the Fall – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110322/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Babel – 

Are we still talking about Jimmy’s pants?

45 – Round the horn!

Jimmy talks about the contest.

Lisa loves Matt Damon.

Lisa met Bill Cosby. She talks about it. The panel talks about Bill.

Jimmy asks about Lisa’s other influences and why a comedian was a big influence on her. She says he’s a great storyteller. She talks about other influences like Salinger, whom she named her band Nine Stories for.

50 – Lisa not a fan of swiss cheese.

“You can surprise any teacher with a crock of cheese.” – Lisa

Lisa tells a story about a date she went on with her husband and how Wonder Bread played a part.

Lisa and Roey dated two years before marriage. They met at a meeting in NYC about a show. She curtsied after the meeting.

55 – Matt’s really wanting to do some backstreet boys. Jimmy shows off his socks.

My O word is Octopussy.

Lisa wonders how Trump can actually grab pussy.

Lisa loves David’s hair.

David is an animator and works with Matt’s wife?!

Eliot’s thumb is not up. More Trump talk.

Matt talks Universal.

Jimmy guesses Lisa’s kids ages a 7 and 4. They are 6 (turning 7 in a week) and 4!

Jimmy thinks Lisa’s husband Roey is one of the nicest guy in the world. Lisa says he is a great dad! She tells a story about how her son was sick today so Roey picked up him and took him to his office.

60 – Jimmy’s got a fever and the cure is more cowbell!

Eliot’s O movie – Outland.

His lady friend’s movie is O Brother Where Out Thou”

Matt goes with O.

Lisa describes her hot dog regiment including ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Jimmy is nauseated.

Lisa talks more food she ate as kids.

Lisa talks Sunday school and going to CCD with her best friend.

65 – Talking Mayonnaise. Jimmy is grossed out by the idea of it on a hot dog.

Lisa talks about her time machines being food.

Lisa’s O word is Old School!

Do we have a winner?

We’re doing well too!

19 Outsiders! No winner.

70 – Lisa talks about her new album, Feel What You Feel.

Jimmy talks about the “You Can Count on Me – Lullabye” song at the end of the album.

She’s gonna sing a song for us.

Lisa switches mics and talks more about her album.

She sings “Let’s Keep The Band Together.”

75 – She talks about the thin glass teleprompters that politicians use.

Another song from Lisa! She’s gonna do a holiday song!

80 – Sevens with Lisa!!

Jimmy gives to Lisa Loeb: 18 (80s Music)
Jimmy gives to Lisa Loeb: 16 (80s Music)


90 – Thanks Lisa!!

Time for audience member sevens!

Karla is here! She doesn’t like The Hooters. Karla and her brother are super fans and drove all the way up from San Diego.

Jimmy gives to Karla (Listener): 18 (80s)

fuck off
phrasal verb of fuck
1. 1.
(of a person) go away.

Karla wins the CD!

Leanne is taking a turn!

Matt gives to Leanne (Listener): 15 (80s music)

Jimmy demands Matt’s apology in writing.

Last player!

Jimmy gives to Justin (Listener): 14(Movies – Action)

Dirty Carson!

Elaine Joyce – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Joyce

Carl Weathers –  ALIVE

Suck it audience!


Jimmy does a little ASMR.

Thanks guys! We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth