1902 – Choosing Your Boots with Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jackie and Laurie

00 – Hello indeed!

Jimmy’s got a little rasp today. The entire house is sick.

He made it through Phoenix last night and was on a lot of meds.

Jimmy knows his body.


The Phoenix show will be available for the Players Club soon!

Jimmy enjoyed how close they got to simulating the regular show. They were one Garon shy!

They had dinner after the show!


ASMR-talkTheir waitress, Shelby, gave Jimmy a bit of ASMR, as she went through the menu.

They didn’t like what she recommended to them apparently. Maybe a bit undercooked. It was pizza! Coulda been a little crispier.

05 – Eliot getting laughs and compliments from the audience may be giving him a bit of an ego. He got a big laugh and an applause break!

Eliot got hit on after the show!

Eliot’s dating someone, they’ve gone out a lot, so he wouldn’t follow up on the lady who was hitting on him.

Heat and ice water talk! White trash hillbilly talk.

10 – Eliot’s girl doesn’t want to have her name out there. It’s too unique.

Her name is not Sia?

Sia at the Hollywood Bowl

(Sia’s latest album This is Acting is PHUH-nominal! – Darryl)

Miguel Cabrera?



Travis Lee and the Yo-Yo. Matt was big into the yoyo.

Matt talks about his tricks. Rock The Fetus which is a double triangle tiny rock the baby trick.

Dice and Dice’s lady!


15 – YoYo sleep talk.

Jimmy talks about a goo goo dolls fan coming at him for days!

This guy pointed out the good the goo goo dolls have done.

It’s a funny band name!


NNF-Mail call copy

Matt knows about it. It was perishable and had some frozen food inside.


Pizza sticks and stuffed nachos??

20 – Trying on our Totino’s gifts!

25 – gonna have some Totinos snacks!

Jimmy asks if Laurie is related to Paul Gilmartin?!

She isn’t hungry and doesn’t like eating in front of people.

30 – Laurie is killing twitter right now with trolling trump supporters. Check her out! @anylaurie16

Laurie Jimmy and Matt talk about the tweets and people through it.

Talking the Clinton murder spree! Real or not?

I go make Totinos!

40 – We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Going ‘round the horn!

Seamstress for Laurie’s sweatshirt? A cobbler? A smithee? An Alan Smithee?

Toaster oven these Totino’s things! They’re tasty!

Honest review!

45 – Rhett and Link – http://www.rhettandlink.com/

Smosh – http://www.smosh.com/

School started for Matt and Laurie’s kids.

Oliver starts on Wednesday. Jimmy wishes he was with Oliver.

Meier talk!

Blowjob talk! Jewel talk!

50 – Jewel’s husband – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ty_Murray

Racist rhyme talk.

Warlock – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlock


Scottsdale comedy scene talk.

Laurie saves her gold for twitter.

55 – Jimmy and Matt had to fly on Southwest to Phoenix after a canceled flight. He felt filthy.

Totinos twitter –

60 – Clinton talk! Sanders talk!

“Don’t get caught in a war!” Apparently John McCain crashed more planes than bin

Eliot tries a Trump impression…fails…

Laurie talks about trump teaching his followers the election is rigged.

Danielle turned a trump supporter around once.

65 – Hollywood elite trolls!

Talking comic kids!

Laurie drove home from Lake Tahoe last night so she’s pretty tired.

Laurie’s show needs a bit of the NNF bump according to Jimmy!

Hi Eliot! Hi Matt!

Laurie Kilmartin is here!

70 – Laurie came home to the site of newspapers in her windows courtesy of her mom being afraid of the riots in Milwaukee.

Talking Andy Borowitz. 

Talking Garrison Keillor 

80 – Talking about Laurie and Jackie doing shows in NY and Laurie owning a place in the city. Jimmy loves it.

Ping Pong – 

Pong – 

85 – Crimes of Britain – 

Credit to Danielle on Jimmy working that joke.

Terrific food at Flappers!

Laurie’s off for three weeks from Conan.

90 – Jimmy and Laurie talk about her son’s feelings on Laurie’s mom.

Laurie talks about having stand-up withdrawals. She has a set tonight.

Laurie really needs a nap. Show tonight. Part in an indie film tomorrow?!

Laurie is amazed by our being on season 19.

95 – Jimmy is exhausted and wired from two coke zeros earlier.

Talking Jimmy and Danielle planning for a new car. Might get another electric.


Talking stand up with Laurie.

Seattle talk!

Laurie talks about having a square mansion in her AirBnB.

Jimmy doing a show up in San Fran. Staying near the airport. Jimmy talks his plans for the trip.

He loves the subway here in LA.

Jimmy and Danielle went to see Adele and calls it top 5 concerts of all time. No opening act. Charming, tells stories, sounds phenomenal.

Jimmy talks about his favorite Laurie joke when they did shows together and having a guy in the audience come up after and saying,”You’re just a bully” just because jimmy thanked him for wearing his nice shirt to the show. It was a wife beater.

Jimmy talks about the jokes he will and wont do regarding someone’s appearance.

Mary Decker – 

McDonald’s disaster – 

Laurie talks about going rock climbing with her son.

The panel talks about the recent waterslide death. Jimmy went to raging waters without incident.

Jimmy wonders what jeeves is up to. Matt suggests asking him.

Listen to Laurie’s podcast!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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