19A – Rolling the Dice with Matt Donaher

Matt Donaher

Matt Donaher

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! First Players Club of the new season! 19A!

Hello new listeners! If you aren’t interested, hello and goodbye.

Jimmy and Matt talks shirts!

Shirt maker shirt maker!

hamiltonJimmy wishes Matt was into Hamilton when he was, now he has to get it back in his memory.

Jimmy can’t open his can.

Talking the one-year anniversary of Hamilton.

Matt says he’s gonna be the guy dropping a grand to see the cast reunion at the Hollywood bowl.

05 – Peter Gabriel singing “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free”

Apparently, I had another meltdown.

Our guest is here!

Matt Donaher! He infuriates Jimmy with his talent.

Talkin’ Matt’s buttons.

10 – Jimmy’s met Matt’s co-host not his GF?

Matt’s listened from the start!

15 – Matt passes out some Portos for everyone. Jimmy eats some to Matt’s “There we go…”

Dirty Carson!

25 – Talking about my FB post

35 – Break!

We’ll be back!

19 Allison Moyer! Jimmy ruins it right off the start.

No one knows how the game works!

Season 19 letter game is now Movie titles!

40 – Talking the song Forever Young.

Dre beat on this song.

Did they strip Dr. Cosby of his doctorate? Like he strips those women?

Matt D: Jeez Luise!

45 – Jimmy talks to Matt D about the glass slide in downtown. Talking about the Tower of Terror changing to Guardians and seeing Star Wars Land’s progress from the thunder railroad and the parking structure.

Matt ran a half-marathon with his mom at Disneyland.

Star Wars Half-Marathon registration is open – 

Matt’s time was 1:57 at that marathon. Jimmy’s best time was 2:16.

50 – His mom is 55 and she ran the marathon and finished the race. Matt just turned 30.

Clinton was 46 when elected.

55 – Talking submitting times for marathons.

A totally unretouched photo of Garon at Disneyland

A totally unretouched photo of Garon at Disneyland

Talking Disneyland and going in and passes.

Also talking Knotts Berry Farms.

Dirty Carson talks Vic Morrow and a razor ad.

60 – Age of presidents

Talk Matt D’s relationship with his dad

Also shoes.

65 – Matt D. can’t remember birthdays.

The guys talk birthdays and kids remembering them.

Matt talks Roadies on Showtime. 

70 – Talking Stranger Things!

Jimmy talks about doing a commercial with Michael Jordan and getting cut out (and not actually being in a scene with him) also not being able to afford the gorgeous suits he could have bought for $200.

The Duffer Brothers!

80 – My word is Argo!

Jimmy talks about a guy who was not mentally challenged who had his shirt on backwards.

Dice talk from Eliot.

85 – Rolling Dice and singing songs! Matt’s never been to a quinceneria.

Eliot had a Jimmy Pardo experience on the flight.

90 – Eliot tells us what happened on his flight.

12F. the guy in Eliot’s seat had 12E and hoping Eliot doesn’t show up.

Great story Eliot.

Armageddon is his A word.

Matt’s a word is Annie (Hall)!

Matt D went to Montreal as one of the new faces. He had a great time. His manager is John Pinnet (RIP) former manager. He reps no other comedians. He did land an agent.

Tone Bell – 

George Wallace Twitter – 

100 – Jimmy reiterates he’d not be surprised if someone came up to him at a show and claiming to be his son/daughter.

Matt D’s word is American Psycho. 

Letter game up to $10!

Jimmy’s word was All The Right Moves.

105 – 6 years with Natalie! He opened for her sketch group in boston. She’s a screenwriter. They live together and are thinking about getting married.

Jimmy tries to flip a die and fails twice before flipping it across the room.

Jimmy talks to Matt D about going on the road. HE travels to Boston every year.

Jimmy tells a story about a comedian telling the audience to fucking shut up or he’s walking and then doing it in the middle of a joke.

Jimmy talks about another comic walking off stage but having a cushy writing job.

110 – First Friday of every month at Nerdmelt!


Celebrity Sighting!! Howard Kremer?!

Next one: Dave Grohl! Nailed it Matt B!

We’re out!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth