19B – Knocking on Your Door with Janet Varney

Janet Varney with Jimmy and Matt at Flappers, Burbank

Janet Varney with Jimmy and Matt at Flappers, Burbank


In-room notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


19 Breaking Away

00 – Welcome in! Jimmy’s in the dark! Takes responsibility for it.

Jimmy explains tech rehearsals.

His stool is not short or tall enough.

Great crowd at the 5pm slot! Best crowd yet?

Thrilled to be a part of the Burbank Comedy Festival! Jimmy sets the stage for the festival.

Welcome in Matt!!

Talking Matt’s cinched pants!

Jimmy talks to an audience member about her favorite stores. She loves a Target.

Jimmy bought some legos for Oliver for his upcoming birthday.

He also bought some solar powered lights for his front yard.

Matt cant get his pants off without turning them inside out.

Rick Astley was at the Troubadour this week and Jimmy missed it. He’s not pleased with this.

Sock talk.

05 – How many times has Jimmy made fun of Matt’s pants? Jimmy is pro-pant in private.

Jimmy refuses to believe matt’s pants aren’t olive. Let’s take this outside!

Jimmy stuck in a slouch.

Sam is gonna try out a stool. He likes it.

Garon doesn’t ride anything!

Grey top! Heather grey!

10 – Talking dressing with the audience.

Comparing olive colors with Matt’s pants

Jimmy’s checking Matt’s tags.

Small dick jokes!

15 – Drew and his lasik caused blind wife.

Oliver’s safe word is Mitchel?!

Matts pants are Night Moss – 
(But we find out later, NO, they are anthracite, AKA, grey, according to a tweet by NNF or Matt. -Darryl)


20 – Jimmy had an acting audition for a film yesterday! Calls it a 7.5. post talking with Danielle, he lowers it to 7.5 out of 50.

“Duffer Bros.” audition!

Jimmy and Danielle started watching Friday Night Lights. Jimmy cant watch it without hearing the bloodlines theme whenever Kyle Chandler comes on screen. They love the show.

Jimmy talks more about his audition.

Matt wonders how the Duffers are at golf. Season one Belknap came back. Apparently Duffer is a golf term.

Fred Astaire was a mailman in Santa Claus is Coming To Town

25 – Jimmy talks about the Stranger Things memes out there.

Jimmy was in after episode 3 of the show.

Jimmy quotes a song lyric some one in the audience yells it out and then gives some attitude. Jimmy gives him the business then confirms he is correct.

Shade of Olive called Night Moss! (No, they are anthracite. See above. -Darryl)

Night Moss is a shade of Blue?! 

30 – Someone from the audience yelled out that Grey is black and white. Matt looses his mic.

No more live shows!

Jimmy’s Ryan Lochte joke is fresh out of the pool! It’s toweling off.

Jimmy and Matt talk the swimmers incident.

Jimmy and Matt talk about how the letter game will work!

Taking a break!

35 – We’re back!

Jimmy tries to introduce our guest but gets lost on his chair.

Emmy nominated actress!

Cher talk. Sonny Bono tree crash talk.

Talking pant suits?!

Colors and clothes!

Hotlanta talk!

Janet Varney is here!

Also in night moss?! Or is it grey.

40 – Jimmy describes her pants as “Clam digger pants” Puss hunt? Puss dig?

Janet describes them as Petal pickers/pushers?

Jimmy and Janet talk “Jan.”

Round the horn!

Armless chairs not pleasant for the panel.

Jimmy wonders why Janet shows up on platform shoes to further tower over Jimmy.

Night Moss talk.

Carol Channing!

Don Knotts daughter is here??????!!!

45 – She takes over.

Karen is getting dishy about Suzanne Summers.

50 – Karen tells more stories about her dad on Three’s Company.

Breaking Away is my word!

I brought the bluray.

Eliot’s here and allowed to speak. Any openings in the Familiare?

1 opening and 2 upcoming. He talks about tenant drama.

More details from some character of Eliot’s.


55 – Talking Bumper Sticker The Musical and writing a Jim Croce musical for Eliot.

Jimmy appreciates Eliot’s humor…Eliot wants him to stop there.

Eliot’s movie is also Breaking Away.

Eliot is “Letoing.”

Jimmy might be pulling punches for Eliot.

60 – Sixpence None The Richer talk.

Lord of the Rings talk.

Sean Astin talk. Jimmy’s mad at him. Talks about his family.

Matt went with Bad News Bears!

Janet’s movie word is Barton Fink.

Jimmy’s word was…

Janet talks about seeing Duran Duran and Simon pulling out a pan flute?!

Here is Simon playing a Pan Flute –

65 – Janet was on stage in the past 48 hours with HR Puffenstuff.

It’s for a show called Mutt N Stuff.


Jimmy’s word was Blues Bros. and Buckaroo Banzai! Someone guessed Buckaroo. Congrats winner!

One of the winners was Jeff Ahern! Terrific comedian. He does warm-up for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

Jimmy talks about a golden umbrella.

Talking Emmy’s with Janet!

70 – Dirty Carson is here!

Eliot ruins the bit.

Jimmy does it anyway.

Joyce DeWitt is ALWAYS involved.

Eliot saves his joke.

Karen Knotts met Sheri Lewis at the Emmys once.


Jimmy talks about Lambchop and Sheri Lewis

Dirty Carson talks Robert Blake and Lambchop.

75 – Janet talks about Emmys and going to the ceremony.

She is nominated for Everybody’s Crazy But Us.

Matt and Janet sing summer lovin’.

Sevens time!!!

Theme songs for sevens!

Jimmy gives to Janet Varney: 13 (Movies)

King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me!

Jimmy gives to Janet Varney: 10 (TV Shows)

Reid Hartley is playing Sevens!

Jimmy does his Three’s Company bit dedicates it to Karen Knotts.

Beat 13 points Reid!

Hi Reuben Jesse Cohen!

He’s outta here! Jimmy kicks him off for not counting well.

90 – Josh is on stage now. Jimmy asks if he’s voting for trump.

13 for the shirt!

21 points for Josh!!!

Thanks for coming everyone!!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth