1806 – Catching Waves with Greg Fitzsimmons

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Greg Fitzsimmons@GregFitzShow

00 – Welcome in! Jimmy talks about being “all dry.” He was in a dry hotel room in Minneapolis. He wants to rub his entire body against a chapstick.

Took a call for Jimmy so missed some stuff.

Jimmy’s talking about old jokes on the show that he doesn’t remember.

Flight talk.

Jimmy had a big loaf sitting next to him.

There are Tambourine apps.

05 – Jimmy talks about the big guy sitting next to him. Maybe this guy was on the spectrum.

The guy slammed into jimmy several times taking off a coat.

I get that experience first hand.

He might have been drunk. Or just completely oblivious of anyone else around him.

Last but not least the grossness, itching his arm and squeezing a pimple and then leaving it exposed millimeters from Jimmy’s face.

10 – In contrast, Jimmy talks about the guy on the flight TO Minneapolis. He met a guy named Al, nice conversation, fun guy.

Talking about me!

Matt says everyone is saying fuck Jimmy for first class!

15 – Denny’s experience.

Taambourine app is not successful.

20 – Basketball Bracket talk!

My Twitter talk. @MyNameIsGaron

25 – Jimmy talks about Adam LaRoche incident.

He’s not really on the side of Adam. Maybe the kid doesn’t need to be there so much.

Our guest is here!

Jimmy talks about Greg’s hat.

Greg somehow cut his head.

30 – Balsa Wood Plane.

Alfonso Ribera is the new host of AFV.

Jimmy compliments Greg’s soft cap.


No swearing and no pouncing.

Talking Greg’s first visit.

Greg impressed by the merch boxes in another room.

35- Greg gives thumbs up to The Bonfire on Sirius.



Jay is 38.

Greg meets actor auditioning for a blind guy. He loves his dog.

Jimmy is allergic so he doesn’t want to be trapped on a tube with a dog.

40 – OJ show talk. Jimmy praises Sarah Paulsen again.

Chris Darden is played by Sterling K. Vaughn.



Greg enjoyed the Jennifer Lawrence pictures.

Fitzdog radio is on Howard 101
The Greg Fitzsimmons Show is on Mondays 5pm West Coast

45 – Matt is haunted by calling a neighbor the wrong name.

Greg talks about a name situation at a show at the improv. He had no idea who this woman was that came up to him. It was his agent’s assistant.

Jimmy talks about calling a guy named Ray Doug for years.

50 – More name stories from Greg, this time involving the Gersh agency. He called a senior agent by the wrong name.

When is it okay to not know someone’s name?

We’ll be back!

55 – We’re back!


Round the horn!

Good Times kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1378706694/the-original-goodtimes-cast-movie/updates


Jimmy talks about Chicago segregation.

The housing issues in LA are off the charts bad. Too expensive.

60 – Greg talks about waterslides just being giant bidets.

Jimmy thinks Matt’s backyard is big enough to install a pool. Matt doesn’t want the hassle.

Talking about running over kids and how big of a blind spot a prius has.

Jimmy loves his E-golf. Greg loves Volkswagens.

65 – El Nino talk.

Greg’s daughter is on the surf team. It’s her gym class. Three days a week they surf for a couple hours.

Jimmy and Greg talk surfing vs Body Surfing.
Greg talks about surfing with his son and seeing some girl with her tit hanging out. They high fived each other. It was the closest he’s ever felt to his son.

Greg tries to change Jimmy’s mind about wanting to die at 80. He tells Jimmy about Leisure World.

70 – Jimmy explains to Greg the Walking Ottoman nickname.

Eliot talks about his Rock Opera show that he did. He played Hitler of Socks (?!)

Are we going to see Eliot’s show on Saturday?

Jimmy talks Golf with Greg. They might do a gig together that gives a free round of golf.

75 – Greg talks about getting paired up to golf with OJ Simpson and his partner yelling out, “I’m not playing with that fucking murderer!” Greg yelled at his friend that he cost him the best tonight show panel story ever.

Greg talks about golfing at a celeb outing with a right wing guy who kept needling him. Finally he told the guy he had three options, fight, Greg leaves, or he shuts the fuck up. Greg finally left. That night he did a set and tore the guy apart on stage.

80 – More golf talk and stories!

Corporate gigs.

90 – Jimmy talks first class with Greg.

Greg farts in coach. Jimmy does a lap in coach to let them know he’s there.

Greg says he is never upgraded on American. Jimmy explains why.

Jimmy has his TSA card, saves him so much time.

Greg talks about getting his card.


95 – We’re back! Greg Fitzsimmons is here!

Greg’s got some dates. You probably just heard them.

Greg talks about doing Joe Rogan’s podcast and it lasting 3 hours.

Waiting on Joe Rogan.

Peter Sagal – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0755969/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
100 – Jimmy doesn’ t like the fact that Greg just named dropped knowing Matthew Broderick.

Greg says that NPR money is so good. He says Jesse Thorn’s shoes are evidence of that.

The guys talk syndication for Jesse’s show.

Acme won’t book Greg anymore. He thinks it is because he walked a room once.

A little dumb at Jimmy’s second show but they were outnumbered by the NNF fans.

Greg says that podcast listeners are the best comedy audiences.

110 – Greg wants Velcro ski boots. Not a fan of the buckle. He’s going skiing this week.

School time off chat.

Greg was sworn in as an officiate. Apparently, if you are sworn in you also can be called up into the national guard!


Greg’s gonna list 10 names to be on the show.

Greg Proops (yes), Karen Kilgariff (yes), Brian Poesehn (yes). Matt Besser (yes), Mary Lynn Rakjskub (yes), Andy Dick (maybe), Pauly Shore (No.), Wayans (no), Tom Rhodes (sure!), owen smith (yes), Tom Arnold (yes), Dane Cook (yes).

KKK started in Pulaski, Tennessee – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan

120 – Jimmy talks about Dane Cook cancelling.

Greg says he would not have any kardashians, trump, or anyone that is coming in as part of a press junket.

Guys, we gotta leave it there.

Greg talks about nearly yelling at Wolf Blitzer when he saw him on the street doing a live broadcast after the boston bombing.

Jimmy talks about regretting when he called a DJ a weenie on the air.


We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

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