18G – Polishing Shoes with Scott Thompson

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson


00 – Hello! Indeed! Welcome into the program.


We’re gonna get through it.

Guest Darryl and Jenn! Curator of NeverNotNotes.com

Darryl gives us a little magician’s humor, so magical he makes the humor disappear!

Jimmy sings some U2 and talks the forum show.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the ticket switch at the U2 show.

Jimmy wants it very clear that he was the gentleman at that U2 show.

The original tickets were horrible.

I couldn't resist adding the "napkins" tag to the story about Mel's terrible waffles.

It’s not really a shout-out if I’m sitting right there, but my narcissism insists I put up my icon.

The Ashers brought gifts!

Matt loved Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarcakes.

Darryl fights me for the mic.

05 – Jimmy talks going golfing with the family.

RIP Phife.

Jimmy golfed in El Segundo.

Ken Howard RIP. We’ve talked about him a lot.

Jimmy and Darryl talk about The White Shadow.

Jimmy tells a story about golfing with Oliver.

This old couple who Jimmy get stuck behind a lot at this course, was behind them and at one point they passed him up and gave Jimmy a dirty look. It was a very dirty look.

[pardostory] “Yeah turn your back, I’ll take a swing at you old man!” – Jimmy to the old guy. He may have told him to go fuck himself.

Our guest is here!

Danielle did not approve of Jimmy’s actions.

Jimmy explains his behavior (or tries to).

“I don’t even hear you!” Jimmy to that old guys wife.

More golf story.

15 – Jimmy tried to apologize to the guy afterwards and he did, but the guy was a dick about it. Jimmy talked away before he was forced to hit him over the head with a nine iron.

Golf’s a gentlemen’s game.

Scott Thompson is here!!

Jimmy was on Cancer’s side! (for humor!!)

We don’t need to explain comedy to Scott.

Jimmy thinks legend feels like a strong word.

Jimmy talks about Canada vs US reactions to Scott.

He looks great! Doesn’t run, he walks.

At the coffee shop next door to the studio, waiting with gifts. Harsh lighting is the most becoming.

At the coffee shop next door to the studio, waiting with gifts. Harsh lighting is the most becoming.

20 – Eddie Izzard 27 marathons in 27 days – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3503662/How-DID-Eddie-Izzard-run-27-marathons-27-days-intrepid-comic-s-54-year-old-body.html

Scott was here last on 720.

Jimmy compliments Darryl’s vest thing. Scott takes immediate offense. (My vest “thing” is spectacular and wonderful. -Darryl)

25 – Jenn and Darryl brought us some gifts! Including hand painted cups for Jimmy and Matt and waffle cookies. (Cookie WAFFLES, let’s me clear. -Darryl)

Thank you Darryl and Jenn! More like Jenn.

Opening mail bag with the brand new mail theme song.

Thanks Ryan Gilbreath!

Tony sent us some 45s! He gets it.

30 – Jimmy talks Trump with Scott.

“Nobody wants a broad!”

Thanks for the gifts!

Jenn's hand-painted cups. Honestly, she was expecting to be harassed at least a little for the cartoonish goofiness, but I think they were being overly polite because they are pretty awesome.

Jenn’s hand-painted cups. Honestly, she was expecting to be harassed at least a little for the cartoonish goofiness, but I think they were being overly polite because they are pretty awesome.

We’ll be right back!

Scott Thompson is here!


We’re back!

Welcome back to 18 Gabriel!

Jimmy doesn’t know what is happening in here.

Jimmy calls himself a pussy.

Scott’s phone goes off.

Get on the ps and qs and mind them.

Garfunkel is my word.

Paul Simon is a grump.

35 – OJ talk.

Darden’s gotten some weight on him.

40 – Scott compares Batman v Superman to Salt with Angelina Jolie.

Jimmy’s seeing UFO tonight. Ill be seeing BvS.

Jimmy talks about crying and masturbating.

Caramel Cookie WAFFLES, from right in our neighborhood. Try them, they are delicious!

Caramel Cookie WAFFLES, from right in our neighborhood. Try them, they are delicious!

45 – Scott gives us his spot on non accepting review of Man of Steel.

Darryl’s G word is Gilmour. Darryl is disappointed Jimmy didn’t see that. (I really deserved the $5, because my answer was right, and Jimmy’s was wrong. -Darryl)

They’ll both be at the show together but not sitting together

Darryl says the Gilmour show will be 60/40 Floyd.

More talk about Darryl’s vest. (My wonderful, stylish, practical, paunch-hiding vest. -Darryl)

Jimmy likes it, Matt would if he was a cinematographer. (I am a photographer, so bleh. -Darryl)

Jimmy’s going solo to that Gilmour show.

Darryl wants to share the shows with Jenn. Jimmy feels the same way about Danielle.

50 – Edward Bear – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bear#Singles

Lonely Boy is by Andrew Gold – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonely_Boy_(Andrew_Gold_song)

Scott not pleased with Ginnifer Goodwin’s name.

Jimmy debuts puppet head.

Jen’s word was also Garfunkel.

Darryl and Jenn drove in from Montana and from Vegas this morning.

Jimmy talks directions to get here from Vegas. (I knew Jimmy would ask which way we came, but once I missed the 10, my map app took me around various freeways that I knew I would never remember. LA Freeways. -Darryl)

55 – Big Sky Country.

Montana is one of the five states that Jimmy hasn’t performed in.

Darryl’s gonna get Jimmy to Billings since they have a comedy scene now. (Well, we’ll see. -Darryl)

vestSome Ted Cruz fans listen to the Earwolf show apparently.

Eliot’s G word was Gangham Style.

Oliver has been nonstop listening to Hamilton and Galavant.

Jimmy calls Hamilton the best musical in the last 20 years.

Wicked talk. Jimmy lists the songs he likes: Popular and Defying Gravity.
Wicked and BvS are showing the downfall of our western society. He rants about batman and adults going to see these movies. He thinks it is tragic.

60 – Scott thinks Donald is going to win the election.

Matt thinks he is going to be crushed Jimmy disagrees. Scott says that no one thought Rob Ford would win either.

Scott gives his thoughts on trump and (in my opinion) sums it up perfectly.

Darryl and Jen joined hands when Scott mentions trump winning.

Scott continues to talk about Trump.

Mussolini talk.


70 – Scott asks about out sponsors. Scott goes on about how hard it is to buy razors.

Scott asks if Jimmy polishes his shoes before he goes out.

Scott tells us that Lesbian’s love to polish their shoes. Jimmy wonders if he means “eating puss.”

Eliot’s good.

Listeners suggest Eliot try out for Hamilton.


Eliot adds some clip clops and gets the business from Jimmy.

Matt’s word was Genesis!

Nothing on Matt’s mind today. We had a busy opening segment so Jimmy just wants to be sure nothing going on with him.

Matt finally admits to eating at paquito mas.

75 – Jimmy talks about the Toronto trip.

Jimmy wants to ask a question about a Canadian act. Scott gives us his g word (genesis) while Jimmy looks up that artist.

Scott goes in on Ginnifer Goodwin again.
Eric LaPointe? Scott doesn’t know who it is.


Age of consent talk!

80 – Age of consent in France is 15.


Drinking age talk.

Darryl didn’t drink until he was 40.

Wine cooler talk.

Oliver talk.

85 – Scott talks about moving back here and getting into stand-up. He’s got an act and is ready to reinvent himself. Jimmy talks to him about it and confirms it’s a lot of stories.

Jimmy and Scott have the same manager now!

Scott talks amore about doing stand up and what he wants to get out of it and cashing in!

The world is ready for Scott Thompson!

Jimmy asks if Scott’s stand up is the same as 9/11. Scott says it’s bigger.

Scott tells a story about getting called a faggot on the street in Toronto by some crack head couple he tried to stop from fighting. The woman also called him a fudge packer and told him to go suck some cock.

It was worth the risk, if she’d attack him it’d be good for his career.

90 – Fudge packer talk.

95 – Blowjob bob talk. He was a guy in Jimmy’s neighborhood and the kids called him that. Jimmy doesn’t know where the name came from he just thought it was funny and it rhymed. He actually was an older kid in the neighborhood.

Jimmy talks about dealing with people who wanted to beat him up.

Jimmy said he would go see Scott on tour. Scott talks about how much he enjoys Jimmy and loves his comedy. He really wants Jimmy to like his stand up. He wants him to be proud of him.

Scott hasn’t talked to Lorne in many years.

Televised Academic quiz shows – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_televised_academic_student_quiz_programs

100 – Sevens with Scott!

Jimmy gives to Scott Thompson: 11 (TV)

Scott just reads off the answers.

Scott Thompson gives to Jimmy: (TV)

Talking French swear words.

The worst thing you can say to someone in Quebec translates to the chalice in the church.

Scott doesn’t like people telling him things he shouldn’t say. It’s his generation; it’s how he speaks.

Scott asks how Jimmy feels about hearing the n-word from black comics and how people react to them saying faggot. Scott finds it unacceptable that people don’t hold black comedians to the same standard as white comedians when using words like faggot.

110 – Superstore talk.

Scott Thompson gives to Jimmy: 4 (TV)

That may have been the worst round in the history of the game.

He’s gonna try again!

Scott Thompson gives to Jimmy and Matt: 11 (TV)

Eliot is LITERALLY the Styrofoam cooler in the backseat. That is called a Kilty in Canada.

Jimmy tries to sing a beegees song but cant get the melody.

120 – Scott asks about whether or not Jimmy sees new bands (again).

Darryl plugs his appearance on an upcoming episode of Rock Solid talking Pink Floyd. Jimmy’s stomach protests. (I think it will come out around the end of April. -Darryl)

Scott’s clearing his throat. Jimmy tells him how plugs work.

Jimmy stops himself from telling everyone about the layout of the forum.

Jimmy and Matt talk about confrontation. Jimmy says Matt is a pressure cooker waiting to go off. He says he’ll drop an engine on someone.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth
Behind the scenes with Darryl: I like to give a little peek behind the curtain when I get to be in the studio. Everyone was delightful, as usual, and Scott had very high energy both on and off air. He was very gracious and friendly, despite his anti-vest stance.

One unfortunate thing was that we found out about Garry Shandling passing away during the break. I guess I should say that Garon found out while browsing the web during the break. Jimmy had left the room to take care of men-business, and Garon showed me the headline on Variety. Neither of us planned on saying anything until after the recording, but my jaw dropped involuntarily. Scott noticed and asked me what was wrong. Both Garon and I hemmed and hawed, and I knew that Scott knew Garry, having been on The Larry Sanders Show with him. I really didn’t want him to hear it from me, but I couldn’t lie, and he wasn’t going to let it go. So I told him. Everyone but Jimmy was in the room, and we were very bummed. 

And right during our bummed silence, Jimmy came back in the room. The timing couldn’t have been better. Or worse. He may as well have said “who died while I was gone?” by the expression on his face. We told him the news, and they chatted about whether to address it on air and Jimmy decided not to. Because of the comedic talent in the room, everyone was able to be appropriately sad and respectful, but also joke and get the mood in the room back up before recording again. Big kudos to Jimmy, Scott, Matt, Garon, and Eliot for being pros. And big demerit points to me for letting my jaw drop. But I really didn’t have control of it.

After the recording stopped, Scott chatted (ranted?) a bit more, and was enjoying sitting with Jimmy and Matt, which was fun to watch. After Matt took him into hall (appropriately) to take his photo, he came back in, grabbed his man-bag and Caramel Cookie Waffles, gave everyone goodbye hugs, and off he went.

I still should have won the $5 though.