1717 – Finishing a Hat with Jimmy and the Gang

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hot out of the box! Hello everyone! Jimmy’s show voice is different than his sitting around voice.

1776 is from Hamilton.

Jimmy pulls some tape off a record and gets a little of the record on it.

It’s a record gift from Matt’s mom and step dad. It’s a gene Kelly soundtrack. They think Jimmy looks like him. It’s the Brigadoon soundtrack.

Donald O'Connor

Donald O’Connor

Here is Donald O’Connor, who Jimmy is told he looks like –

Thanks for the gift!

Brigadoon – 

05 – We listen to some Brigadoon.

John Munsun bought this album. Put his name on it!

Jimmy talks about showcases that feature the hot new whatever.

10 – Three Stooges Swing Parade of 1946

Jimmy talks about seeing Seth Rodetsky.

Jimmy went with Danielle, and his lover John Ross Bowie and his wife Jamie.

Jimmy says its one of the funniest shows he’s seen in ages.

Randy Jackson and Barbra Streisand gets it from Seth.

NNF trivia, first person to sing “finishing a hat” on NNF.

15 – Jimmy had a leaf on his face that no one noticed.

Jimmy talks about looking terrible on his own show.

The Simpsons episode that Matt is referring to is from season 7: A Fish Called Selma.

Jimmy’s brother called and ruined his fake anger.

No one has guessed that guest correctly yet.

Tom Wilson!

Jimmy says every day someone must quote him.

Jimmy wakes up Oliver every day with “Wake up butthead!”

20 – Matt’s mad at hoverboards being called hoverboards and being so expensive.

Jimmy on his Razor scooter

Jimmy on his Razor scooter

Why did Jimmy want a razor scooter and why did Danielle buy him one?

Someone’s hammering away.

Jimmy had a skateboard as a kid.

He’s used his scooter twice.

Jimmy talks about doing the Segway tour.

25 – Connie Boswell – 

Polio or wagon accident?

Shut it down! – Me to my dogs.

30 – Jimmy went with the family to see a Stooges Film Festival with the family.

They also saw The Good Dinosaur and hated it.

They talk about generations needing animal journey movies.

Jimmy doesn’t know what people were laughing at or crying at during The Good Dinosaur.

Jimmy talks about the festival. Oliver loved it. It was neat to be in a theater full of people. Almost like 1930s.

3 Stooges Collection

35 – The guys talk about classic comedy like Buster Keaton.

Creed talk!!!

Jimmy and I both loved it.

Old_box_telephone6 Rocky movies. Plus Creed.

40 – Stallone in a cup!! We loved Creed!

Stallone in a cup gets to answer a trivia question but he can’t.

Stevie B. – 

Matt saw Room. Loved it. “Phenomenal.”

45 – Stallone is outta here! Wants an acting trophy.

I’ll be Your Everything

Sturgill Simpson cover of The Promise – 

50 – Up Top My Brother t-shirt. Store.earwolf.com

It’s Like, You Know…

55 – Jennifer Grey – 

Presidents – 

60 – Talking about Ronald Reagan’s library.

football-phoneSports Illustrated Football phone talk.

65 – Hollywood Parade chat! Jimmy went to the stooges festival instead.

When does Elf on a Shelf show up? Tonight!

Jimmy and Oliver went to Barnes and Noble and two people came over and started talking about Elf on a Shelf. Jimmy had to stop them from ruining it.

Jimmy doesn’t want the Christmas traditions to end!

Elf shelf chat! Is it okay?

We have to take a break!

We’ll be back!!

70 – We’re back!

Eliot takes us hostage during breaks.

Cliché radio voice!!

He can only pull bon jovi when he does that voice.

Radio voice race.

75 – Taking calls!!!

Happy thanksgiving!

telephone1Pardcastathon talk.

Jimmy does a voice for our first caller.

80 – Jimmy gives us the backstory on Calipers.

Eliot gives a care update.

Hi Michael! From a mine.

Hang up some tapestry.

He’s a software developer in a new office.

First time caller.

90 – Tom from Indy.

79 Charger does not exist – 

Sam Buck!

old telephone95 – Sam’s trying to do stand-up.

Jimmy’s gonna let him open for him.

100 – Hello Andy!

Red Machine chat.

Dirty Johnny Carson was here but he got lost.

He’s back! And gone.

Andy didn’t see creed.

Jimmy talks about the proudly resents podcast and seeing an old friend.

Hi Jason!

He used to be a dj. No star interactions.

leo-buscalgia120 – Dirty Carson!

Leo Buscaglia – 

It’s Jimmy’s show!!!

Jimmy and Matt are doing a periscope live from Mexico on their Smile Train trip. Watch twitter for more updates. @NeverNotFunny on periscope!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth