1117 – Hero Worship with Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

We got him!!!!

Jimmy Pardo welcomes Richard Lewis, one of his long-time comedy heroes, to the Never Not Funny podcast. Richard is one of stand-up comedy’s most-respected veteran performers, as well an actor and writer. Such is the presence of Richard Lewis that Jimmy has to give a short preamble to this episode to explain that Richard walks in and immediately makes the room his own. This is a wild, funny, stream-of-consciousness ride, so sit back and enjoy as Richard talks about his life in comedy, surviving addiction, and Emmy-bound roadside peeing (with a lot of side-roads, exit-ramps, and blind alleys.)

Also, if you listen closely, you might even hear Matt say something!

Enjoy the show notes!

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell [Additional Notes by Darryl Asher]

NNF 1117 – Richard Lewis

Oh to be here preshow.  Amazing.

00 – Welcome to the show.  Richard Lewis is in IMMEDIATELY!  Richard doesn’t need attention despite the upcoming 9 tour dates.  He’s passionate about the craft.  Cross the off the list asking when Curb is coming back.  “Gentile loud mark maron.” – Richard on Jimmy.  Sybil chat!  Gary Meyers laid the groundwork for Richard to come on the show.  Richard came for his lunch with Gary a day early which led to them meeting.

05 – Richard asks Jimmy if he was ever a Caddy. Richard says he looks like a grip on Andy Williams summer show.  Lewis is a Breaking Bad fan and currently watching The Wire, loves it. 

Taxi Driver Jimmy Pardo

10 – Jimmy been trying to get Richard on the show for years.  Richard loves Conan and didn’t like how Conan was treated when he started.  Happy Columbus Day!  Richard is a patriot and worked for 12 years with the DNC for Clinton and Gore.  Richard says Jimmy is a buzzcut away from Taxi Driver. Richard says that Chicago is just as important as New York in terms of comedy. 

15 – The guitar in question is indeed a pignose guitar.   Richard was asked to keep 40,000 people entertained until Clinton and Gore arrived at the pier but was able to get out of it. 

20 – Three headed manager bit is so funny I can’t even type it out.  Richard has a twitter (@TheRichardLewis).  Jimmy doesn’t like the format. 

25 – Richard Lewis has a Prince story! “He just doesn’t like to turn around.”  Jimmy sets the stage.  Richard has a dentist appt.  Jimmy had a little SKIN CANCER (carcinoma or melanoma)?? I can’t even type these notes it’s too funny in here. 

30 – Diary of a Young Comic (1977) was very autobiographical. Richard doesn’t wanna come in and do material, Jimmy says he doesn’t want that either.  I feel like I should be counting the number of times Richard calls Jimmy a moron (I think we’re on 5).  Richard is 18 years sober, Jimmy is 13.  He used to drive over Laurel Canyon drunk (One of LA’s curviest road) and never had an accident.  (Moron #6).  Richard tells a story about going to the Emmys and having to piss on the side of the 101 and then about stopping drinking when he got Hep A from food poisoning. 

David Brenner

35 – Richard was talking about David Brenner but forgot where the story was going. Still listening to him talking about the biz is fascninating. 

40 – Gay chat!  Jimmy bases his gay knowledge on Philidelphia.  Richard says that’s a bad choice and he should have gone with a western. Richard’s not gonna say moron!  

45 – Richard says you have to be careful with your references as he has a lot of old ones.  Example Warren Zevon.  Jimmy wants to compliment Richard but Richard drops an upcoming date.  Jimmy loves that Richard is known for being a comic more so than an actor.  Richard gives insight into his notes and stand up performances.

50 – Richard says he’s never had a better run than these past 10 years. David Brenner told him that he bought his brownstone with jokes.  That’s all it took.  Years later that popped into his head when he was using crystal meth and he hit bottom.  That was when he called friends for help. 


And We’re Back!

0 – Restroom is a disaster.  Richard reccommends I’m Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-up Comedy’s Golden Era by William Knoedelseder.  Jimmy asks about venues back in the 70s.  He started with Billy Crystal, Elaine Boosler, Freddie Prinze, Jimmy Walker, and more.  The goal was to get on Carson.  Richard tells a story about Jimmy Walker, who is now a superstar, coming to do stand up and how different it was from pre-good times. Crowd went nuts.

05 – Richard and Jimmy both disagree with Seinfeld saying there are no bad audiences.  “If a cyst turns out benign” what Richard thought “If 6 were 9 ” lyrics were.

Rare Photograph of Ben Laden

10 – on Curb Richard had his best faux-pas – BEN Laden.  Jimmy’s favorite line from Curb is “What are you fucking Willy Loman!”  also “I thought I had dark secrets, what the hell is this about?”  These are from his favorite episode of Curb.  Eliot channels Woody Woodpecker. 

15 – Jimmy is more of an opening act to Conan than a warm-up.  He works the crowd.  You guys know this but he’s explaining it to Richard. Jimmy lyric mistake: “Stay moist and Quiet” instead of “Big boys don’t cry.”  Richard tells about interoducing his wife JOYCE as George to George Harrison’s son, Danny.

20 – Richard calls Julian Lennon’s first two albums “Murderously good.”  Jimmy liked his first 3 albums.  Richard tells a Tom Petty drug story and does a killer Bob Dylan impression.

25 – Jimmy doesn’t think Richard and Petty would hang out. Richard is a New York guy and supports all the NY team.  Right now, he’s Giants/Yankees. Richard advises not to talk politics. 

30 – “Jews do not have tails.” – Richard to an audience in Texas.  Richard calls Jimmy a dyslexic comic:  Only funny at the end.

35 – We’re out!

See you next week!

-Garon/Cuban Defector/The Beast

AK-47, gone not forgotten


  • Paul

    It’s the famous portable Pignose amps he was referring to, not the guitar.

  • Pelkey!

    Any episode in which someone other than Jimmy says “blow me!” is tops in my book!
    Seriously, though… so freaking funny and entertaining!!! I’m going to listen to it again, and watch it on my big screen computer (MacBook Pro, 17 inch, 6 years old so cannot update any software anymore…suck it, Apple!).