1122 – Setting Goals with Costaki Economopoulos


Costaki Economopoulos

Costaki Economopoulos

Never Not Funny Episode 1122 – Jimmy Pardo welcomes Costaki Economopoulos

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell

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00 – Beep! Welcome to the show. Starting before 12! Whole new world! It’s hot outside gang. Pardcast-a-thon NOON to MIDNIGHT PST – 3P – 3A East Coasters! DONATE to Smile Train! Pardcast.com – $50,000 Goal this year! Great NNF fans can make it! We’re better than Parrotheads! Donate your money. Jimmy not a fan of Home Field going to All Star winners.

05 – Jimmy goes through Buffet’s greatest hits and commits to being a Canary head. Matt thinks Bachman’s got a real chance. Jimmy wonders how Turner is gonna do…maybe push into Overdrive.

10 – Eliot doing a great job on Write Now which is available now on the Nerdist YouTube channel (youtube.com/nerdist). Comments are a love fest! Jimmy still had to buy a Howard Jones (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Jones_%28musician%29) tshirt. Jimmy’s in a weird T-Shirt buying phase. Our guest: Jimmy has known him since 93. Met in Grand Rapids, MI. Welcome Costaki Economopoulos! Hardcastle! Jimmy says he is a funny cat and instantly gets uncomfortable with it.

15 – Not a fan of eggrolls. Write now premiere stats so far: over 10k views over 700 likes 13 dislikes. Fruit Tray: group of homosexual men. Costaki became annoyed when someone told him Jimmy was the best comic. Jimmy tells how he used to say Paul was the best middle man in the country but got drunk once and started to shit on him. Mark Colo (Sp?) kept Jimmy afloat because he thought he’d make it one day.

20 – Comedy Grades?? Jimmy says anyone with an A is not a good comedian, especially in a bad club. Costaki suggests comedian test screenings. Jimmy sets the stage and uses Costaki’s tagline: The biggest name in comedy. Jimmy asks if he ever thought about changing his name in the past. Costaki felt weird starting a show with something not true. I cannot type his entire name.

25 – Orny Adams: Adam J. Orenstein Etta James: Jamesetta Hawkins. Jimmy couldn’t spell Costaki’s name for one million dollars. Jimmy only went to Florida for Bob and Tom shows. Keith Gisser (Sp?) Jimmy asks if Costaki did any of his shows. Far away from showbusiness, as far as Costaki is from the Mic. Jimmy resets, Costaki says there are a lot of great Southern Rooms. Jimmy loves Nashville. Connie Britton is a great actress, so is John Goodman. Debra Messing on Smash is a thumbs down. J. Hud on Smash. Jimmy and her bonded on the set of Dreamworks/girls.

30 – Costaki says Jimmy is elusive. Matt asks if he is mispronouncing Aloof. Funny moment shared in the room. Jimmy thinks that he let the Aspen people down. Thinks he did okay and it drives him nuts. Costaki says he laughed his ass off and discusses the events. He mentions how Jimmy loosened up a tough crowd. Jimmy says, “Yes. I’m very good.”

35 – Jimmy did a corporate gig last week with Basic Cable Band (Conan’s band). Jimmy won’t reveal the company name. Event at the House of Blues. Jimmy had an unpopped ear that finally popped this morning. Costaki is partially deaf and blind! Jimmy thinks it might be tube related. Jimmy says Costaki couldn’t name his son for $1000. Costaki gets it instantly! Jimmy talks about how Oliver might have needed tubes at one point. Air travel is worse now than when Costaki started. Jimmy gives two words why: Nine. Eleven. Jimmy is strictly American Airlines because he is a patriot. Costaki has a secret about Bob Zany (big shot on delta)…he keeps the vodka bottle for a bloody mary and drinks it later.

40 – Jimmy ran into Bob at MSP and he got Jimmy a bump to first class. Jimmy says his name is a mistake. Jimmy wants Costaki to change his name to John Bizarre. Bob Zany’s real name: Robert Earl Tetreault. Costaki says he thinks Jimmy would be good at Rollerskating. Costaki says he wouldnt have far to fall. Eliot is wearing flip flop and khakis. (94 degrees right now) Costaki was in NY for Sandy. Finally got out of NY on Friday. Jimmy resets. Costaki goes back to short jokes and if they really not allowed. Jimmy magically doubles the size of the HoJo tag. Garon Laugh!

45 – back to the corporate gig: Jimmy always turns them down. Crowds don’t seem to like comedians. They want relief and to relax. House of Blues. Gig offered to Jimmy in a way that he thought it’d be fine. Conference call: guy in charge is a great guy. People beneath him worry about EVERYTHING. Jimmy, LaBamba, guy in charge, two women who are paniced, and one other cool guy. Let the professionals handle. We’re stormchasers! it’s what we do!

50 – Costaki asks if it still hurts his feelings. We’ll get to it! Jimmy still bothered by the aspen event 18 months ago. Comics enjoyed it. 4 people in the audience liked it. Back to event: People wanted rehearsals but Jimmy and the band had to do Conan. Boss kept saying they don’t need rehearsals. Lackies didn’t get it. From thursday to tuesday: emails daily. Asking for rehearsals. JImmy said hed be there between 630 – 7. he arrived at 615 to panic that he was finally there.

55 – Workers got mad at Jimmy for not doing 10 and 10. Jimmy insists he has done this before and knows what he is talkin about. Finally convinced them to do 15 and 5. He still doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t take his advice. Jimmy wanted the entire night to go well, especially his 20. 80s experiment: comedians on short flights. Jimmy: “You thought 9/11 was a disaster.” Costaki appeared on a gambling boat for the return trip.

60 – Costaki did a cruise ship – first show was one of the worst shows he ever had. 2nd show went very well. as he was on the boat he could tell who saw the first show and who saw the 2nd based on reactions from guests. Jimmy talks about Hotel shows like that except the awkwardness of the elevator. A woman patted Costaki on the shoulder after the first show and asked if he was okay. Back to the House of Blues: Barry Weiss was there and asked Jimmy how he thought it would go. Jimmy said “I think it will be a disaster.” Jimmy gets introduced by Voice of God. JImmy thinks it is the worst place to see a concert in Los Angeles. JImmy is doing a one nighter in a bar with no one who wants to see comedy. Jimmy walks out to what could only be described as Apathy. If there were 300 people there, 2 were listening. 296 are talking. the other 2 are just staring.

65 – Jimmy can’t say he bombed because he didnt do anything. He tried everything. Tried material but no one listening means no rhythm. Band was mock laughing at Jimmy and he loved that. Jimmy to guy in charge: Bad fucking call on the comedy. Costacki is enjoying the story very much. JImmy bails at 13, comes off to band mocking him.

70 – It was not a bomb it was Jimmy talking in front of a room full of people who are not listening. Presentation goes well but loses crowd after 15 minutes. Place goes bananas for Barry from Storage Wars. Jimmy now has to go up for another 5 minutes. Presenter introduces him, crowd goes straight to the bar. Jimmy has mere inches to stand and nowhere to move. Guy comes off and says to jimmy, “Fuck em. Who cares.” Jimmy walks out to rats running from water. Jimmy just discusses his plans for the next day. He did an entire set just about his day, including playing words with friends with Alec Baldwin. One of the women was running around with fear and anger on her face.

75 – One of the workers whispers to jimmy its gonna be more than five minutes. Finally they’re gonna play music, “Oh you mean like I suggested orignally?” Jimmy takes off to get his car first and get out only to have 100 people come out and get their cars first. Jimmy calls it the worse experience of his showbiz career because he didn’t even get a chance to be funny. Jimmy prefers this to the perfect situation because he knows this was not him. He didn’t get the chance to be funny. Also said he paid his dues and that he was gonna bail at 7 if it went bad. When he got up there and no one was listening he said fuck it I’m getting my money.

80 – After the show he had a voicemail saying he was already paid. Jimmy was at the Valet for 21 minutes. As he got his keys, they introduced the band. Jimmy would have been on stage for that entire time had he not suggested the music thing. Jimmy snipping at the woman from stage may have turned the guy in charge against him. Neither of the women would make contact with him as he left. Jimmy felt better the next day when he could bond with the band.
85 – Jimmy resets and Costaki says he is so sick of talking about himself.

BREAK! We’ll be back.

00 – Welcome back! Tight for Time from Jimmy’s story. Costaki brought a Vote for Jimmy! sign. Jimmy John’s sandwhiches. Jimmy had them in Atlanta. Costaki.com standard spelling on Costaki. Costaki asks what Jimmy would do if he had his name. Jimmy says go with Viktor Costaki. Trying to get Dan Kaufman to change his name to Danny Kaye. Go see Costaki if he is in your town, he is one of Jimmy’s favorite comedians. Jimmy asks Costaki to come back because he feels bad he told such a long story. Jimmy likes…and someone just walked in. Hi Landlord!

05 – Costaki is here to see Jimmy, meet his ladies friends and family, for his lady to meet his buddies. Costaki mentioned in the NYTimes about Comedy revenue streams. He called the NY Times the last great newspaper. As an American, Costaki feels weird talking about money. In greese, it’s no big deal. Jimmy thought it was an interesting article but he wouldn’t want that info out there and also shocked that certain people make more than he does.

10 – St Louis Jimmy had 170 JP fans in the seats feels great. All there for you. Costaki doesn’t want fame. Fame is just an interesting way to get to the goal. Costaki tells some good stories about famous people who people might not recognize in person. Jimmy likes being recognized. Brian Regan has it made = 4 days a fortnight.

Couple stupid questions for Costaki and Jimmy: Should I stay or should I go? Jimmy: you know what you shoulda done, not press send.

What’s more sexist to hit a woman or not hit a woman because she is a woman? “Gay comic Jim David: Dr. Laura is an alien from the planet cunt.” Jimmy didnt like 99.9% of sandusky jokes out there but said Costaki found the one about Penn State losing because they were playing Karma.

One more Stupid ? – Trey Fuentes: WHich Fries are best: Salted, Unsalted, or Waffled. Costaki rejects the question. Jimmy – nobody wants unsalted fries. Self salting is difficult for fries.

Lord Corrett (Sp? also real name) introduced Jimmy to The Jerky Boys. Pulp Fiction: too much talkie.

We’re done. Jimmy welcomes back Costaki any time. He’s a fan.

Costaki.com! Costaki calls is a pleasure! He’s a fan and asks for a shirt. Looking for 50k for Pardcastathon.

We get political on the way out!!!

See you next time!!
See you next week!
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