1116 – The Return of Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg “Fitzdog” Fitzsimmons

Never Not Funny episode #1116 sees the return of Greg “Fitzdog” Fitzsimmons. Greg has the distinction of being the guest on what many (including Jimmy) recall as being the worst episode of Never Not Funny ever. Even though all is well in the Shooter/Fitzdog camps, and Jimmy has been on Greg’s podcast to hash it all out, it gets rehashed here somewhat for the benefit of the Never Not Funny listener.

Along the way, Jimmy, Matt, and Greg talk about Howard Stern, Eliot’s toenails, Garon’s hair dye job, morning radio, and which popular comedian it’s in vogue to hate.

Enjoy the show notes.

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In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell [Addition notes by Darryl Asher]

*All spelling errors are the fault of my stupid fingers.*

0 – Welcome to the show!  Jimmy jumps righ tin to his Saran Wrap pants.  Great for weight loss.  Jimmy up to 135 pounds.  These pants are loud!  Jimmy on my hair: Character on Fantasy Island.  Two New characters! Half Ass Montelban and Half Ass Tattoo. (Eliot sneezing like crazy!)

5 – Jimmy saw Batman Live over the weekend.  They said Tripeze [tr’peze] about 75 times (not trapaze?).  Tyler Smith made an appearance at BML also.  MySpace is coming back!  They got that overhaul. 

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10 – Greg Fitzsimmons’ infamous appearance was on episode 505. [Episode 505 Show Notes here.]  Greg’s podcast is Fitzdog Radio Program, he also appears on Howard 101.  Crackheads, meth heads (who call very week), truckers, whores. Jimmy on Rawdog: ‘Billies wanna hear Bill Engvall as they deliver their Iron Ore to Arkansas.  Greg gives love to Jimmy’s opening. 

15 – Greg was comfortable and thought there were sparring a little.  He thought episode 505 was spectacular until they finally discussed it and Jimmy said it was the worst episode on Greg’s podcast.  Greg said Jimmy unleashed the beast on his show.  The door slings both ways.  Jimmy asks Eliot to give a tutorial on the cameras before we take off.  Eliot foot chat.  Eliot is wearing Showertops?  No idea what that is.  New hated comedian:  Jeff Dunham.  Greg nominates Aziz to take his place.  Thumbs down to Gallagher from Jimmy.  Greg nailing Eliot on his toenails, who chimes in with an Al Madrigal quote. 

20 – Call back to last week’s Sack of Flower (Micah Sherman). Boston University Show with Greg, Myq Kaplan, Mark Maron, Jeffrey Ross, and others. According to Greg, Howard Stern is not represented at BU anywhere, despite graduating and donating money to the school.  Jimmy says we’re missing the Limbau movie.  Rush went to Southeast Missouri State University.  Jimmy does redeyes so he can be home as long as possible.  In Columbus, Jimmy did a morning radio and almost got in a fistfight with the radio show sidekick.  Greg offended a DJ and didn’t remember it, the DJ was ready to go at him on a following appearance but Greg had no idea what he was talking about.  Another time, on sleeping pills, Greg fell asleep on the air.  Also fell asleep at breakfast.

25 – Promo can be exhausting and leaves comedians tired by the time the show roles around.  Jimmy wonders if there is anything worse than going to breakfast with the promoter/club manager between interviews?  Greg breaks down the breakfast conversations and the management issues. 

30 – Audience never hears the radio appearances.  Jimmy thinks the appearances are helpful with a Tracey Morgan type. 

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35 – Greg listens to audiobooks and is currently listening to Top of the Rock: Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV read by Bob Balaban.   Greg plays golf with Campbell Scott.  Greg put out an audio book.  He got paid for subscriptions, books, and both together.  His book is called Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: Tales of Redemption from an Irish Mailbox.  Greg thought he tried to interview Jimmy and Jimmy said “Nope, you were just a dick.”  Matt says Greg was too deadpanned. 

40 – Greg inquires on Jimmy’s prep work.  Jimmy reads off his list of things to talk about:  Soup Plantation, and ruining of sports.  No Prep!  Jimmy likes the podcasts that have themes and thinks had they done that earlier they  might not have been so popular.  Jimmy likes it loosey goosey but did prep a little for Conan.  Jimmy got emails with bullet points for next week’s guest!  Greg went to a screening of This Is Forty and says it is fantastic, Judd’s most dramatic and that it has heart, which he likes. 

45 – Tom Arnold brought his publicist on his appearance.  She was like a friend.  Really nice.  Greg relates a story about Tom planning to kill a neighbor who “diddled” him.   Jimmy tries to get a big name first time guest but not having luck, doesnt want to be a badger about it. 

50 – Greg says he will give Jimmy Apatow if Jimmy gives him a guest.  Greg wants Conan,  Jimmy says he can guarantee Walter Koenig. Jimmy and Matt decided to stick with the people they think are hilarious no matter the level of celebrity: B – zero.  Greg saw Oliver hit a bullseye, was impressed.  Rob Corrdry said he couldn’t do NNF turns out it was because he was doing Greg’s show the same day.  Greg doesn’t like it when guests hit EVERY podcast.


And we’re back!

00 –  Jimmy has clock problems.  Greg is still here from Venice Beach about a mile away from the beach.  He doesn’t understand gated communities.  He likes to know the people who are around him.  Zach Galifianakis is doing a show for Greg’s kids school.  Jimmy can’t do it because of LA Podfest.

Greg’s show is Saturday at 1 or 2 pm.

NNF is 10/14. 

05 – Jay Mohr, Joe Rogan, Adam Corrola, Greg Proops, Paul F. Tompkins, Adam Carolla, Chris Hardwick.  Greg wants him to rank the shows.  Jimmy’s answer:  I don’t listen to podcasts.  Except that he has listened to Comedy bang bang, and all but the latest Paul F.  He has listened to certain episodes of WTF and occassionally, Greg’s. 

10 – Greg’s upcoming guests are people he thinks are funny that he wants to have on, similar to what Jimmy does.  Greg is frustrated with the energy it takes to do his show.  Jimmy sets it up again and called Eliot stinkfoot.  Chick Mcgee:  Start with that 60!” in re to talking about why Mike is no longer on NNF.  Bob and Tom have done as much for Jimmy’s career as Conan!  Jimmy not comfortable with Greg calling himself “Fitzdog.”   Greg thinks it might be time to change it because it’s not him.  Greg considering changing it to:  Greg Fruitzsimmons.   Jimmy regrets the name of the show “every goddamn second I’m awake.” 

15 – Original title was The Pardcast.  Jerry O’Connor used to call him Jimmy Retardo.  Not Jerry O’Connell.  Jimmy did not grow up or no anyone who came up to be famous (or so he believes).  One of his friends helped create the colclear (no way that is spelled right) implant. 

Loaded for Bear  
To be prepared, mentally and/or physically, for extreme opposition; typically used in reference to an aggressive or potentially violent situation.

The phrase originates with American hunters and woodsmen in regions frequented by the brown bear. Brown bears are the largest land-based predator on earth, and when expecting to deal with them the hunters would bring much more powerful rifles than they would if hunting other game.

20 – Jimmy wishes Robbie Gold luck as he does to all kickers.  Jimmy had a job at aamco.  said it was great.  can’t answer greg’s question about skimming off the top.  One guy did it so much they bought a moped.  They did the “Void Trick”

25 – Greg’s scam was pretending to pour oil in cars that didn’t need it.  Pocketed money for the oil.    Twiggy!   Greg’s first Stand up was January of 85.  Didn’t go back until 89.  Jimmy would quote Dangerfield’s “No Respect” album in highschool.   Greg lets us know Dangerfield was the most stolen from comedy of all time.

30 – Stop Texting Jimmy outcomes of Sporting Events!!  Also fantasy bbal players, No More Moves! 

35 – Wrapping it up!  Greg really had no idea the last episode went poorly.  for 3 years, he was not aware of a broken relationship!  Greg felt so bad when he found out that Jimmy felt the show went so badly.  Matt says they were cowards about it and didn’t mention anything during the break. Jimmy says Greg got a reward, “Worse Podcast Ever.”  Jimmy misses Craig Kilbourn on television.  He liked him as a broadcaster. 

40 – Fitszdog Radio! The Brown Black Fox/The Sharpie!  Filthfoot! 

See you next week guys!!

– Garon/Bionator/The New Dan Katz/Cuban Defector/The Beast/The Sharpie/The Brown Black Fox