1119 – Mad About Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser

It’s a great season for dreams to come true! Jimmy Pardo welcomes another of his comedy heroes to Never Not Funny. Paul Reiser has long been on Jimmy’s short list of dream guests, and now the dream has become reality!

Jimmy has told listeners about the time he worked with Paul and hung out with him for a day, and 20 years later it’s about time they catch up again. And lucky for us, we get to eavesdrop on their catch-up conversation.

Jimmy and Paul discuss stand-up, Mad About You, and their favorite funny movies, good crowds vs. bad crowds, and male offspring hygiene.

Enjoy the show notes!

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell [Additional notes by Darryl Asher]

NNF Episode 1119 – Paul Reiser


Side note: Happy Leif Erikson Day!

00 – Welcome in! Coo chat! I spelled that wrong I think. [Coup.] Hair chat! Gay chat nickname chat all together. Charlie Rich is a country singer. I had no idea.


Jimmy’s busy guys and having trouble with his boy’s penis.

05 – Stitches out today [but the plantar wart is back on Jimmy’s foot!] NNF Studios are bunker like according to our guest.

Ladies and gentlemen dream guest PAUL REISER!!

10 – First time they played together was at Double Exposure. Paul thinks Jimmy should enjoy the memory. Jimmy thinks Hank Azaria has a nice chest. Jimmy not related to Don Pardo guys! Don Pardo bit bought this house! – Jimmy. Paul and Jimmy went to see LA Story together and enjoyed a “crisp laugh” at the “hot from running” scene.

15 – “Paul Reiser Star of Stage and Screen!” Great car park story. Jimmy hung out more with the other comics when he was younger, not so much now.

20 – Mad About You started in 1992! Afternoons with other comics can be fun. Jimmy’s gonna see Avengers 9 by himself not with the young comics! Nothing is important. 3 1/2 Blocks From Home was Paul’s standup special that he was working when Jimmy worked with him.

25 – Paul wrote the theme to Mad About You. Jimmy points out two scenes that he loved from Bye Bye Love. Bye Bye love released in 1995. Jimmy was on stage during the OJ car chase. They stopped the show to watch it! The entire crowd (and Jimmy) went across the street to a hotel to watch the chase. Afterwards, they came back and finished the show. Jimmy says the scenes on the park bench on Mad About You (after Jamie cheats) is one of the best half hours of television. Paul wrote that scene.

30 – Jimmy sets the stage. Water scampering and ice tea chat!

35 – Box office lady at The Funny Firm had a thing for Jimmy and got him some oysters to seal the deal and it was sealed. Paul Reiser just said “Big Daddy is Here.” Jimmy has a little crush on the British assistant at his dermatologist office. The difference in young men and older men looking at attractive women is a feeling of anger at not beign able to do anything about it.

Be sure to ask Paul about his “Chris Rock Guarantee”

40 – Paul is back in the clubs but just did his first theater. Clubs are joyously familliar and skanky. the audiences know how to be a comedy audience. Theater crowds are different. He’s enjoying comedy more now. Jimmy says comedy is coming back and the crowds are often hip smart people. Paul says if people don’t enjoy his show, he’ll come back and take them to see a comic they’ll find funnier. Like Chris Rock.

45 – Sprinklers come from the ground rain comes from the sky. “Sprinkler Man” starring Dustin Hoffman. Paul finds Toenail fungus ads more offensive than a breast. Shut it Down Eliot! – Jimmy. Paul’s dog is more excited about Sunday paper than other days.

50 – Paul likes the periwinkle walls and aztec hollywood squares curtain. Matt has a nerdy comedy question on Paul’s writing habits. He writes before hand and works it out on stage. Oliverism (Jimmy says he’s gonna be a comedian): No dad, I’m gonna be a funny magician. (Jimmy asks if he is gonna be a comedian like his dad): I’ve already done one show!

55 – Jimmy terrified about Oliver asking him for computer help. Paul says he’ll get it and won’t ask.

We’ll Be Back!

00 – We’re back!

05 – 711 trip took forever. Paul asks if Jimmy pitches for the Joffery. Said his pitch looks vintage, before they got everything ironed out. Paul still wonders what was so imporant that he came out here. Paul started with Seinfeld, Larry Miller, Bolster, Wolfberg, Mark Schiff, Carol Leifer, Eddie Murphy was talked about. Eddie M. was 19 when he did Delerious. Oliver hates Elvis. Paul started in the late 70s. Young comics today are more career oriented. Back in the day there was great commraderie and good friendships.

The glamorous life of a show biz intern

10 – Sorry I missed everything that just happened was filling meters. Oliverism (on it being a big day for grandpa) : “Well it’s a little day for me!” Paul’s kid said he was gonna be a comedian like his dad. He tells a great story about taking him to a comedy club.

15 – Midnight Run one of the top five comedies to Jimmy. I feel like I should have seen this movie. Jimmy does a quick set up. Bill Cosby is one of Paul’s heroes. He says he’s probably everyone in this business’s hero. Jimmy has a gig with no press except one thing at 1 in the afternoon and he is furious about it.

20 – Paul explained working the craft to his son as fun, now he gets it. next month is 30 years since Paul met his wife, 24 years married. Paul says he is a delight and a joy to be with.

25 – Old will be hip again when Danielle finally leaves Jimmy. Talking meeting waitresses in comedy clubs. Paul and Seinfeld still keep in touch. Paul asks Matt how this podcast compares to Ghandi in terms of length.

30 – If Paul would to suddenly pass, he thinks Jimmy would ride the crest to a new level in his career. Paul working his stuff here so he can kill on Kevin Pollack’s episode. Jimmy says it’s a solid 6. All other episodes are 7 and up.

A joy! Paul will be back in 2032. Jimmy loved Paul’s aristocrat’s bit from the movie. (also Martin Mull). Check out Thing About My Folks, Paul’s movie with Peter Falk.

35 – Paul tells a great Peter Falk story.

What a joy!

-Garon/The Sharpie/The Cuban Defector/The Beast/

AK-47 gone, not forgotten