2511 – Raising them Right with Paul Reiser

Paul Riser

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2511! The earliest we’ve ever recorded. 9am start time!

Pat Boone!

I can only apologize for interrupting.

Am I getting replaced by Alexa?

Jimmy dream car growing up was a Lexus. He didn’t get concept cars as a kid.

Matt talks about his thoughts on Lexus.

John Henry – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_(folklore)

Jimmy enjoyed Bernie at the debate. Major news!

Insurance talk!

Oliver and Danielle are revisiting The Amazing Race. Just random seasons. Jimmy talks about one of the challenges.

10 – Talking jumping from high places.

15 – Hustlers talk. Jimmy not a fan.

It’s fine.


20 – I’m about to lose insurance! Woooo!


Talking hometown department stores.

9AM is definitely not early for Paul.

Why no cushion?

We get more time with Paul!

30 – Paul appreciates us starting early.

Jimmy likes Paul’s jacket.

Jimmy had a cystoscopy.

“I don’t like that!” – Eliot

Paul calls out Jimmy for milking his working with Paul back in the day.

Jimmy talks about when he opened for JJ Walker one day.

Paul is doing a show in thousand oaks with Vance Gilbert opening! October 26!


35 – Jimmy will be in Cedar Rapids, Paul calls it a flimsy excuse.

Mad About You back November 20 on Spectrum!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

25th Season! 11th episode! 13 years!

40 – Paul talks about Jerry Lewis, his kids, and Jerry guest starring on Mad About You.

Paul talks about Jerry learning every crew members name the morning he came in.

Talking about current youth not knowing old school comedians/references.

Paul talks about his son learning to read via 2000 year old man kids book from Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

45 – Dick Van Dyke knows all the new comics ie Trevor Noah pre-Daily Show.

Jimmy fills Paul in on his Lee Delano story and bringing him up to Mel when he saw him at Conan.

Jimmy tells the story about meeting Carl Reiner.

50 – Words! Near each other!

Sinatra and Larry Miller story from Paul.

You don’t even have to ask Tom Dreeson for a Sinatra story. It just comes out.

Paul wants to talk about Stranger Things. His son said he would have enjoyed the second season better had Paul not been in it.

His son is funny!

Paul talks more about his younger son and how he made a point of not watching stuff that Paul was in.

He calls his son a “little bit of a prick.”

55 – Talking what the kids want to do. Oliver wants to be a comic.

Paul talks about what he wanted to do and majoring in music.

Talking watching films and introducing them to the sons.

Paul’s gonna be in thousand oaks on Saturday!

60 – Jimmy talks about the singing group Acme Vocals that performed during the comedians. https://www.singers.com/groups/Acme+Vocals+

Jimmy talks about having a band with him in Cedar Rapids.

Mitch Hedberg bass line talk.

Every town has a tuba!

“Every dude has a horn man!”

Paul talks about Red Oaks.

1h5m – Jimmy talks about what he enjoyed about Red Oaks.


Stranger Things vs Red Oaks

“That’s the guy from The Marrying Man!”

Paul talks about The Duffer Brothers and how they came up with Stranger Things.

Write what you want to see not what you think will be a hit.
1h10m – Paul talks about Mad About You and the revival.

There is a new dog but everyone else is back.

1h15m – Advice from Carl Reiner: Never put a topical reference in a show.

Paul talks about his kid going off to college.

Paul’s gotta go!

Matt wants to know if Lisa Kudrow is coming back. “Maybe.” – Paul

Paul feels betrayed by Matt’s daughter not seeing Mad About You.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Thanks Paul!

Jimmy thinks Matt would look horrible in a vest.

1h20m – Jimmy used to wear vests on the reg.

Exciting announcements!


Jimmy’s Records and Tapes! New web series! Jimmy talking about albums from his collection that have impacted his life.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the show.

1h25m – Jimmy saving his best stories for the movie.



Round the horn!

Celeb sighting!

At worst John Oliver’s show is a 9.9.
1h30m – Who did I see?

Jimmy gets angry but then appreciates my joke.

Matt talks about splashing around in the ocean with Taye Diggs.

Quickly saying hello to Eliot. Jimmy threw his name around and his title to a guy he was talking with about renting a room.

1h40m – See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth