25K – Wining and Dining with Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


25K – Kenny Loggins

Kevin Cronin? Original guess

00 – Hello!

Indeed! 25k! Couple more K!


Eliot caught Jimmy’s eye today. He looks a little “Miami”

Talking Eliot’s outfit which he tries multiple times to get on camera.

Eliot’s lost some weight. He talks about his dad’s nurse belittling him.

Dad Bod To The Extreme is Matt’s YouTube channel.

Jimmy gave podcasting advice the other day.

Have a reason for people to show up!

Jimmy is the best at this!

10 – Is Tesla the Benz of the future?


15 – Jim Varney talk!

Gee I’m Glad It’s Raining from Ernest Goes To Camp –

20 – Jimmy went to Peter Pardini’s wedding over the weekend!

Did Bret Michaels do Heroin?


More about Peter’s wedding!

Celebrity sighting!

Sharon Laurence! I got it!

Little Shop of Horror talk. Matt and Jimmy just don’t like the show apparently.

Lots of Little Shop talk.

40 – Zimzam is here! Constance Zimmer is here!

Motherload podcast!

Jimmy freaks out when Eliot plays the song “I saw the doc!”

He had a severe allergic reaction to a shot he got. Puking and couldn’t breathe. A homeless guy said, “let it out! You’ll feel better.”

50 – Celeb sighting #2!

Tom Cruise talk. He’s short.

Lots of height talk!

Seth Green!

1h5m – We’ll be right back! Find Motherload on Apple Podcasts!

We’re back!

They record at a WeWork office in Hollywood.

Constance talks about her podcast.

1h10m – Invisalign and standard braces talk.

Franchise talk.


I tweeted Bret Michaels about heroin.

1h20m – Back to Motherload. Constance talks guests including Lance Bass


Talking about an episode dealing with giving kids alcohol.

1h30m – Talking parents giving kids alcohol at parties.

20 years sober for Jimmy!

1h35m – Talking the anonymous calls they get for the show with people confessing stuff.


Ask the Mediatrician®

Vaping is cool!

1h40m – 99 minutes but a bitch aint one!

Constance talks about her kid being on her podcast.

1h45m – I Saw Parasite. Jimmy saw Jojo Rabbit.

Twitter and Joker talk!

1h50m – Jimmy guessed who I wanted to guess but he didn’t have a solo album.



1h55m – Kenny Loggins is my K! Richard Marx is wonderful on Twitter.

Eliot! Plastic nub! Considerate Lover.

2h – Talking LA Live Theatre.

Hamilton talk!

March – September

2h5m – Eliot talks about a letter he received re his father. Apparently, the courts think his conservator is overcharging.

2h10m – Eliot’s K is Kenny Rogers. (One pedant deserves another: Eliot conflated two Kenny Rogers songs, Ruby and Lucille. Lucille had four hungry children; Ruby took her love to town. – Darryl)

Matt’s K is Kris Kristofferson

Constance is going with Kenny Loggins!

Fan Ks.

2h15m – Jimmy’s K

Kelly Keegee (sp), Kary Livgrin (sp), Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Kris Kristopherson!

Matt wins!!

Talking tooth fairy.

2h20m – Constance talks about her daughter confronting her about the existence of Santa Claus.

Thanks Constance!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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