1118 – Musings, Meanderings, and Meditations with Laura House

Laura House

Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap welcome first-timer Laura House to the Never Not Funny fold (NNFF). In addition to the normal Never Not Funny free-association, silliness, and humor, this episode comes incredibly close to being actually educational, as Laura schools Jimmy on the finer points of meditation.

But don’t worry that some of that education might get on you, and you’ll be unable to wash it off. There’s plenty of fun mixed in with the education. Much like watching Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done! 

Enjoy the show notes!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell [Additional notes by Darryl Asher]

1118 – Laura House


00 Welcome to the show!

05 – Jimmy feels oogly. Danielle is sick, Oliver was sick. Vinnie Boombotz! (spelling?) Pediatrition vs Podiatrist chat. Words are weird – Matt. Canaries and cowards are yella! Inside job by John Simpson. We wish Will Smith luck as we do all princes. We’re all god’s creatures. Gays rule the bottom of the sea. Beauty = Decency per Jimmy. Jimmy Hardcastles a bathhouse. Rules for meeting Jimmy: Photograph, Autograph, Hand Shake, Anecdote, Vamoose.

10 – Great time at LA Podfest. Real nice vibe. Podcasts gonna go Challenger soon. The shuttle was parked at Oliver’s school. Typing Goo! The hope is that Write Now! premiers next week. The Challenger disaster was January 28, 1986. Laura has a haunted mic!

15 – Matt introduces Laura House! Jimmy when he is sick and Oliver comes to play: “Who comes to visit? Is that my son?” like a 91 year old man. Laura proves Jimmy is a decent human being and helps the young kids out. Jimmy’s known theme song performer Daver for almost thirty years! Laura says George Burns’ autobiography is terrible. She tells how Gracie died of a brain tumor after complaining about headaches during the run of their show. She died shortly after the show ended.

The cast of Alice

20 – Mel and Flo were fucking! Jimmy is the new Vic Tayback. They find Animal Practice funny (Jimmy watched one episode and laughed out loud 4 times. Laura laughed 5 times.) Newsflash: Matt does not like MadTV.

25 – Bobby Lee is a funny guy – Jimmy. Jimmy Pat and Mike Schmidt saw him at a Denny’s at 2am once. Confirmed: Chris D’Elia. Jimmy said Dr. Ken Jeong (Community, The Hangover) would say Jimmy was an inspiration to him. Laura was the Louis Gosset Jr, the Michelle Pfieffer, and the Morgan Freeman of her classes.

30 – Jimmy’s towel bit was always good for a laugh and he used to to close shows with bad shows. Here is a link to Craig Gass doing Al Pacino singing a Kiss Song.

35 – Jimmy discovered Arnel Pineda. 6 months later he was the new lead singer of Journey. Jimmy sets the stage! Jimmy goes after Rudner! Laura says Whoopi Goldberg was one of the warmest people she’s met. She can also Cry on Cue! Thug element at the improv did not enjoy the show this past Saturday night.

40 – Laura compares Jimmy’s game shows to old school Match Game. Jimmy and Matt launch into a parody of Set Fire To The Rain (sink). Weird Al chat! Jimmy finds him Weird. Speculation: Weird Al responds to letters with a parody of that letter. Jimmy says they all have met him and he is a very nice man.

45 – Sparkman: “People call me Sparkman.” Sprinkman vs. Carrot top. “Post Pardo Depression.”

50 – Chicago comedian who always wore vests so people would remember him. Jimmy said, “How about they remember you for being funny?” Dane Cook’s show, Next Caller, canceled. Shot 4 out 6 episodes. Jimmy called Christopher Macdonald C-Mac! at an airport.

55 – Laura doesn’t understand comedians who are mean despite being nice and personable on stage or as their persona.

Break time!!

We’ll be back!

00 – and we’re back! Jimmy quizing us on Marillion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marillion) Jimmy said they’re a good prog band and eliot says “Oh they’re Czech then?” Jimmy yells at him. Singing is happening. Meshack Taylor plays crazy gay guys a lot. He is 65 years old. Jimmy loves an older black men with greying hair. FYI – NOT Gay. Married since 1983!

REO Speedwagon

05 – Jimmy texted someone saying he was in heaven when he was in a barber shop when two older black guys were talking to each other. Jimmy sings REO Speedwagon. Laura talks about her spritual journies and how they match 80s pop songs.

10 – Rocket Ride – Jimmy didn’t know it was about sex. FYI it’s not about the challenger. Oliver loves Lick it Up by Kiss and sings it. Jimmy thinks that’s awkward. Matt gives us a reading of Whistle by Flo-rida as Casey Kasem. Matt does the 4 fnger whistle. No one can do the two finger whistle. I didn’t even try. “Gay guys can whistle” – Laura. New nickname – The Whistler?

15 – Jimmy wants to get serious about meditation with Laura. She says meditation is like unknoting stress and can lead to the body healing itself. Howard Stern, The Beatles, David Lynch, among those that meditate. Laura teaches a technique for “householders”. Get the video for handshakes and hand gestures. Laura says the meditation takes the sting out of life. Jimmy’s concern: it’s like getting a massage at a mall or an airport and everyone is judging him for doing it.

25 – Jimmy asks if Matt went to “Nash & Young (Crosby Still Nash & Young)” Now Laura wants to get him into her class just to judge him. The Long Con. Laura does Vadic meditation – 20 minutes twice a day.

TMZ photo of Jimmy in his meditation class

30 – Jimmy asks when the next group class is. Laura says she can do it in a couple weeks and Jimmy says that is too soon. He confirms no mats, no pets, no animals. He’s in. Laura says 60 minutes free. They negotiate down to an email. Jimmy doesn’t think he can commit to 4 days in a row. Laura was all-state pilates.

35 – Laura went on a retreat and had a profound experience of unity and existance. She meditates to enjoy life more and be better and what she does and how she loves. She is the Cynic’s teacher.

40 – I missed what Eliot said but he is in for it now! Laura says Jimmy will feel better about deleting Eliot’s emails if he meditates. No one understands how psychics have such nice houses. Money laundering? PROstitution? Meth? Laura encourages people to find any meditation that you might like. except hers is the best. Self Driving cars chat! Critiquing the self driving car. Jimmy looks forward to the future.

And we’re done!
-Garon/The Whistler/The Beast/Cuban Defector/Sharpie/Typing Goo/

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