1123 – The Squiggle-Free Version of Jonathan Katz (with Tom Snyder)

Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz

Never Not Funny Episode 1123 – Jimmy Pardo welcomes Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell

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00 – Hello and indeed welcome! Jimmy comes in laughing and having a great thanksgiving! Get your finances in order! GO watch Write Now! Hope you donated to pardcastathon! Drop your buffs! Matt has high hair today. Jimmy gets Paula Abdul/Kid and play hair! Crazy homeless man! Eliot back from OMD convention. Jimmy has visual aids today: Uline catalog, and a Consumer Reports buyers guide. That is one heavy catalog. Page 193: Polyolyphyne (that cannot be spelled right) shrink film.

05 – Jimmy calls the CR buyers guide worthless. Jimmy to Texas: See ya later hillbillies! Jimmy asks how many double names are on that secession petition.

Please welcome Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder! Jonathan used to hustle ping pong with David Mamet. co-wrote House of Games (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093223/).

10 – Jonathan and Tom started working together on Dr. Katz. Jimmy wonders why he was never on the show. Ricky Martin IS in fact Puerto Rican. “Are you Jonathan “Does my penis taste funny to you” Katz” – Paul Reiser.

15 – The Nine Table is very local. It’s time for yelling at Eliot and defending him from internet detractors! Jimmy was gonna defend him until he yelled out divides by 3! Jonathan: The whole goddamn thing is theater! Jimmy reminds Jonathan of Bobby Slayton (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Slayton). Jimmy tells a Slayton Story as does Jonathan. Jonathan asks if Dom Irrera has been on. Jimmy says they have “history”.

20 – Tom made his living with educational software. Jonathan comments on Jimmy’s use of “Whore’s bath”. We get the history of Dr. Katz. Tom took a similar Dr. Katz show to comedy central. They suggested he get Jonathan involved.

25 – “Everyone in LA is gonna have pantries soon.” – Stephen Wright. Kevin Meany had a freak out in a hotel room. Thought he was being punked because of the set up. Tom asks about editing. Jonathan busts out a soundboard on his iphone. Jimmy sets the stage again! Tom has an epipen for Jonathan in case of a bee attack. Jonathan drops knowledge that cats and N.A. Wasps are the only animals that attack for fun. Jimmy admits to thinking Tom was the talk show host, Tom Snyder (indeed in philly). He isn’t but was sued by him over this production company.

30 – Tom also created Science Court, Home Movies. Jen Kirkman is a mystery to Jonathan, he can’t remember if he ever met her. Jimmy describes her as the female Richard Lewis. Jonathan says he should have the Silverman sisters on. Jimmy gives him credit for suggesting Laura. Jonathan has named 2 of the 5 people Jimmy doesn’t get along with (Of course the Laura portion of that is a jole.). Jonathan tells the difference between Laura Silverman and Mother Theresa.

35 – Matt asks a nerd question about Dr. Katz. “Nobody mentions Bob Balaban in regular conversation.” – Jimmy. Really interesting behind the scenes Dr. Katz info.

New show form Katz and Snyder: Explosion Bus. Tom Leopold is described as the gayest straightman in comedy by Jonathan. Jimmy may not agree. Jonathan does a joke by David Mamet. Jonathan doesn’t like John Malcovich’s relationship with SIRI. Brown Eyed Girl Ringtone!

40 – Jimmy says college kids have ruined Brown Eyed Girl, Piano Man, Sweet Caroline. Jonathan breaks into a Tom Snyder tune about name dropping and discusses a musical Tom wrote. Jonathan’s daughters: 21 and 30 (Jimmy guesses right!) Math games. and Tom Leopold impressions! Jonathan turns honesty into jokes. Tom asks if the Dom/Jimmy info is true. Jimmy doesn’t want to get into it but says on his end there is no problem.

45 – “The whole thing just went to kaput” – Jimmy. Jimmy says Dom Irrera is hysterical. Plenty of stuff happened while I was looking for anthony newley info.

50 – Jimmy worried planes into buildings after it happened in 2011. BTW AUbrey Woods sang Candy Man in Willy Wonka, Anthony Newley did the lyrics and music.

55 – 30 Episodes of Explosion Bus (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2179282/ and www.explosionbus.com). Jonathan writes Jimmy’s Epitaph. Jonathan introduces a Game called Don’t Die. Say Don’t Die when someone says something dumb or says something that causes uncomfortable pauses. Tina Fey, Tina Turner, or Ted Turner. No sex jimmy goes Fey. With sex he goes Fey, despite that great Tina Turner joke. Jonathan says Matt looks like Dax Shephard. Jimmy says Fred Berry. Parenthood chat (awesome show btw). Jimmy likes to get the family around the radio.

We’ll be back!!

00 and We’re back! We’re back! The 1s and 0s are rolling! Matt gives us a behind the scenes tid bit. Jonathan was out with Lindsey Krause’s neighbor last night. Jonathan read Temple of Gold by William Goldman (screenwriter). Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head chat. BJ Thomas = Billy Joe Thomas. Jonathan brings over a McDonald’s tray liner in place of Dr. Katz memoribelia. Jimmy quotes the Muppets and says I don’t know why to thank you.

05 – Jimmy “liked” the Paul Williams doc. Jonathan mentions The Independent: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0160403/. Jimmy concerned about Jonathan’s sister. Jonathan relates a story about his sister and him on This American Life/NPR. He has a different view on their childhood than his sister. Jimmy and his brother also do not have the same views on their childhoods.

10 – Jimmy resets and mentions Explosion Bus and Tom’s love of buses. (Explosionbus.com) Jimmy brings up the most popular joke on Dr. Katz: Dr. Katz: Medicine Woman. Bob Creek (Kreek?) never remembered the name of the show. Praise of the hysterical Maria Bamford! Jimmy just did a round trip trip to vegas just to get his miles status. Jimmy only flies American. He’s a patriot who fought form this country (in the sexual revolution according to Jonathan). Tom recounts a hilarious story about them going to Woodstock. Tom says people say he looks like Ed Bagely Jr. Jimmy doesn’t care for the old man.

15 – Jimmy is worried about Ben Gazzara. (Who is dead.)

Stupid Question of the week!

Matt apologizes for missing the theme song. Jimmy asks what is wrong with him. Sleep Deprived! Matt says Tom looks like Ellis Paul. Jonathan chimes in with He used to bill himself as “The White Paul Simon.”

20 – Stupid Question of the week take 2:
Ethan Citrin (Spelling?): Would you rather sleep with only a pillow or only a blanket. Jimmy goes Blanket, because it can go as a pillow also. Tom goes the exact opposite. “You go fetal don’t you?” Matt goes pillow, using pillow case as feet blanket. I go blanket. I instantly forgot what eliot says, I think blanket.

25 – James Punkey @jaypuckey: How many golf balls fit in a school bus? Matt gets a joke on the intro! Jonathan says 180,000. Jonathan tells a story I found hilarious about a massage. Jimmy offers to graph out the joke for Tom.

Eliot says about a million based on his math.
Jimmy says 612,000
Matt says 999,000

30 – Jonathan lists his medical knowledge. The correct answer is approximately 500,000 (http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2010/09/22/brain-teaser-interview-questions/)

Gun Puffin (sp?) @spoocecow (that’s wrong I bet) : Faint writing pencil or bleeding pen. Matt goes Pencil. Jonathan Pencil, Eliot Pencil, Me Pencil.

Bobby G @bobbygone : would you rather pet a puppy or a kitten? Jimmy and Eliot Kitten. Matt go puppy. After hilarious bird chat, Jonathan goes puppy. Tom goes puppy. Money spent on sick pets chat.

40 – Jonathan offers 3 grand to off his bird. Matt’s in. Tom says you have to make it look like an accident.

We’re done. Explosionbus.com. YouTube. Facebook. What a joy!

– Garon/The Beast/The Whistler/Cuban Defector