1126 – Under the Wire with Scott Aukerman


Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

Never Not Funny Episode 1126 – Jimmy Pardo welcomes Scott Aukerman

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell

@scottaukerman / scottaukerman.tumblr.com

00 – Welcome in! Jimmy is rattled! 405 troubles! 28 minutes late. Hopped up truckers? Is our Frito Lay guy a trucker? Medical update: Jimmy still dealing with testicular issues. Car accident over the weekend.

Season 12 coming! Get your finances in order $24.99 for audio AND video! One price both formats! Sayanara if you’re confused!

05 – Matt manages to make an unconfusing price/format structure confusing. Jimmy calls the 405 successful. Matt calls the 405 the Tom Cruise of freeways. The 101 is Tom Hanks or Paul Newman? I-90 starts in Boston and ends in Seattle. Jimmy calls the new Ke$ha CD phenomenal and Spring Awakening Overrated. (Send me musical suggestions @mynameisgaron). Jimmy saw cats and fell asleep.

10 – Pardcastathon 2012 now available at Daily Motion! You’re welcome children! Jimmy loves the monkey in a oversized jacket. http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-ikea-monkey-coat-20121210,0,7169949.story

15 – Hey Hey hugh hugh get off of mccloud! Oliver does a great Tim Gunn (for a five year old)! Oliver thinks Tim Gunn is Donald. Yard sale chat! Parody of tomorrow: Comarro! Med update: Epidimitis (sp?) might be more? Pardcastathon to raise awareness of Jimmy’s balls/

20 – Sunday evening coming from a hanukkah party. Someone slams on their breaks six cars ahead. Everyone was able to stop except for the guy behind Jimmy who slammed into the back of the car. (No buttmeat? – Scott) Jimmy’s mom and Oliver in the back seat. The guy takes off and Jimmy gives chase!! Finally the guy has to stop and Jimmy is able to get his licence. The guy came to the window and Jimmy goes bananas! A young jewish kid and he was shaking in his yamulka. His car had 100% of the headlight lost. Matt says he was “wallflowered.”

25 – Scott has mic issues. Jimmy can’t say circle takes the square so he didnt get the hollywood squares job. At the car renter jimmy has two people before him including a blowhard asshole. Also had a gay guy in front of him. Matt audio witnessed this via phone. The gay guy gets a 2013 mazda 6 to which he responds “What color?” Jimmy’s gay voice is hilarious.

30 – Jimmy’s rental is “too much car.” Chrysler 300. The tenacity of selling Bumper Stumpers! Al Dubois hosted Bumper Stumper not Chuck Woollery. oops. Jimmy’s email is late. Scott uses Hanz and Franz management company to pump up Jimmy’s career.

35 – Mark Pitta and Dana Carvey both had the same Brokeback Mountain joke. Throckmartin crowd older conservative liberals. Response to offensive joke: “Come on, man!” Match Game chat (We all miss it!).

40 – Scott says he may do another Nativity pageant (or 2). Comedy Bang Bang (death ray) show just ended it’s 10 year run of weekly shows.

45 – Jimmy: “Get out while the gettings good + 3 years.” hear the special backstage at CBB podcast at Earwolf.com (earwolf presents). Scott posted every comedy deathray line up on his tumblr from when he started recording line ups through the last show. (http://scottaukerman.tumblr.com/)

50 – Scott tells a story about Todd Glass closing out the last Nativity Show with a song. Scott calls the last show a great way to end the run. Many acts came out of CDR/CBB and went on to great things, others called it quits. First time they heard Matt’s voice was at the first Running Your Trap, “Yeeeepp.” Look at all these boxes! Keep physical media!

55 – Scott played Kokomo for 45 minutes straight before starting a Comedy Deathray (Summer Jam!)

60 – Scott was on episode 112. Scott inquiring on Jimmy’s balls. He might have to go to the ER today. Jimmy is feeling weird guys! Barbituate chat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbituates#Recreational_use) Jimmy reiterates the new kiss album is top 5! Jimmy thinks it could use a ballad.

65 – Jimmy thinks Peter Criss is full of shit in regards to his book. His first wife kept a clean house. Cellphone case chat! Good Beach Boys songs include Good Vibrations, In My Room, Kokomo, god only knows. Scott did a documentary about his parents getting together and used the beach boys in my room for a scene. Matt asks if child actors host the Jr. Academy Awards.

70 – The Berg is the Werg. Scott suggests we end immediately on a cliff hanger! Scott has a Kiss Spirit of 76 poster in his place. Jimmy calls it one of the most iconic posters ever. (http://cdn100.iofferphoto.com/img/item/171/468/999/DQuv.jpg) Jimmy doesn’t like people taking him to or visiting him in the hospital.

75 – Bill Shatner may or may not have murdered his wife. Scott has known Jimmy since before he met his wife pre 99. Scott spent 30 years trying to identify a wang chung lyric from dance hall days.

80 – Scott almost became a co-leader singer in No Doubt. Here are some artists with self-titled songs on self-titled albums: Bo Diddley. Black Sabbath. Bad Compnay. Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Pennywise, Bang Camaro.

85 – Poor Man’s Copyright: http://www.snopes.com/legal/postmark.asp Not in US but maybe in Britain. Scott says he can recall whatever theater he saw any movie in. He also calls Minority Report “Mine Repore”. Have Scott and Jimmy ever seen a movie together? Seems like no. Is it better to leave if your partner does not like a movie? Scott and Jimmy saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs together. both were bored. Scott going to Graham Parker, Ryan Adams, Lindsey Buckingham tonight. Pat Francis and Mike Seigel are also going.

90 – Ren & Stimpy chat. Oliver hated Brave and loved Wreck It Ralph. He also loves Good Luck Charlie on Disney. Scott saw Zach and Cody at Comic-Con and someone wanted a picture but they didn’t want to “Hey we’re kinda with our friend right now.” Jimmy jumps into Dio that turns into a huge Medley!