1124 – The Return of Third Chair Pat Francis


Pat Francis, with his sidekick Conan O'Brien

Pat Francis, with his sidekick Conan O’Brien

Never Not Funny Episode 1124 – Jimmy Pardo welcomes Pat Francis

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell


00 – Welcome to Never Not Funny!! Jimmy right in with the voices and baseball commentator commentary. 25 or 6 to 4 not accurate in this situation. Jimmy goes around the room! The worst LA Fitness is located at

05 – The Armenian Army smokes up the bathroom. Taboo and apl.de.ap both semi known members of the Black Eyed Peas. Matt gives a Paul Gilmartin style joke.

10 – Lyle Lovett chat!

15 – Salt and Paper pubes great band from the 80s. Wreck It Ralph chat! Jimmy auditions for Wreck It Ralph 2 as Dice and Dice’s Lady.

20 – Welcome to the Eliot Talk Free episode! No talkie no seeie! Jimmy doesn’t mind suckie fuckie. Really is sad that record stores are for the most part gone. Jimmy calls Monster one of the Top Five Kiss albums. Sandra Bullock left Lyle Lovett for Dan Katz.

25 – Jimmy will straighten those Leeves. He likes watching the seasons change. Jimmy and Matt sing California Dreaming. Caricature chat! Splash Mountain! #BENSONING https://twitter.com/eliselzer/status/272815114321813505/photo/1 (also not Splash Mountain. It was the Roller Coaster at CA ADventure) Tweet your pictures reenacting Doug Benson’s Pardcastathon Caricature.

30 – Settle down, Pat! Hello, Kyle Dodson! Pat’s not good at the ethnicity name game. Introductions done! Host of the award winning podcast Pat Francis who immediately correct Jimmy about not winning any awards.

35 – Whale Cave! Who mentioned Jimmy’s gold mic on PCAT12? Jimmy drops a little Grace Potter. Billy Crystal Marisa Tomei chat! Matt and Jimmy call the Garon Doppelganger joke is now a dead horse.

40 – $20 bet on the age of Charlene Tilton. 12/1/1958 Pat offers an indecent proposal.

45 – Whole family of deadbeats without $20 between them! Charlene is 54!! Jimmy says well then she looks horrible and laughs harder than I have ever seen or heard him laugh before. HUMOR! ALL for HUMOR!! Larraine Newman is 60 years.

50 – I love Eddie Murphy’s Stand up specials! Doesn’t matter. Linda Lavin’s son is a long time listener. Pat gives a shout out to Polly Holiday’s daughter with a Kiss My Grits! Will Mike Schmidt change his podcat to The 50 Year Old Boy? Jimmy says I’ll love James at 15.

55 – We’re official over 100,000 for Pardcastathon 2012 with the anonymous donor! The donor is nobody known the the NNF Family. It’s a donor via smile train. Rock Solid chat! On an upcoming show: Speedbump Songs.

60 – Jimmy and Pat Kiss Challenge!! Track listing for Love Gun! Tie! Rematch on Rock and Roll Over!

65 – recapping a great Mike Schmidt story from PCAT12. Pat takes 2 Kiss album challenges! the first was a tie.

70 – Pat names the tracks to Kiss Dynasty in 13 seconds! Jimmy misses 2 on Chicago greatest hits! THriller is a failure.

PS the games made me lose track of time so the time code might be off.


00 – We’re back! Jimmy is eating a Twizzler! Pat tells a Colin Hay story that no one noticed but the audience. He mouthed “fucking idiot” while signing Pat’s album. Thanks to Michael F. Muldoon for the caricatures!! Pat suggests Steamboat Willy style for next year’s art. Pat says shoot for network next year! Jimmy discusses parades.

05 – Pat wants a post pardcastathon parade next year! Kiss did not appear in a parade (that I could find).

10 – Jimmy names 9/11 tracks on Chicago 17. Pat thanks Darryl Asher for his tracklisting on PCAT12. He also thanks Mario for the amoeba bag. Also Gary Lucy, sorry he didn’t mention you. Planning for the Concert with Pat auction. Mike Funt is the winner, Jimmy approves.

15 – Show yourself phantom texter from a 213 area code. RARE ON AIR PHONE CALL that fails as it went to voicemail.

20 – Bryan Whipple was the highest donor and gets the Autographed poster! ChipsMoneyTips.com

See you next week!!

– The Theif/The Chameleon/The Doppelganger/The Beast/