Graham Elwood: New shoes? My pleasure!

Never Not Funny Season 11 started out with an overload of hilarity and overuse of the words “shooter” and “gun.” That can only mean one thing: Graham Elwood returns to sit in JImmy Pardo’s hotseat. By which I mean slightly warm studio.

Jimmy and Matt Belknap welcome Graham to discuss his love of surfing, L.A. Podfest, Comedy Film Nerds (the podcast and the book), and his new CD, Palm Strike Dance Party. Jimmy also talks his recent auction hosting duties at a zoo fundraiser, which resulted in near death-by-councilman.


First episode of season 11 features Jimmy’s fake smile

Sincerity is job one at Never Not Funny

All about the Never Not Funny time clock

Thanks to all the subscribers, including the phone call patrons

Oh, it’s called a “Pardcall”

Graham thinks Eliot has more power than he actually does

How much more orange can the NNF tablet sleeve be? None. None more orange.

Can also be used to indicate road hazard


Eliot’s new opening for the video is GREAT!

Results of the logo contest

Deciding the logo forced Jimmy to have to actually deal with Dan and Eliot off-air

Eric Firth is the logo contest winner – Elite package

Travis Blaine, second place (White Sox logo)

Brett Oyler, third place (Monster Drink logo)


Matt may have stepped all over Jimmy’s zoo story without realizing it

Zebras, both human and animal

Jimmy’s generation of white people are afraid of Spike Lee

You’re welcome for Jimmy moving into your neighborhood, Baldwin Hills

No front fences allowed!

When did Dan start on Never Not Funny

Eliot is still from

Happy Fathers’ day to Matt

My pleasure


Graham Elwood, comedian, podcaster, palm striker, vegetarian

Graham is part of the Podfest

Bridgetown is a disorganized mess, not like Podfest (possibly due to the difference in number and locations)

Podfest: all or nothing


Graham could be Dan’s father

That’s My Boy looks like a great movie!

Rock of Ages – A big-screen version of Glee

The convoluted high-school-level plot of Rock of Ages

Basketball players and Dan Tanna’s

Mob Rules

Graham’s new book is out

Jimmy was on Comedy Film Nerds


Jimmy has some words for the White Sox

Jimmy’s zoo story

But first, Graham wants to know all about Jimmy’s gold microphone

Jimmy hosted The Beastly Ball at the zoo – FOR FREE!!!!!!


All about the Beastly Ball

The Mad Men collection at Banana Republic: my pleasure

Free cocktails for $1000 a plate


Jimmy the auctioneer

Jimmy’s take-down by a large district councilman


Attention large men: do not try to break your fall with a small man

“Sorry folks, new shoes!”

A lady-like man will not likely ask a 300 pound man to tackle him “for humor”


Jimmy’s Zoo near-death provided him with an hour of comedy

Jimmy is now fine, as long as he doesn’t cough or breathe

Jimmy needs video of his zoo encounter


Some asshole dumped his old coffee right in front of the 7-11

Top Ten Places It’s OK to Dump Your Old Coffee

Downstairs 7-11 customers are the worst people in the world, according to Dan

Jimmy is still hurting

Jimmy is in the weird-not-famous-enough-middle-ground, but is treated like GOLD (with the exception of the red carpet)


Graham Elwood’s red carpet rejections

Jimmy’s red carpet “who-is-that?” experience

(Remind me to to a “Shooter-Count” next time Graham is on)

Game Show Network 30-foot limo-ride to an empty venue


Palm Strike Dance Party!


Running down the snack inventory

Diarrhea joking is always funny


Who can take a joke?

Just because of Jimmy’s stage persona, don’t email him insults!

Note: “I don’t disagree with you” = “I agree with you”

Comedian’s Got A Boo Boo is tons of funny

Graham’s surfing /  snowboarding skills

Skiing is surfing on a powered ocean

The late, great Sam Brown


Back to surfing talk… quickly!!!!

Jimmy hates short-bus jokes, but his was great

No amount of webbed gloves or surfing equipment will save you from a riptide


How snowboarding is similar to Jimmy’s zoo tackle

Matt enjoys watching poor innocent people being bullied

Don’t torture yourself with trying to learn snowboarding


Katz slacks

Haberdashery talk

You don’t think Jimmy doesn’t click on the list of hats and headgear? You don’t know Jimmy!

Here begins the Great Hat Quiz of 2012

More hat name information than you deserve


You thought hat names were over? WRONG!

Wham Rap

Young Guns

Jimmy moves on from obsessing about hat names to obsessing about the correct Wham lyrics

Wham Rap Lyrics is not a website

If you wanted just a small sampling of Wham Rap lyrics, this is not the right place

Dan gets abused over popup blocker

What’s an H.P. bed?


Lyric recitation is the audio equivalent vacation photos

Matt has been fired from the Wham musical project

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go


One man show: Intern with a Scissor

Jimmy is listening with prejudice

July 4 is a realistic deadline to put on a Broadway show

Paula Abdul talk

Look for Palm Strike Dance Party on YouTube |

Let’s all guess Graham’s birthday (August 5)

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Graham Elwood

0 – It is the first episode of the 11th season. Jimmy gives a brief history of the official NNF digital timer. Jimmy talks about the new NNF ipad cover.

5 – Jimmy acknowledges the winner and top choices of the Season 11 logo contest.

10 – No fences are aloud in Jimmy’s neighborhood, Baldwin Hills. Matt is house hunting.

15 – Guest Graham Elwood has started the first annual LA Podfest and the guys talk about it.

20 – The guys talk about why they’re not surprised “Rock Of Ages” is failing. Jimmy does a Black Sabbath sing-a-long.

25 – 45: Jimmy tells his Zoo story.

55 – Graham talks about a couple very demoralizing red carpet walks.


0 – Everyone is eating. The guys talk about dumb people who try to be funny and instead are insulting.

5 – The guys talk about surfing and about a comedian named Sam Brown who recently passed away.

10 – Graham talks about his snowboarding disaster.

15 – 20: Jimmy reads WHAM! Lyrics for a really long time.

25 – The guys start pre-production for a musical stage show with WHAM! lyrics.