14Z – Surviving Starchild with Pat Francis

Jimmy is accidentally, slightly in Pat Francis's shot

Jimmy is accidentally, slightly in Pat Francis’s shot

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14Z – Pat Francis

00 – Hello! Welcome to the players club. No minorities. No women. White’s only! For humor. Jimmy is referring to Ted Nugent’s recent lunacy.

Jimmy officially off Ted Nugent. No more money for him.



05 – Ted Nugent loses bow and arrow contest to the injun. The indian is bread to shoot arrow.

We all know Jimmy is kidding!

Jimmy stumbled across a guy from high school’s facebook page. He was knee deep in klan looking at this guys facebook page.

10 – Happy birthday Jimmy! Jimmy’s face lady says he looks great.
US Lags rest of the world in sun screen technology. http://centralny.twcnews.com/content/lifestyles/healthy_living/746893/u-s–behind-in-sunscreen-technology-compared-to-other-countries/

Jimmy got a package over at Earwolf! It’s a Reel to Reel Chicago X!

15 – Matt and Jimmy discuss the rumored Kiss reality show looking for their replacements. It’s not happening. Or is it? http://eddietrunk.com/kiss-in-talks-to-launch-a-tv-talent-show-to-find-replacements-for-paul-stanley-and-gene-simmons/

Guys talk Arrested Development.

20 – Thanks for the love Jessie Bylander!

Eliot takes over vocals on Jesse’s girl.

Our guest texted the lyrics matt forgot from the hall.

The Question is moot: http://www.maniacworld.com/question-is-moot.html

25 – Shut it down guest!
Ross Perot’s running mate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Stockdale

Jimmy wants Palin n the white house so he can jerk off to the president. Eliot asks about Hilary. Jimmy declines to answer.

30 – Mike Schmidts’s great joke about john McCain thinking youtube is something that Charlie kept him in for years.

Pat Francis is here! We’re gonna talk about Naked and Afraid!


And back! Jimmy popped in a little earlier on Eliot’s countdown. One is the lonliest number was taught to us by 3 Dog Night. Jimmy sings it into a choke or a near Donald duck impression per Pat.

Schoolhouse Rock Rocks

If I were a Carpenter 

Three artists that Danielle lunges for the radio nob to get rid of: Carlos Santana, Neil Young, The Carpenters.

35 – Nicolette Larson – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolette_Larson

Pat asks who the artist is that everyone should like is. Matt suggests Michael Jackson. Manilow? Streisand? Simon and Garfunkel?

Jimmy confirms it was James Taylor who called someone a idiot at the Hollywood bowl not Jackson brown in thousand oaks.

Maybe Elton John? David Bowie?

Jimmy’s 48, Schmidt is 47 tomorrow.

40 – Pat presents jimmy his birthday gift. Jimmy makes them guess which hand it is in.

It’s a Kojak Marble! Misspelled.

Pat and Mike Siegel went to see Styx and Foreigner over the weekend.

45 – They got to the show at 720. Mike’s 5 beers in already. A guest on Rock Solid called the Eagles the Egos.

Pat Francis comes by for a Never Not Funny exclusive!

Pat keeps saying he never needs to see Styx again but they were fantastic at this show. Jimmy drunk met Tommy Shaw.

“You talked about don felder being a cover act.” – Pat. “I don’t know if I talked about I made one statement!” – Jimmy

50 – Pat is not on board with Dokken.

DuBrow’s brother – http://www.drdubrow.com/

Pat and Jimmy build on names. Too long for me to type out!

They keep it going!

Matt wins!

Pat brings cupcakes!

55 – We eat cupcakes.

60 – They never called it a whoopee pie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoopie_pie

Jimmy sings We Don’t Have To Take Our Close Off.

Alphaville – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphaville_(band)

65 – Hey this guys edgy! For opening!

Matt asks about Naked and Afraid and whether crew members eat while shooting. Pat says they have food but he doesn’t think they do it while filming.

Jimmy loves the show and says Pat should be proud of it.

Pat also worked on Taste of America.

Jimmy’s Maron episode: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3422372/?ref_=ttep_ep12

70 – Pat doesn’t think they’re gonna release naked and afraid on dvd uncensored.

Jimmy compares Fantasy Baseball to survivalism.

14 Z as in Zebra!

I had Zoo.

Eliot is here in an ill-fitting tux.

The guys go through a bunch of movie songs.

Jimmy mentions a bit from his pilot.

Eliot’s Z word is Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

Jimmy does a Monkey and some Monkees.

Eliot has a gift also. Matt thinks it’s a gun.

Pat likes this new character Jimmy did but he can’t do it anymore.

What an awesome gift Eliot! I’m Dennis Quaid!

Jimmy loves it!

Hello Matt! His Z is Zorro.

Troy McClure Dr. Zaius – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEoGHv7BdBg

80 – Jimmy talks about Comic-Con! His remotes will air on The Wil Wheaton Project this week so look for the reruns or on demand!

Jimmy had a blast but walking the floor was a horrible idea.

Jimmy Ziplined and he ate Tarantula Legs!?!

90 – The guys talk Gotham. Pat hopes The Joker is Caeser Romero on Gotham.

I scooped Pat on the Batman Set.

Pat’s Z word was Zealot!

Quick break to set up something for Pat’s phone call.

Welcome back to 14 Zebra! This is the last episode of the players club season 14! Get your finances in order!

Pat saw Ted Nugent recently. He wanted Kyle to see how crazy he was. He didn’t stop talking. Pat says he needs to take his new album title to heart and “Shut up and Jam.”

95 – Pat talks about Ted Nugent’s song I Love My BBQ. I can’t find the lyrics anywhere.

The guys talk KISS concert. Pat does some Starchild! Good show, great setlist. Gene was a 10, Paul was a 5.

100 – Jimmy talks about Cosplayers taking hours to make their costumes and then act annoyed when someone wants a picture or alternately acting like they are famous.

Superhero movie chat. Winter’s Bone porno. Guys cum turns into ice once released.

Pat says the manns chinese characters need to get a better costume. Jimmy brings up the documentary.

Jimmy got Pat and Kyle their Kiss tickets.

Time for Pat’s phone call. I won’t be able to hear this.

Jimmy loves the poster that Eliot made and thanks him again for it.

Pat was going to call Eddie Money but now the number isn’t working.

Baby Come Back – Player 1977! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_Come_Back_(Player_song)

We’re done.

Great season guys!

Thanks for reupping and being a part of the Players Club!

The $10 off deal is extended to the 1501 premiere!

Pat didn’t waste his time reviewing the new Ted Nugent.

Follow @CarlFanilow he was on Rock Solid.

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper