1026 – Pat Francis

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Pat Francis

0 – A couple of coozes tried to kick Jimmy off his own show. This is the penultimate episode. Announcements for various packages for the next NNF season. Jimmy will call you on the phone for $200.

5 – Many entries came in for the logo contest. Guest Pat Francis puts in two last minute entries for the logo contest. Announcement for the new NNF app.

10 – The guys talk about different sportscasters.

15 – We go around the room and introduce everyone. Jimmy talks about a Memorial Day BBQ at Pat’s house.

20 – Pat dropped his car off at the dealership this morning.

25 – Jimmy sneezes. Jimmy has a summer beard. Jimmy sings about a summer beard.

30 – The guys talk about the show “Duets.” The guys talk about Kelly Clarkson.

35 – Pat talks about a letter he got from a Chase Bank teller.

40 – Jimmy gripes about Criminal Minds.

45 – 55: Jimmy saw Van Halen on Friday. David Lee Roth sucked.

60 – The guys talk about every John Hughes soundtrack.

65 – Jimmy saw Battleship


0 – Pat won’t get off his phone. Matt has joined Pat’s show “Rock Solid” on mic. There was a 17 year old girl situation at Pat’s BBQ.

5 – The guys don’t like having guests at their house. Jimmy ate so much food at Pat’s BBQ.

10 – Matt forgot to bring food to Pat’s BBQ.

15 – The guys talk about the different TV shows their kids watch. The guys all really like Choo-Choo Soul.

20 – The guys would hate-crime the imagination movers.

25 – The guys talk about America’s Got Talent.