1020 – Samm Levine

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Samm Levine

0 – Jimmy is wired on coke zero. Jimmy talks about his ride over here and buying a lock at Staples.

5 – Jimmy was a little late to the record because of a fat man at Staples, who then delayed Jimmy again because he was texting while driving.

10 – Jimmy gives info on how to attend the taping of The Writer’s Room pilot.

15 – The guys, including guest Samm Levine, ponder when dentists started wearing rubber gloves.

20 – The guys talk about lumineers.

25 – Lucille Ball heard the radio on her fillings.

30 – If a NNF fan goes to see Samm’s father for dentistry needs, the listener will get $100 off.

35 – The guys talk American Idol. Samm talks American Idol conspiracy theories.

40 – The guys talk about The Who. Samm saw The Who at the Hollywood Bowl right after John Entwistle.

45 – The guys talk about The Knack.

50 – The guys talk about unpleasant TV experiences.

55 – Samm talks about being in Not Another Teen Movie.

60 – Samm disses The Hunger Games.

65 – The guys get a little political.


0 – The guys talk about bathroom humor.

5 – Samm wore a sandal to the record today.

10 – Count Smooch-a-Lot

15 – MovieKatz