1025 – Todd Glass

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Todd Glass

0 – Jimmy notices there are a lot of cameras. This is a strange episode. We’re recording on a Thursday in the afternoon. Bad traffic today. Get your finances in order because the new season is right around the corner.

5 – The guys do an informercial for the new Never Not Funny binder.

10 – The guys talk about real informercials.

15 – The guys talk about Matt’s tee shirt and Jimmy’s tee shirt.

20 – The guys talk about getting distracted by people moving around during a record.

25 – Jimmy and guest Todd Glass do a bit about Todd coming out of the closet.

30 – Todd talks about how he would love it if people were scared of him.

35 – The guys research into Paul Lynde.

40 – Todd feels insecure about his new laugh.

45 – Why do people hate on Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Jimmy thinks Todd should stop drinking and smoking pot.

50 – Todd and Jimmy discuss air travel.

0 – Todd makes a distracting noise. The guys talk about Todd’s roommates in the 90’s.

5 – 10: The guys talk about home security.

15 – Todd talks about people correcting him. Also, Todd talks about a woman who was very rude to him on twitter.

20 – 25: Todd talks about a conversation on the phone he had with a guy who was rude to him on twitter.

30 – Todd talks about pranking truckers on a CB radio.

35 – The guys talks about the pros and cons and cell phones.