1022 – Scott Aukerman

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Scott Aukerman

0 – Jimmy was fooled today. He thought it was gonna be chilly, turned out to be hot. Disco Pants is a hit. Matt has a new son, Charlie. The guys discuss possible nicknames for Matt’s son.

5 – The guys deal with a torn curtain.

10 – Jimmy likes guest Scott Aukerman’s shirt.

15 – Scott pitched in the major leagues for 35 years, and he struck out every single batter and he pitched every single inning and he pitched every single game.

20 – The guys talk circumcision.

25 – The guys talk transitions from bathing to showering. The guys talk about bathroom privacy.

30 – Would farts still be funny if they didn’t stink?

35 – The guys talk about showering again. The guys talk about group nudity.

40 – How big is Matt Belknap’s is penis?

45 – The guys talk about John Dillinger’s penis


0 – The guys talk about Scott’s TV show about to air.

5 – The guys talk about Jimmy and Matt’s appearance on the 7th episode of Scott’s TV show.

10 – Lindsey Buckingham once again refused to autograph Pat Francis’s LP after a concert.

15 – Scott’s wife had a Shaman over to help her find her spirit animal.

20 – Matt thinks Scott’s wife’s spiritual animal is a panda.

25 – I deal with a UPS guy