15C – Climbing the Charts with Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin in good cheer

Laurie Kilmartin in good cheer

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Laurie Kilmartin
00 – Jimmy’s got a fuzz! Jimmy’s noticing some hearing differences between ears. Matt knows he has some damage to his ear. He tells the story about how it happened: a Rock the Vote concert with Everclear, P.U.S.A., Cypress Hill.

The other Presidents Of The USA song is Peaches.

Los Angeles is Burning is by Bad Religion

05 – Welcome into the Players Club! Matt doesn’t tell enough stories. Jimmy brings up posting kid quotes and talking about it. It’s a bummer when they get old enough where it’s not really quotable anymore.

“Who are they versing?” Zoe on the way to the Dodger game.

Now we’re at too many Matt stories.

Matt tells another story about Elise being reminded of Jimmy whenever anyone says Caboose.

It seems Alexis Arquette transitioned in 2002

Surreal Life Season 6

10 – Jimmy thinks he’ll last one or two days on the Playboy morning show. Lots of meetings for this show!

Jimmy loves that Jason Thompson picture Matt posted. He said he chose the one with the most hat.

Jimmy talks about copying someone actor’s headshot because it looked so good. Mailbag!

Something from Ghosts and Horses.

Jimmy is trying to open this box with a hunting knife.

Jimmy went camping with his son he knows what he is doing.

Jimmy’s ridiculous Saturday Night Live shirt head-shot

Jimmy Pardo, comedian and model

Jimmy Pardo, comedian and model

15 – He reads the letter. Brian Bieber out of Souix Falls. Jimmy nailed that letter.

Thanks for the books, Brian!

Jimmy wants to get rid of all change. Round it up!

Matt gets True or Falsed.

More mail!

Wendy Cusick, Mike’s wife!

20 – Get that blur out Eliot!

Wendy sent some old charts from a local radio station WLS. They’re not chronological.

#1 album of week ending 5/22 in 1982.

Jimmy talks about how artists did several dates at a venue. #1 album was Asia. #1 song was a duet between 2 men: Matt guesses ebony and Ivory. Eliot guesses the #2 song correctly. I guess # 3! Joan Jett!

25 – We go back to 1981! May 2. Jimmy does the concerts. Female singer. Sheena Easton! Eliot guesses it.

One more chart coming up. Jimmy tells a story about Brant Miller. He and Paul Boyev did something to him at Chicago fest. Paul said Brant is a Weinie as it went to commercial, Brant called them on it right when it went off air.

Laurie Kilmartin is here!! New chart! January 16, 1982. Jimmy’s having some paper problems!

30 – Matt gives her a thumbs up with the year end list.

Week ending 1/16/82.

We play some Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot on-mic, of course

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot on-mic, of course

35 – #1 song – Centerfold! Laurie Kilmartin guesses it! Matt guesses the band correctly! Foreigner! Foreigner 4! Jimmy keeping his eyes on the paper to keep from lighting Matt and Laurie on fire for their comments.

Jimmy is there in a heartbeat for game night. He wants to be invited though, not the host.

We’re gonna go on a break letting Laurie having that laugh.

Laurie has a special taping in October. Email her a code NNF and she’ll get you in for free! Kilmartin.com

This isn’t the Matt Belknap Hour.

Laurie on Byron Allen show, Comics Unleashed.

Matt mentions my email regarding the Season One episode where Comics Unleashed was first mentioned

Matt mentions my email regarding the Season One episode where Comics Unleashed was first mentioned (Episode 136 with Todd Glass)

We’ll be back!

40 – We’re back! Jimmy’s acid reflux is acting up. It’s like the rhythm, it’s gonna getcha.

Laurie is put off by Jimmy’s non blinking stare.

Going around the horn!

45 – Jimmy is talking about Sandy Dennis in The Out of Towners

The guy who said he was her son was Superman in Confessions of a Superhero.

15 Caboose!

Around the Horn:

My word: Cooze

We talk you listen shut up. Stop being offended by words.

Eliot’s word is Cat. Like the cat man. Panel talks muslim presidents and cat stevens.

50 – Matt’s C word is: Cactus as in Dude, you are a fucking cactus.

Laurie’s C word is Cantankerous. Matt gives Laurie a chance to pick a B. She goes Booze. It was bananas. She tries A: America. Jimmy respects that answer but it was applebox.

Jimmy’s getting a very important email.

Jimmy goes back to the package. WMET is the Rock station back in the day. We’re digging into the year end list.
Best song of 1980 – John and Yoko – Starting Over
Matt guesses the best new recording artist correctly Pat Benatar
Best Album – The River – Bruce Springsteen. He also had best concert.
Best Movie – Blues Brothers.

55 – Laurie wonders when it’s okay to show your kids Bad News Bears.

Best Wine?! Matt guesses it.

The worst time!

Worst Wine: Boones Farm
Worst TV: Three’s Company (Best TV was MASH)

Pizza Hut has the worst deep dish.
Worst DJ Steve Dahl.
Worst Station: WLS.

That was fun!

Jimmy resets.

Laurie talks about the immersion school stuff she has to do with her son. Jimmy asks if her son still plays piano or if he’s moved on to Flamenco Guitar.

60 – Her son hates the school.

Jimmy gives us a true conversation in his house re: tattoos. Jimmy considered the lower arm or the calf. Matt wonders what the tattoo will be.

65 – Jimmy thinks Oliver is going to be an actor. Laurie says make him hang out with engineering kids so he gets into that. Jimmy says he’s still in the house with his extremely talented parents.

Jimmy’s going Dracula – Bela Legosi for that third Tattoo. He regrets the first two but wants the third.

Jimmy got flagged down on the street by a NNF fan!

Jimmy talks about the Bat Out of Hell show again.

Jimmy sings some Cat Stevens.

70 – He was in the parking lot of the Bat of the Hell show and a guy pounded on his window and showed off his iPod with the NNF Logo on it.

Laurie talks about doing the Byron Allen show, Comics Unleashed.

Some Comedy Central talk. Jimmy lists the shows he likes.

75 – Review was renewed!! 

Jimmy and Laurie talk about knowing hecklers pretty much immediately.

It now bores Jimmy to deal with hecklers. In the old days he used to love it.

Laurie talks about a recent heckler she had. Some old 78 year-old guy. She had them throw him out. She tells another story about a heckler in Providence. He had a bald head tattooed dark blue to the point it looked like black hair. He made obscene gestures at her through the show. They wouldn’t get rid of him and he stayed for the second show. She made them move him. He ended up getting kicked out for being rude to a pregnant waitress.

It’s bad that the clubs placate the drunks just because they’re drinking.

80 – Get em out! – Jimmy. Laurie says club owners need to trust their headliners/comedians. They KNOW.

Danielle wonders why Jimmy announces his age.

85 – Last Comic Standing chat. They talk difficulty in judging comics. Laurie asks how many comics are terrible at first and end up being hilarious years later. Jimmy talks about how he showed Danielle an old tape of him performing about 6 months into his career. She said she would have told him to seek another profession.

90 – Jimmy tells a story about doing a show in a mall that just had a shooting. Guy Torrey was there killing with his set.

Jimmy thinks Last Comic Standing should have judges like American idol. One comedian and a couple industry people (casting agent, etc.). They talk about America’s Got Talent.

Did Laurie just name Jimmy Pardo fans? Pardners. Jimmy loves the wild west. It might be the 3rd tattoo theme!

95 – Maybe Caeser? Jimmy means Roddy McDowell Caeser when he says that.

Phil Hendrie refers to Canada as America’s hat.

Jimmy tells a story about standing outside the Conan studio with Laurie. She was laughing and Conan walked by and said her laugh brings him joy. He the got angry when he found out that Jimmy made her laugh. But was back in when he found out Jimmy was quoting him.

Laurie’s special is at the Lyric here in LA. Email her with NNF to get free tickets. The show is October 17-18. “45 Jokes about my dead dad” is the title.

Jimmy talks about his first CD recording going bad so he did dark jokes to punish he audience.

Jimmy is available on that weekend only!

100 – Jimmy gives his dates.

Jimmy is gonna be hosting a CAT show. Literally.

Laurie brought on the rage! Jimmy’s slicing! He points out the pictures around the room and that we aren’t on them (except for Matt).

105 – Jimmy does some Evita. I fail at musical songs. Jimmy loved Les Mis film as much as he hated Rent’s movie.

Jimmy and Laurie talk Swannies.

110 – Great audiences at Swannies.

Jimmy mentions watching a Queen concert and there was a part where Freddie Mercury was only wearing white shirts.

Queen: When asked about the name, Bulsara explained, “I thought up the name Queen. It’s just a name, but it’s very regal obviously, and it sounds splendid. It’s a strong name, very universal and immediate. It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations. I was certainly aware of gay connotations, but that was just one facet of it.

Jimmy talks about losers on American Idol or other shows being more successful than the winners (in some cases).

Jimmy’s gonna go to all four of Lauries show with a shaven head and do obscene things with his tongue.

We’re done!

Jimmy wraps it up with some Don Pardo.

The door is closed.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper