15X – Launching into it with Kira Soltanovich

Kira Soltanovich

Kira Soltanovich

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello indeed! Welcome to 15 X. 15 X. Jimmy can’t think of a word. Last time was Xanadu and he can’t think of anything else. Jimmy DQ’d just like he was DQ’d out of a Star Wars shirt. Matt wants his money.

Jimmy talks about the Family Guy seen where Stewie beats the hell out of Brian when he doesn’t get his money. Jimmy full of thievery today.

New Rule: Sick stay home. Jimmy blaming me! We’re in a bomb shelter. No air flow.

I always laugh at an aids joke.

Stay home if you are sick! Let’s keep the child home? Eliot’s got Joseph on back-up in case he got sicks.

The Citrin’s were great! He, Conan, and at the improv!

05 – Oliver was at Conan and was critiquing Jimmy to Danielle. Jimmy says Oliver is getting out of his shyness and is eating up the attention now. He gave a big wave at Conan.

The man upstairs keeps his eye on all of us. Eliot agrees.

Jimmy’s seatbelt alarm reminds him of Look Down, every day.

Im gonna grab our guest!

Kira Saltonovich!

The guys talk about Enuff Z’nuff 

They are from Blue Island, Ill

10 – The other Lachey is Drew.

Jimmy goes on a rant about Johnny Depp.

Matt is talking about The Tourist – 

Danielle was on Kira’s podcast. They had a blast.
Vie and Z’Nuff not brothers!

15 – Jimmy’s gotta open a package before we get Kira on!

Matt viciously assaults the package while Jimmy mourns his broken knuckles.

We got a package from Jason Wilcox. He has sent us the Million Dollar Pyramid card game!! Jimmy not gonna ask Matt to open that.

Pat knows one thing for sure re: Enuff z’nuff, they’ve sucked all these years.

20 – Kira Soltanovich is here!!

Thank you Jason Wilcox! Class move!

Kira can’t find the camera

Taking a break!

We’re back! With a little Bobby plant.

Episode 15 – Xylophone!

Jimmy again apologies for Threes.

Jimmy and family used to be addicted to Tetris on the SNES or NES.

Kira’s aunt in Russia used to make missiles! Her aunt still lives in Ukraine. Jobs didn’t matter, they all got paid the same.

25 – Kira’s mom really dislikes her aunt so they don’t talk often. It’s her sister and she thinks she is nuts. Kira visited her in 2003 and she was very nice.

Kira trying to get investors for a special she is shooting herself. She’s considering going to Russians. Everyone suggests not doing that.

Jimmy and Kira talk about her recent trip to Israel. She says there are Jews everywhere in Israel. She talks about the shows they did there and how some are conservative and squeaky clean. Kira says that Jimmy would love it.

None of the pizza places have meat like pepperoni or sausage.

Jimmy used to live behind Cantors. They opened a pizza place right next door. Jimmy and Pat got excited about it but it was Kosher I guess so it was horrible.

30 – Kira says the food in Israel was delicious. Even the pizza. She talks about the people being aggressive and super pro-Israel.

Jimmy talks about the other comedians involved in the shows.

Apparently Avi does voices. This seems to be a shock to Jimmy.

Jimmy wonders who the contemporary Rich Little is. The guys talk about it.

Danny Ganz comes up.

35 – Kira wonders if Jimmy was ever fisted. Jimmy confirms no. Kira was hit as a kid.

Night Shift quotes: 

Brief Birdman talk. Jimmy liked it didn’t love it

A box troll is a guy trolling for pus.

It ends now Matt. Understand???

40 – Jimmy’s name is everywhere! He dresses us down. Then explains it to Kira.

Kira tells a story about her dad being mistaken for Paul Anka while on a vacation.

If anyone’s in the trunk its chatty magoo Eliot.

Kira talks about traveling on the road with people and who’s great to travel with.

Kira says she thinks Graham Elwood would be a Good Time Charlie. This reminded Jimmy of his time in Vietnam and Charlie coming out of the rice paddies.

45 – We wish Avi a lot of luck. He’s a good kid. Jimmy met him twenty years ago so he’s not a kid anymore.

Eliot is here! Jimmy gives him the floor to talk about his contest that he doesn’t give a shit about. He wants out. Eliot can do whatever he wants with the contest.

Jimmy insists that Eliot not make eye contact with him during the announcement of this contest.

Eliot’s Half-Assed Cosplay ID Contest. He wore a shirt/costume from a movie, comic, game, etc. ID 50 of them. Top 5 people might win a season of NNF. You can choose which season you want, Past, Present, Future.

A link will contain a bunch of pictures. Guess what it is. Each video has a clue to whatever the answer is. So Players Club folks have a slight advantage.

Good luck everyone!

50 – Anonymous hacked Dionne Warwick – 


Jiimmy very rattled by Matt’s insubordination today. No one likes it when mommy and daddy fight.

Jimmy goes back around for our X Words.

Matt wins with Xylophone!

Kira, host of the Kira Soltanovich Show at All Things Comedy.

Her X-word was Xpu Ha. A place in Mexico. 

55 – Jimmy asks about flying to Israel. Jimmy flies American Airlines because he is a patriot.

They fly first class on Turkish Airlines from LAX. There is a CHEF on the plane. The food is delicious.

Kira is usually fine with Jetlag but this time she was wrecked by it. Walking on the beach in Tel-Aviv is like walking the beach at Santa Monica.

Kira tells a story of seeing people running down the beach at 6am. People screaming and running down the beach. Crashing sounds and everything. It was the start of a 5K.

She was never in any danger in Israel. She was more nervous in parts of Detroit than in Israel. She does talk about there being panic rooms in homes there though.

60 – Israel is not scary and it sucks that it’s all we see about it.

Kira tells the story about Bruce Daniels, Gay Comic, interacting with lesbians who asked him to help them have a kid. He gave him some “sweet sweet syrup” as Kira described it. It started with him not being involved at all but now he is helping them raise the kid. Kira describes him as a sweet guy. Loves the story. He told it on her show.
The panel talks comedians who make good Room Parents (kids at school).

65 – Kira talks about a comedian making a face when she mentioned her podcast. A lot of comics abhor children. Jimmy loves them!

Kira’s son Braden just turned 4. Her husband is named Mike. He’s a line producer.

Kira had a no headshot rule when she was dating, even real estate agents.

Jimmy tells the story about going to Juarez with Dan Kaufman despite everyone saying not to go there. Some how they illegally walked to Juarez under a bridge.

Tons of people would walk into Mexico to get these beautiful wedding cakes. Like 100 cakes crossing back into US.

70 – Jimmy tries to voice text Mike Cusick that Kira says hi. It turned her name into Kira Soul Trying to Bitch.

Pardomid with cards!

Jimmy opens the package for the game.

Here we go, Jimmy plays with both. The one with the higher score goes to the pardomid!

Eliot approves.

Kira goes first.

She chooses Be Gentle It’s My First Time. She gets 6!

75 – Matt’s turn. He goes You’re Such a Sell Out!

Matt’s score is 5!

Kira goes to the final round! FTW!

Eliot and I are going ! We’re getting the doctor one.

I got 5!

80 – Kira is in the Pardomid. She got 4! Great job!

$2500 she’s in the lead.

85 – It’s not Kira Vs Jimmy.

Jimmy goes with Too Hot For TV

Jimmy gets 6!!

Kira chooses I can’t help it its in my genes category.

Kira scores 5!

Jimmy wins this round!

90 – Eliot gets 5!

Jimmy launches the timer at Kira.

Final round for Jimmy Here we go!

Jimmy gets 4!

95 – Mad Gab is a game that is not like Mad libs at all. 

We’re about to leave but the panel starting to talk cell phone bills. More cruise talk. Jimmy loved it. Oliver loved it. Danielle “liked” it. She told Kira she was cold.

We’re done!

See ya next time!! Get those finances in order!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth