1504 – Trying Again with Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry, feeling guilty

Rob Corddry, feeling guilty

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Additional notes and editing by Darryl Asher

NNF 1504 – Rob Corddry

00 – Indeed! Welcome in. Never Not Funny episode 1504! Eliot is fresh off the set of some Indy film as an extra director wannabe. Lotta layers when it’s 100 degrees out Eliot. Jimmy analyzes his outfit.

Eliot didn’t know what he was signing up for. Eliot is here because Matt and Jimmy are cowards and lazy.

4th and Loud has started. Jimmy thinks it’s great.

Jimmy really enjoyed the first hour. Paul Stanley called the uniforms “outfits.”

05 – Jimmy’s looking forward to episode 2.

Jimmy talks about seeing Gene and Paul laying into the light guys after a show. He was with his brother.

More 4th and Loud chat. The quarterback is always white.

10 – Eliot has a great joke about watching a documentary with Burt Reynolds playing football in prison.

Jimmy found 4th and Loud really, really interesting.

Jimmy comments on Gene Simmons suicide quote.

Jimmy does the Kiss Alive 2 drum solo. Matt ruined it.

15 – 1000 island chat.

Fiji Water chat!

There is a bottled water that makes Jimmy a little sick: Sparkletts.

Jimmy talks about south of movie star north of dicey. Apparently the roller rink near Jimmy’s old house was the crip rink.

20 – The guys chat Orange is the New Black.

This might be the article Jimmy refers to

Jimmy asks why the show is considered a comedy.

25 – Oliver saw and enjoyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Big Bang Theory has NOT won a Best Show Emmy.

Both Oliver and Zoe started school today! Jimmy talks about orientation and first day festivities.

Eliot’s eating a sandwich. Matt says put a bag over your head while you eat that thing.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot's stinky sandwich

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot’s stinky sandwich

Where is our guest?! We’ll be back!


30 – Part 2! We’re back! 3rd episode in a row with weirdness. Jimmy recounts the episode when we didn’t know what guest was gonna show up.

Rob Corddry is here with gift in hand!

He brought us a Mrs. Fields heart shaped Sorry cookie!

We lost amos in a war.

35 – Jimmy reiterates his love of a hard cookie. The guys dig in!

Thank you Rob!

Jimmy found a fingernail!!

Jimmy's beef: The animal who cut fingernails in the studio and left the clippings

Jimmy’s beef: The animal who cut fingernails in the studio and left the clippings

Jimmy stands to discuss nails. Cut them back!

Rob recalls a memory he just had recently about a neighbor cutting his toenails when he was a kid.

40 – Jimmy counts off Eddie Murphy’s bad decisions. Who is the animal who left a nail?

Matt suspects TJ Miller. It’s not okay. I picked them up with a napkin. Matt grabbed one with his bare hand. He wants Jimmy to announce he is nuts.

I vacuumed the nails!

45 – Jimmy goes around the room. He brings up a story about Rob appearing on his UCB talk show where he talked about his kid almost saying bukake. Jimmy didn’t know what the word was because he’d never heard it outloud. Other examples: Gazebo (gaze-bow), Catastrophe (cat-ass-strofe)

50 – Eliot looks great in his Beatles knock off costume. He’s sucking on a Pocky. He’s done multiple pockys.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot shooting the wrong thing on the video

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot shooting the wrong thing on the video

Jimmy saw Rob in a movie recently that he loved him in but can’t remember what it was.

Rob doesn’t understand what hurt Sex-Tape. He thinks it’s a really funny movie.

Jimmy still trying to figure out what movie he saw.

New documentary! Jimmy watched The Bastards of Baseball as he called it. Actual title The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

It’s on Netflix. Jimmy talks about how charming Kurt Russell is.

55 – Eliot guesses Muppets Most Wanted and Jason Nash is married. Both incorrect.

60 – Jimmy wonders if we’re gaslighting him.

Rob calls Escape from Planet Earth garbage. He also says the Legend of Oz Dorothy returns movie terrible.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot reading Rob's appearance list too slowly

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot reading Rob’s appearance list too slowly

Happy! Matt drops it to a lower register.

65 – Jimmy mentions the Happy bet that didn’t last an episode.

Rob talks about why he didn’t make it yesterday. He had his assistant go through all of his events and set 24 hour reminders.

Rob says working on Escape from Planet Earth was not a good experience. It was new for him and he didn’t have much fun doing it. Nothing about what Rob likes about acting was in that experience. He had to redo it a second time at the request of Harvey Weinstein. Rob offered to let them fire him when Weinstein Co #2 called and said he didn’t like it.

70 – Jimmy is on the front page of Reddit! Here is a direct link to the posting 

Jimmy tells the story about the Cookie Monster Storm Trooper.

80 – Break!

We’re back. RIP to Don Pardo. Jimmy’s not related to him.

Rob thought James Brolin died. He did not.


90 – Rob finds Richard Berry’s song before I could find it.  He plays it for us.

95 – My Name is Larry 

Weird Al confirmed Dr. Demento is not a real doctor.

Jimmy gets the Daily Double and answers correctly. Eliot asks about what year the DD is 800. Jimmy says its in the year of shut the fuck up and also the year of don’t step on the comedy and also we’ve taken this as far as we can so don’t show up next week.

Don’t let Eliot into your head Matt!

100 – Rob talks about dropping his kids off at school and wanting specific teachers. Parents are terrible people according to Rob.

He calls dropping off his kids as a mine field.

Rob’s pretty sure he’s done over at the Weinstein’s.

105 – They just wrapped season six of Children’s Hospital.

Rob calls Henry Winkler the best person he knows. He wears his own clothes on Children’s Hospital.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 comes out December 25. Rob says Clark Duke would be great on the show! Fingers Crossed!

Rob hosted the GQ Men of the Year awards once. He says he booommbbbeed. He introduced Al Gore who killed. “Sit down shit ass!” – The jackass guys to Rob.

We learned the opposite of comedy today.

A joy as always!

We’re done! See ya next week.

My pleasure,

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