15V – Passing the Test with Mike Henry

Mike Henry

Mike Henry

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


My guess is V for Viceroy!

00 – Hello! Welcome! Jimmy is kicking off the show by sending a text to Danielle. He reads the text interaction. No Come Home! Sounds like Galavant is on the agenda today.

Time and temp is in the worst spot. Jimmy get a light glare off it.

Jimmy saw a better version of the clock at Kohls. He did not buy it. It looks like a thermostat in shaq’s house. Matt says Shaq has a huge nest (butthole). Jimmy likes it.

Here is Shaq’s bed – 

Apparently, Matt was on fire during a meeting this morning. Matt explains comedy. Matt is mad at the clock. Jimmy’s gonna go back to Kohl’s to try to find that other clock.

05 – Jimmy’s shopping habits may be changing. He did buy a second cat stevens concert t-shirt.

Eliot chimes in on the T-shirt purging process. Jimmy explains they go from drawer to closet to donation. No frames, no quilt (yet).

Phantoms outside the door.

10 – Jimmy’s got a popcorn problem.

Mike Henry is our guest!

He worked on Jimmy’s pilot.

Jimmy talks about a long sketch that Mike wrote.

I won last week! Jimmy’s gotta reload the prize pool.

Mr. Slim may or may not be Jimmy’s wallet. Jimmy talks about his new E-Golf. Most of the cars at work are Volts, some leafs, some prius. Until yesterday, someone showed up with a Silver E-Golf. He almost got the silver, but didn’t. He’s now glad he did.

15 – Jimmy loves Blackish.

Jimmy talks Phylicia Rashad’s quote and back pedaling. 


Telma Hopkins (Family Matters) was originally cast. She was recast.

Welcome to 15 Vitamin! Sounds like no winner.

Lots of hassle to send an email and had to talk to the MC Lyte crew. Jimmy suggests Eliot go ask the young lady out next door. He doesn’t think she likes him.

A new apartment just opened in Eliot’s place. Single for $1335. That’s outrageous.

20 – Leaves in the pool kept Jimmy from bringing his mom to that building. No pets though. So it’s out since Jimmy’s mom has a cat.

Jimmy’s neighborhood cats are named Fudge and crookshanks.

Mike Henry is here! Not the one from Family Guy.

Patrick Henry talk! 


25 – Welcome back to the players club 15 V 15 Vitamin! Jimmy looking down the barrel. The one time Jimmy had an agenda or a set topic he wanted to talk about he through a mic.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the mic throwing incident.

Goin’ round the horn!

I gots a job

Mike is a low talking mumbler like me. I’m not alone!!

Post a quote – 

30 – Working Girl has lots of bad hair. Lincoln Mall in Madison, Il, shut down. They’re still chisling cum off the walls. JP Jizz,

Mike’s wife’s name is Tamar. She’s self-employed “life coach” but she doesn’t like that term.

Jimmy asks for the details on what a Life Coach does.

He talks Angie’s list reviews.

35 – Mike explains what his wife does. Or tries to. He says she has techniques and they are impressive. She mainly concentrates on women with fertility issues.

Eliot’s sister has four kids. Jimmy asks if he is the fun uncle. Fun Uncle.

Mike is a listener of the show, and a big fan. They met for the first time at a show called Seven Deadly Sins at an audition. Phil LaMar got the job. Jimmy didn’t think that was right for phil. He was right. He only lasted 2 episodes before the show went hostless.

Phil LaMar getting that job is just another example of the black man taking the white man’s job.

Mike listens so if he jumps in on eliot bashing, it’s with love and joy.

40 – Jimmy does secret lizard.

My word was Viceroy. Apparently a cigarette brand.

Mike talks to his parents once a week. They live back east in Rhode Island.

Parents age talk.

Mike’s got an older brother, Dave Henry. Former cop, current security guard at a college. They talk about once a month. 2 kids 15 and 12.

Mike got his shirt from amazon. He lives in Echo Park near where Jimmy ran his marathon.

Jimmy met Mike officially on Web Soup.

45 – Mike tells a story about a teleprompter guy on a show he worked on with Shaq who was terrible and had bad breath. Shaq asked what was wrong and taking so long and asked if it was that “fucking teleprompter guy that sucks at his job?” Mike said, “you mean that guy who your mic goes straight into his ear?” Shaq: “oh im just kidding man!”

This was on Upload with Shaq.

Inside The NBA – 

The guys talk sportscasters.

Bree Walker is Jim Lampley’s ex-wife.  She has Ectrodactlyly.

50 – Eliot’s here! Mike used to live in Palms also. Mike moved from Palms to a shitty neighborhood.

Palms is a nice area. Too expensive though. It’s “lousy with Trader Joes” according to Mike. Jimmy loves the phrase lousy with.

Jimmy loves his new bit counting down to an insult.

Eliot’s V word was Velvet, then he changed it to Volcano.

Matt moved to LA in 96. Mike in 95, same with Jimmy 1995 this month.

55 – Tony Trabert – 

Jimmy met him, walter payton, Arthur ash, and others at an auto show.

Matt’s V Word was Varsity.

Our guest, Mike Henry’s v word was Vixen.

We’ll be back!

60 – Test your metal mettle quiz – 

We took the tests and Jimmy won!

80 – Mike Rowe – 

Wal-Mart controversy

Viaduct – 

Sheila E’s brother did musical direction for Wayne Brady show and Martin Short show 

85 – Pardomid!!

Jimmy gives to Mike. Mike gets 6!!

90 – Waiting for new Pardomid clues.

Mike gives to Jimmy. 4

Matt gives to mike. 2!

Mike gives to Matt.

Me versus Eliot!

95 – Wow. We failed that big time.

We’re done!

Mike’s podcast is The Songs We Sing – 

Thank you Mike!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth