1522 – Banging Around with Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman as Ray Charles as Nixon

Scott Aukerman as Ray Charles as Nixon

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Happy new year ya to ya! Jimmy is “this guy” doing an impression of a hack comic doing a hack DJ impersonation. Shit coming goin down early!

Happy new year! Episode 1522! Stuart Scott passed away.

Here is the Rich Eisen tribute Jimmy alluded to 

Jimmy suggests Matt gets a screen door in the front to let a breeze through that house.

The guys talk about Stuart Scott.

Apparent origin of booyah – Dates to the early 1980’s or earlier. Its original use was by L.A. street gangs: Slang for the sound a shotgun makes. Made its way quickly into the hip-hop lexicon via rap group Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Pop-culture stamp came soon after.


Jimmy talks about Threes being addicting.

05 – Jimmy loves Threes! Threesgame.com

Jimmy doesn’t like playing games on the phone. He doesn’t wanna be that clichéd guy saying people spending too much time on their phone but he did it with Threes.

Jimmy has an extra blade from Harry’s! Gives it to Eliot.

Jimmy reads a letter from a fan. Very kind! Thanks Judy Ludlow from Ann Arbor!!

10 – Jimmy gives out the PO Box and gives us an update on his throat ulcer.

His doctor gave him a strong ANTI-acid. Plus Z-pack and cipro! Went back and got a clean bill of health and the ulcer is shrinking.

Jimmy went on a cruise and Matt went to the desert.

15 – apparently it was record cold in the desert but matt still went into the pool.

Jimmy talks about hot tubs being overrun with kids like hobos in a train.

Snowpiercer – 

Matt saw Whiplash and found it very entertaining. He also enjoyed Birdman.

Big Boy is still on the air, mornings, 

Jimmy loved the cruise, will go again in a heartbeat. Same with Oliver, maybe not Danielle.

20 – The security alarm went off twice at 4am while on a trip. Jimmy talk about the sporadic signal causing rushes of texts coming in and leading to messed up jokes.

One of the activities was a scavenger hunt and jimmy said it was the most fun he has had in years.

He went on a water slide. It did not work out that well for him. Not enough water pressure led to a long cold torturous ride.

25 – Jimmy talks about being recognized all the time now and how refreshing it was on the cruise where no one recognized him.

Jimmy got back from the cruise and did a half marathon the next day.

Matt’s doing a 10k in 2 weeks.

Last year Jimmy ray around 2:30+ in the half marathon. This year he did over 2:30.

From episode 1326 notes: His time: 2:29:59! Or 2:30:16 according to the race people.

30 – Jimmy talks about his timer not working correctly.

Scott Aukerman is here! Comedy Bang Bang is back! 11pm on Friday.

Jimmy’s missed the ending of every show passed 9:29.

Jimmy explains the origin of Dick fuck = sticking your dick into another dick.
Jimmy then asks if anyone’s done it.

35 – Micropenis – Warning picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropenis

We’re back.

Eliot mentioned in the break that the creator of Threes! is NNF fan Asher Volmer!

Scott asks about it. Jimmy wants to play some Pardomid!

Jimmy demo’s Threes! for Scott.

Here is my movie a day blog – 

Judith Hill’s Love Song to Kim Jung Un – 

Blue Ruin was indeed a kickstarter project – 

45 – Eliot is here. He watched 2 seasons of Maron on Netflix. No one has seen The Interview except Scott.

Jimmy is a time traveler!

Our guest is Scott Aukerman! CBB is back this Friday. Someone very close to Scott’s heart cameos on the premier episode.

Pussy Cow?! Is that what Cal Worthington said in that commercial?

50 – Jimmy talks about his experience on the show. He’ll show up on the premier.

Lizard face is back for 2015!

55 – “Dad I never imagined we’d be running down a hall to get a towel!” – Oliver during the scavenger hunt.

Scott saw 3 movies so far this year. Two on a plane, one at home. Million Dollar Arm, Scott liked it, Jimmy liked it as well. He also saw The Good Lie, which he apparently worked on a bit, that stars Reese Witherspoon. He also saw Foxcatcher, found it “interesting.”

The guys talk about going Earwolf. And the earwolf Christmas party that Scott nor Jimmy didn’t go to.

60 – We take a call from some kid who saw Foxcatcher. Jimmy wants to cut him loose until he says he likes the show.
Foxcatcher is Jimmy’s 2nd favorite movie of the year. #1 is Whiplash. #3 Boyhood, #4 Gone Girl #5 Locke

Scott tries to analyze those choices.

Jimmy mentions a very funny line from Top Five. Jimmy quotes the line for Scott.

The guys talk screeners.

Here is Chromecast – 

65 – Scott talks about The Skeleton Twins and trying to watch it on the TV. Wouldn’t let him do it.

Scott likes Lego Movie and 22 Jump St. He rented Lets Be Cops but did not watch it.

Jimmy talks about his bowling shirt phase. Scott talks about a bowling shirt neck beard sketch he thinks is too mean for CBB.

Matt brings up the possible Mr. Show reunion. Scott is mum. “It’s not my thing to talk about.”

70 – Matt enjoyed The One I Love. 

Mark Duplass is on the Comedy Bang Bang Valentine’s day special.

Jimmy has a lineless cameo on the CBB premiere.

Scott wants Jimmy to not do any characters the rest of the time he is here. He does want Jimmy to come back and do another CBB, something larger and meatier.

Jimmy mentions getting “Spin to win!” yelled at him while he was at comic-con.

Some brief talk about the Cat Stevens show.

75 – Scott asks why a Christian rock band never did an answer song to She Blinded Me With Science.

20 years of Scott Aukerman in comedy!

Scott took a trip to Cancun with Kulap.

Matt sings four dead in Ojai.

Scott asks Matt about his evolving music tastes since knowing Jimmy.

80 – Jimmy and Danielle did a blackish marathon. Scott hasn’t watched it.

Scott talks Bill Cosby. Jimmy doesn’t believe it. (FOR HUMOR)

They move on to Michael Jackson.

85 – The guys talk music not needing to hear anymore.

Aimee Mann discography – 

Scott is still excited by The Smiths or The Ramones. Jimmy does not like the Ramones.

Lou Reed listening to the Ramones for the first time – 

Scott calls the ramones just like the beach boys just with fuzzier guitars.

Scott gives some deep thoughts on music and takes us to break.

We’ll be back.

90 – We’re back! Peanuts! Jimmy put his glasses on and does not know why.

The guys want to get rid of time zones and daylight savings. Also make school start later.

The guys talk the Kojak game.


David Soul’s Hit for all Jimmy’s money (in his pocket):  No guess.

Scott’s trivia: All actors who have officially portrayed James Bond.

We go around the room. In an insane coincidence, Jimmy guesses grade school friend Barry Nelson as the answer and it in fact was indeed Barry Nelson who is the first person to play James Bond. 

100 – Apparently Oliver loves the SNL Jeopardy sketches. 


Scott is giving.

Jimmy guesses 5 correct!

Now jimmy gives.

And then wants to start over thanks to a joke category.

Scott gets 3.

We’re going again.

Matt gives to Scott!

Scott gets 3 again.

110 – Scott gives to Matt!

Matt gets 4!

Garfield loves Lasanga, the casserole of Italy!

Last round: Jimmy reading to Scott

Scott gets 5 again!

115 – Jimmy wraps it up! 40 episodes this year! Starts Friday 11pm. They air in batches of ten.

Jimmy mentions Nancy LeGrand appearing at a game doing the slap shot contest. She go the puck through the little hole!

Scott talks about tips to getting on the Price is Right!

He also talks about how to win a million on Wheel of Fortune.

Brief Celeb Apprentice talk.

We’re done!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth