1521 – Eyeing the Sparrow with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins: fancy fucking dude

Paul F. Tompkins: fancy fucking dude

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

@ pftompkins

00 – Happy new year! We’re in 1521! Jimmy wasn’t sure when this was coming out but we’re recording around Christmas. Go fuck yourselves other days of the year.

Jimmy saw Matt over the weekend. He has a celebrity sighting! A sighting that would possibly infuriate Jimmy.

We should have a radio clock in here.

Matt is wearing the Earwolf Christmas shirt.

Back to the celebrity sighting. Eliot a little distracted as he doesn’t know where his wallet is. Jimmy amazed how focused he is. If it were him, he’d be freaking out.

Jimmy tried to use his NNF Players Club card as ID but it needed to have a photo on it.

Aaron brothers is too expensive for Matt. He goes to Azteca Frames. http://www.yelp.com/biz/azteca-frame-burbank

Jimmy uses Quick Frame.

05 – Matt and Elyse has the Batman Forever posters.

Matt 150

Eliot 50

Jimmy 225

Jimmy likes Eliot’s shirt. But he wants to cut his throat with a scythe.

10 – Matt talks about a story he heard on RadioLab about the guy pushing the nuke button should have to carve a capsule out of a man in order to do it so he would have to face the reality of killing a man before he can kill millions.

15 – Arclight Sherman Oaks, Matt saw Foxcatcher, celeb sighting. 2 kids messing with some stuffed animals. Elyse was talking to their mother who is the celebrity! Very distinctive voice.

Cameron Diaz is terrible in Annie. Jimmy liked it more than Oliver.

Jimmy calls Rose Byrne the Jon Hamm of women. He enjoyed all of the film except Cameron Diaz, who is horrible. She stinks!

That was a fast entry from our guest!!

Paul will not see Annie.

Paul knows this woman!

20 – Robert Paterelli 

25 – Happy fucking new year Eliot. SLIT!

Celeb is an SNL alum.

Paul talks his train platform project with Brad Hall. Six Seasons of You’re on the Platform.

“Brad Hallabout Eve.”

Maya Rudolph! Paul guesses correctly!

30 – Paul teases his Tom Cruise story.

Paul discovers Jimmy cat read.

Jimmy talks about meeting and working with Maya Rudolph.

Paul F. Tompkins is here!!!


Welcome back! 1521! Warm in the studio! 78 degrees. Warm outside. Doesn’t stop PFT from wearing a heavy coat.

Jimmy and Paul sing and talk Company.


35 – Pat Francis texts us all!

Matt talks about hacking a lug and knocking the phone out of his car.

Paul and co sing Eastbound and Down!

Adam Ferrara knows all the lyrics of East bound and Down. http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/reed-jerry/east-bound-and-down-19138.html

Who shot the deputy?

More Serial chat. No closer or further to knowing anything at all.

Paul calls Dateline infinitely more satisfying than Serial. Dateline is Paul’s wife’s favorite show. She loves all the murder shows.

Jimmy mentions his love of Shark Tank.

40 – “I have to go to the bathroom in an emergency proportions.” The EPs. Jimmy dropped his keys in the EPs.

To shit in a tub is the ultimate luxury.

Jimmy tells a story about a comedian wanting to listen to his tapes on the plane with his Walkman. At one point they realize his door isn’t closed and he opens and closes it and his Walkman falls out and gets crunched by Jimmy’s car.

According to Sony, the plural form is “Walkman Personal Stereos”, rather than “Walkmans” or “Walkmen”. 

45 – Jimmy has seen Paris, Texas at a midnight screening.

The guys talk Ty Burrell in Dawn of the Dead and Modern Family. Jimmy says he’s been following his career since summer stock.

Paul says he saw Ty as Pippin in a one man show in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Paul goes in on Matt, asking if he can talk whenever he wants.

Eliot tries to talk, Jimmy shuts him down immediately. He will cut his throat with the thin ice he is standing on.

Jimmy likes 90% of Paul’s clothes.

50 – Paul loves Wayne Federman but says he dresses like one of the Peanuts gang.

Jimmy talks about Into The Woods and the PI listener. OC Bitch!

Criminal – 

This last storm was not the storm of the century. That is yet to come says Prophet Paul.

Jimmy had electricity emergency and a electrician coming out to the house at night. He was at the movie so he wasn’t completely focused on the film as he was worried about that.

John Ross Bowie loved the movie. Wayne apparently barely liked it.

55 – Will John and Jimmy go to NYC to see the Smash Musical Bombshell?

Jimmy confirms Smash was terrible but he loved it.

Paul talks about the McShashlin Group show at UCB that did not happen. It was 4 people debating Smash.

Nashville is Jimmy’s favorite show.

Debra Messing

Will Chase

They are no longer together. Both married before they met.

60 – Guys talk Nashville.

Nell Carter the party starter.

That offends me to the deepest of dishes.

The new singer on Nashville was on Go On. Or Goon as Paul thinks it is called.

Jimmy enjoyed Go On. He and Danielle watched and enjoyed.

65 – Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon will be in The Odd Couple together on CBS.

Emily Cutler: 

The Odd Couple: 

Keep your eye on the sparrow! We learn this from a song from Paul’s phone. Jimmy on drums! Don’t do it!

70 – The song and Jimmy’s air-drums continue.


Welcome back to 1521!

Happy new year everyone!

Paul wonders if jimmy could do the show with no listeners. He said he did it for 6 months. In the middle.

Paul wonders if Jimmy is concerned he is cultivating an audience of sycophants. NOPE.

Paul loves NicheCult!

Jimmy’s phone has super vibrate apparently.

75 – Paul is a fancy fucking dude. Jimmy analyzes Paul’s wooden iphone case.

Paul talks about watching the eagles documentary and bailing on Lost.

Paul saw 22 Jump Street on a plane and really enjoyed it.

80 – Paul talks about the movies they’re going to watch over Christmas. Foxcatcher, American Sniper.

Jimmy not a fan of Lenny Kravitz. Jimmy calls him a poser.


Paul talks about the Eagles doc. “You get the screens?” – Paul.

Screen Actors Guilda Radner.

The Gilda’s club decided not to change the name.

85 – Writers like to write, sell books, write other books, and sell those.

Jimmy asks Paul about the Dead Authors Podcast. It’s all improvised.

Jimmy asks about Speakeasy. They haven’t done one in saloon yet. Doors are too unpredictable.

Dutch Doors – 

90 – Jimmy asks how often we’d open the bottom and not the top.

What about popcorn? 

Jimmy doesn’t like a bagged corn.

The theater Jimmy went to had some great popcorn. The music hall theater on Wilshire.

Back to Bombshell. 

95 – That Guy…who was in that thing is the doc Paul and Jimmy are talking about – 

Paul plays Mr. Peanut Butter on Bojack Horseman, among others.

Jimmy asks Paul if there is any truth that the south will rise again. Paul feels it is not his place to answer. Jimmy then asks if the southern man needs us around. Historically, Paul says, no, but it is not his place to say how that is now.

Should Jimmy go North by Northwest? Paul says Jimmy is free to do what he wishes and that in his capacity he is not comfortable giving those directions.

Fences mended, bridges built.

Paul F. Tompkins has been our guest. Jimmy and Paul love Rachel Feinstein. The guys talk more about Paul’s TV show No You Shut Up. Thursdays 10:30 on Fusion. You can also see it on AppleTV or online.

Jimmy sticks his foot in it, revealing he is not a fan of the host of Speakeasy, Dead Authors Podcast, and No You Shut Up.

Ask Paul anything Jimmy? Carte Blanche!

Jimmy asks if Paul ever slept with a prostitute. Yes, several times. The same one though. Jimmy admires the brand loyalty.

105 – Married men listen to Rush. Paul has a man hole. Most people call it a man cave.

Some people charm Paul with their use of the word Man Cave. One being Daniel Craig.

Wolf Blitzer is dumb. 

Jimmy’s voice is crapping out. He’s gotta go see sugarman.

Paul said to let him know he’s looking for him.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth