15U – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ with Pat Francis

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! Merry Christmas to ya! Merica! This drops 12/28! We got time and temp on the wall. 10:40am Monday the 22 of December. 74 degrees.

Matt keeps his house at 73 degrees as does Jimmy. 72 is freezing apparently.

Our House is a very very fine house.

Not madness. It’s Crosby Stills and Nash –

Madness is Our House.

73 is the magic number in Jimmy’s house. 72 is too cold. 74 is too hot.

At Matt’s house, Charlie’s room gets the coldest at night.

Jimmy doesn’t agree that Matt’s temperature choices are for the planet at all.

Can we blame the Taliban for the CA drought? Jimmy wants to blame it on the rain.

05 – We gotta fix that clock.

The door is opening. NO! Jimmy says!


Jimmy wants the guest to leave. He’s planted and refusing. Oh there he goes. And he’s back!

Pat is here!!

No heat or air in the day. At night 74-75. Poor house circulation. the house addition has no ducts.

Jimmy just had the ducts redone in his house.

Jimmy went to see Dr. Sugarman. Apparently he has a vocal cord ulcer and an infection! He’s gotta update the doctor today.
Pat wonders if its dr. burt sugarman from Midnight Special.

Wolfman McConaughey!

10 – True Detective was pitched as an anthology series. – 

Jimmy comments on Cuban relations eliminating the close but know cigar phrase.

Travel to Cuba – 

Mike Siegel travelled to Cuba. Pat worried he’d get sold into sex slavery because he is so good looking.

Cucumber is technically a fruit. 

Jimmy wants to be sure what he is sticking up his ass.

Celery stalk goes bush up!

Oliver loves the Hans and Frans TV commercials.

15 – Kevin Nealon’s done PCAT twice. He’ll be our guest on the evens.

Jimmy talk about a Paul Gilmartin post and his fans coming to his defense.

Olympic chat. Winter Olympics was more important to Jimmy than the summer.

Jimmy lost interest in Olympics once Pros were allowed in.

Paul Williams and Barbra Streisand wrote Evergreen.

20 – I’m using gaygle!

We’re down to 72 degrees.

McDonald’s Olympic contest – 

McDonald’s ran a promotion entitled “When the U.S. Wins, You Win” where customers scratched off a ticket with the name of an Olympic event on it, and if the U.S. won that event then they would be given a free menu item: a Big Mac for a gold medal, an order of french fries for a silver medal, and a Coca-Cola for a bronze medal. The promotion became a near financial disaster due to the Soviet boycott which led to the U.S. winning far more Olympic medals than expected.

25 – Jimmy talks about the I Hate Jimmy Pardo bumper sticker.

Oliver and his friend Henry were playing two stooges
Break! 15 U!

U word coming up! Marketing Disasters! Pat Francis from Rock Solid!

We’re back!

15 UFO!


It hurts to speak for Jimmy right now. Hes at a 9.6 on he pain spectrum.

30 – 15 UFO in honor of Pat. UFO has a new album coming out. Jimmy thinks it will be just as average as the others.

Jimmy talks Live albums and UFO having one of the best.

New album “A Conspiracy of Stars” will be released on February 23rd 2015.

Jimmy road his bike to Kmart to get the Live at Bukodan album. 

He calls it flawed.

Matt thinks people go to the concert for music not for lyrics. No one agrees.

Matt getting pushed towards crazy by Jimmy on his outlook for concerts.

35 – Jimmy is bothered when he can’t hear vocals, IE Iron Maiden.

Jimmy does not agree with Matt. He likes hearing the words.

Matt asks if the melody is different than the words.

Pat recently saw America. He loves this country.

Eliot chimes in with his story of seeing Anita Baker. Jimmy is correct with her album title The Songstress.

40 – Missing Persons – 

Dale and Terry were married.

Jimmy saw someone using the gong at a show. He thinks it was Mick Fleetwood. Pat wonders if it was Jamie Farr.

Ryan sneezes.

I win $5! Lights Out Garon!

Jimmy remembers Eliot once saw Anita Baker. Jimmy and Matt wonder if any action happened. Eliot says, “not much.”

45 – We talk about Anita Baker albums 

Jimmy and Pat move on to Van Halen covers.

Kiss, Van Halen, Chicago, Rush…rush is out, ACDC – Jimmy’s top band logos.

50 – The guys talk Iconic logos. Nine Inch Nails and Public Enemy get mentions. Misfits also.


Jimmy true/falses his knowing Glen Ganzig being in Misfits.

Iron Maiden too. Sex Pistols, Ramones.

I end that segment with Anita Baker!

Some styx song chat,

I am here, Doing great.

Eliot is here and his ear word was Ungulate. He also seems to refuse to turn his mic on.

Matt goes Underwear, Jimmy says Underpants would have been more appropriate.

Pat’s word was Ugly. He brought gifts!

55 – Pat wants to talk about TV show logos. Cheers, Cops, Seinfeld, Hill Street Blues, Friends.

Barclays is a bank – 

UK Bank. Pat wonders if Jimmy has 00 status.

Pat brought gifts

60 – top 10 best selling potato chips – 

Jimmy going on a cruise with Oliver and Danielle.

Pat doesn’t think Jimmy will do well on a cruise.

Steve Hollander is a MAN.

65 – Jimmy’s cruise goes to Catalina and Ensenada.

Pat thinks Jimmy’s tattoos will come in handy.

Matt and family are doing the Disney Cruise in May.

70 – Jimmy’s cabin is probably going to be smaller than the studio. 2 beds.

Pat wonders what jimmy wears to the pool. A shoe, like a man. – Jimmy. Actually, he’ll wear his shower shoes.

Jimmy likes to walk on railings.

Plane crash odds.

The guys talk airlines.

Jimmy enjoys Delta but flies American for points.

75 – Here is the Dan and Dave campaign Matt keeps mentioning – 

Jerk off at the level off.

Jimmy has a nice shave as the plane lands.

80 – flight attendant shtick is the worst.

Pat tells a story about the post office yesterday. Some crazy guy comes in. The post office clerk recognizes him. The guy was ranting and raving about being the cool kids or whatever. Pat gives the clerk his envelope claim. The guy walks behind the and yells out SHUT UP!

Ken Savana (SPELLING) quotes and impressions.

Here is the site with the marketing stuff we went over – 

90 – Pat talks about a gas station having a sign that says 4.59 for gas when across the street its 2.something.

Pat brought gifts. We will either love him for it or hate it. Or both at the same time. We all get a can of Jingle Jangle!

Thanks Pat!

95 – Jimmy reiterates his Jan 1 no candy date for the whole year. Candy is the goal, cookie and treats will end up in the crosshairs also.

Jimmy trying to get that wrapper back on his can. He punches the can and may have hurt his hand. Make no mistake.

Jimmy talks about a cartoon that went around online. Two guys on the moon and a woman laying there. Captain: It’s alice Cranston.

The other is a woman who had gotten punched in the face who made a video about it showing just how fake the movies are.

Peter Cetera got into a brawl in 1969 at Dodger Stadium –

Apparently there is a 1 hour musical version of Elf that aired on NBC. No one understands why they didn’t just do it like a sequel. Also the songs were bad.

Pat’s daughter knows there is no santa but she doesn’t want to know so she still wants gifts from santa.

The guys talk about telling your kids about santa.

Jimmy tells a story about the Christmas his mom and his step dad forgot to put the presents out.

Elf on a Shelf talk! Clothes now available apparently.

Matt tells Pat the story of the Elf.

We finally get to Serial’s last episode.

Jimmy thinks Matt has a crush on Sarah Koeing.

Before we go, we need to address the Paul Stanley Folgers commercial. We all got it.

Apparently it was pulled because no one in the focus groups recognized him.

Rolling Stone Article

Pat talks about a recent Ace Frehley concert he read about.

Jimmy and Pat briefly talk the Cat Stevens show. Over and over.

No Players Club next week but check your feed on NYE!!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/ Lights Out Garon