15T – Popping Off with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer, just back from Malaysia

Rich Sommer, just back from Malaysia

Join the Players Club!

NNF  Players Club 15T  – Rich Sommer


00 – The players club is open and the door is closed! It’s a clever atmosphere! A clever way!

15 T as in we’ll find out later.

Jimmy considers the double dip on the letter word.

The perfect melodic rock album – 

05 – Jimmy talks about a bit on the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius asking where people are sitting.

Jimmy wants to go through the Survivor Vital Signs album.

He’s considering taking NNF Live?!

Jimmy underestimated the success of NNF on earwolf.

Would Matt rather be right than funny?

Jimmy urges people to revisit Smokey and the Bandit.

Jimmy wonders if he did something to make Eliot think he could talk like he was a guest on the show. He and Matt discuss walling Eliot off or letting him control video remotely.

Eliot would love that idea and would go pantless. Jimmy prefers a sweat pant at home.

Jimmy doesn’t wash his pajama pants often enough. Everything else gets a nice rinse.

10 – Matt wants to talk about a recent Doug Loves Movies episode (12 guests of Christmas). Jimmy wants to talk about it when Rich Sommer, our guest, arrives.

Jimmy saw Whiplash. He doesn’t suck at the teet of JK Simmons but he is phenomenal in this movie. Jimmy says it’s the new Billy Idol album of movies. Whiplash and Foxcatcher vying for the #1 spot.

The guys talk fox catcher and Breakfast club.  Are kidnappings up? Eliot thinks for profit kidnappings are more popular in the 70s.

Vital Signs!

15 – “Get your protractor out prick head!” – Jimmy to Eliot.

Jimmy sang every song.

Jimmy recounts asking the survivor guy about being asked for a song in Karate Kid.


Jimmy’s gonna give $100 to someone who can guess the first hit by Jim Peterik.

Eliot guesses Vehicle and wins $6.

20 – Rich is furious with what is happening in here.

Early break! Jimmy was running a little late due to an exterminator showing up unannounced.

Old man lizard is here guys! Jimmy wants to hate everything Eliot is doing but he isn’t doing anything bad.


We’re back!

We just took a break, that’s a show business term. Also known as an intermission in theater.

Jimmy asks Rich about double intermissions in the world of theater.

Jimmy did like Into The Woods. Covers his mic and coughs into his hand.

Rich and Jimmy both loved the Les Mis movie.

25 – Matt hated the Les Mis movie. He’s not a fan of all singing musicals.

Rich’s only problem with Les Mis was Russell Crowe. Jimmy kinda liked him. He bought it.  He’s got no problem with Russ Crowe. Rusty as Matt called him.

Matt talks Doug Loves Movies 12 Guests of Christmas. Jimmy finished 2nd.

The guys talk Rosario Dawson in Top Five.

30 – The second name in Born on the 4th of July is Willem Dafoe. (from the bottom it’s Wayne Knight).

The guys talk Rent the movie.

Rich tells a story about shooting The Devil Wears Prada with Tracey Thoms and her manager brining her a copy of the rent soundtrack with her face on it.

Rich says that all the people he worked with on the film were incredibly welcoming. Anne Hathaway, Adrien Grenier, and Tracy Thoms, some of the nicest people in Hollywood he’s met.

Rich. Loves. Annie.

“Can someone explain Pat Francis to me?” – Rich on his first appearance on NNF.

35 – Jimmy never does well on the 12 Guests show. He usually wants to just get out of there because of the personality clashes. Last night though he did great and came down to him and Ricki.

Rich talks about winning Improv Sports.

People take the Doug Loves Movies games really seriously. Both contestants AND audience.

40 – Episode 15 Tornado! No winner!

Here is the video – 

Rich talks about being in a movie with James Van Derbeek and Treat Williams called The Storm.  

Treat Williams is another great guy.

Hair compliments! Target was my guess.

The Storm is not on Netflix but you can buy it!  

45 – Jimmy and Rich talk popcorn! Rich suggests a stove top popcorn with a crank.  Here it is: 

Jimmy talks his sweet rules for next year. Absolutely NO candy.

Do NOT offer cookies then bring out a Fig Newton. Jimmy is not having that.

Jimmy is not a fan of #NoFilter

Jimmy’s got a popcorn problem.  He cannot see a movie without popcorn. Even if he gorged on food right before.

50 – I did not realize my shirt had a hashtag on it.  #swagger

Rich talks about te show last night again and jimmy talking about (for humor) Serial apparently inventing the word podcast.

Is Serial treading water to get to the last episode?

The panel read off the quotes on the poster on the wall.

Jimmy wants frames for his CD booklets. He can’t do the mats himself.

55 – Eliot’s mom was an artist. Rich fails at a mom joke. Eliot talks about the tool to create mattes.

Rich asks what Jimmy wants to frame and Jimmy explains he collects autographed CD covers.

Rich talks about meeting Lisa Loeb.  “We’ve met.” He said to her referring to an autograph signing 15+ years ago.

A few guys apparently wanted to marry Lisa Loeb.

In case you don’t know her 

60 – Rich asks if Oliver listens to kid’s music. Jimmy mentions Ellis Paul’s The Hero in You album. 

Jimmy talks sobbing in his car listening to the Ellis Paul album. Matt makes him look the fool by correcting the street name.

65 – Jimmy and Rich talk asking friends for tickets to their shows making them uncomfortable.

Hi Eliot!!

Rich and Eliot sometimes cross paths in their gaming experiences.

Eliot’s T word was Tallahassee.

Plumbing stuff seems to be fixed but Eliot’s getting a lot of calls about stuff.

Jimmy gets a new voice and loses it pretty much immediately.

Eliot did not know about an aerator on the bottom of the faucet. Matt knew about it but Rich, Jimmy, nor myself, knew about it.

Matt’s T word was Tennille as in the captain and.

Tennille filed for divorce from Dragon in the State of Arizona on January 16, 2014, after 39 years of marriage. Dragon was unaware of this until he was served with the divorce papers. The divorce documents referenced health insurance or health issues, and Tennille had written on her blog in 2010 that Dragon’s neurological condition, similar to Parkinson’s, was characterized by such extreme tremors he could no longer play keyboards. Captain and Tennille

70 – Rich wrote down two words. Timpany and Teapot.

Matt got a kiss from Sigourney Weaver after he gave her flowers after a play.  He apparently wasn’t very excited about it.

Jimmy talks to Rich about Summer Stock and weather it’s a negative thing or not.

More talk about DLM!

Another break!

75 – We are back. The guys had some beer nuts in the break.  Matt rectifies his error of not thanking the Beer nut guy for the snacks. Jimmy puts all the blame on Matt.

Loggerheads – 

Jimmy wants a better way to get updated at the backstage happenings at pardcastathon.

Matt suggests an ear monitor.

Rich talks about the surprise news bit he did at Pardcastathon.  Jimmy had no idea it was coming. Rich wonders if he had preferred knowing it was coming or not. Jimmy isn’t sure.

80 – Happy birthday to Rich’s beautiful daughter Bea! She just turned 7! Rich tells a a sweet story about noticing she is growing up.

Time going so quickly guys!

The guys talk videoing and being present with the kids so they don’t miss anything.

85 – Matt talks about recording Zoe’s holiday show and telling himself to stop watching the screen and watch the show.  Jimmy suggests using a gopro in a headband.

Rich says nothing more assholey than holding up an ipad to record.

iPad Pro – 

Thanks for the beer nuts Joseph Deen!

Mind your tone Matt.

90 – Rich wonders if Howard Dean only lost because of that scream.

Jimmy talks Annie Hathaway’s Oscar speech and other bad Oscar incidents.

Letterman hosted the Oscars in 1995 – 

Jimmy is not happy that Bill Mahr and Sean Penn were grab-assing with Cat Stevens while he was in Row W sobbing.

95 – Jimmy chooses to not use his really dark joke. He instead explains what he was trying to do with Matt, an Electric Company reference.

We’re done guys! It flies by when Rich is here.

Eliot talks about his mom passing in 1994. Jokes abound!

Eliot’s dad to the kids, “you kids didn’t clean your rooms and that’s why your mom has cancer!”

Jimmy wants to give jenny McCarthy a shot of shut the fuck up.

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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