1520 – Blowing the Doors Off with Adam Ferrara

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Adam Ferrara assumes the position

Adam Ferrara assumes the position

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome! I gave my drink a jiggle jaggle. Jimmy again rocking the Member’s Only jacket. Jimmy saw a guy trying to buy a MO Jacket and get declined.

Players Club, Members Only, Admirals Club Trifecta.

Welcome to 1520! Jimmy can’t do the took a little trip song.

Matt stumbled across a Santa. Zoe for the first time was not afraid of Santa. Great moment.

Jimmy and Danielle took Oliver to see Santa on Sunday. No wait

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

05 – $26 cheapest package for picture with Santa?!

Eliot and his jew bullshit is ruining Christmas. (FOR HUMOR!)

Danielle is full jewish, Oliver is only half Jewish.

Matt and Elise told Zoe about the story of Christmas but all she wanted to know about is Santa.

The Pagan Roots of Easter: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2010/apr/03/easter-pagan-symbolism

Jimmy says the Nashville Christmas album is great. The only song he isn’t a fan of is Blue Christmas by Chip Estin.

Cat Stevens Discography – 

Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Harold and Maude soundtrack – 

10 – Jimmy talks about his experiences with Cat Stevens. He’s been a fan for 30 years. Jimmy talks about getting tickets, and how Cat cancelled his NY show because of scalpers. The LA show could only use credit cards to get into the show and both people had to enter together. 2 Ticket MAX.

Jimmy said it was neat to be in a roomful of people where at least one of the two people REALLY wanted to be there. A lot of people felt like it was the event of a lifetime. Apparently, Jimmy was REALLY outgoing at this show.

15 – Jimmy offered Dennis, the guy sitting next to them a slider. They talked about the car show. Dennis was a really low talker. Jimmy apparently made friends with Dennis and Linda. Danielle was surprised

They had Row W. Some huge guy (a paul bunion like wall) sat right in front of Jimmy but Danielle switched with him.

A guy behind jimmy said, “It’s been 38 years!” in such a way that it gave Jimmy chills. At around 8:10 Cat himself came over the speakers and said there were still a lot of people outside so they were going to start a few minutes later.

Jimmy literally welled up when the show started and was crying by the third song. He was overcome with emotion in the most positive way.

20 – When Cat did wild world and turned into Father and Son Jimmy was full on movie style weeping. He turned and saw that Danielle was crying to.

Here is the set list for the show: 

Jimmy lost his snapping ability but just got it back.

During an intermission, Jimmy went to the merch table and saw Dennis and Linda next in line. They were able to get him a shirt.

Great night!

Cat Stevens real name is Steven Demetre Georgiou

25 – Apparently, Matt had a meltdown over the Newsroom finale. (for humor, ALLEGEDLY).

Here is the scene from The Newsroom Matt is so upset about – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuVpT1mv5KY

30 – Matt urges people to watch the newsroom. Jimmy has too much TV show to watch.

I love the newsroom and loved the finale.

Our guest is late! Adam Ferrara running late!

Jimmy shoots him an email.

Jimmy’s having an emotional breakthrough at a concert, matt is hate watching the newsroom, and I am trying to win a Cadillac from Lil’ Wayne.

35 – We talk about me sharing Dwayne Carter stuff on Facebook. Our guest calls Jimmy’s phone. I’m gonna run out and get him.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy hit the button but he still second guesses himself. Have some confidence! Jimmy calls himself a spineless windbag.

Jimmy’s goin’ round the horn. We’re talking my facebook shares.

Adam Ferrara is here!

The Self-Esteem Room is a great name for a podcast.

Adam describes his eyes as “Santa Clause Eyes.”

A set of trains is a phrase Jimmy enjoys.

Jimmy talks about sobbing at the Cat Stevens show again. He did not pay $1000 for his tickets (or even $750).

40 – Nokia Theatre is a music and theatre venue seating 7,100, while Club Nokia is a club venue with a seating capacity of 2,300 for live music and cultural events. The theatre has hosted the ESPY Awards since 2008.


The guys talk about Cat Stevens near death experiences.

Jimmy reiterates that he sobbed during Father and Son.

Jimmy doesn’t just talk into microphones when Adam is not around.

45 – I explain my thought process behind sharing a post on facebook. I knew it was fake but what if it wasn’t?? I’d have looked the fool with $5 million!

More Disneyland talk.

More Cat Stevens talk. Jimmy talked to the guy who said, “it’s been 38 years” and actually called him baby.

Adam talks about seeing the Elton John Billy Joel show and reaching back to take his girlfriends hand

50 – Adam has a picture of the car that that Dwayne Carter page was giving away on his phone. He talks about creating his own concept car.

Eliot’s here, the thumb is up. Plumbing troubles at the estate. People putting baby wipes and tampons down the drains.

Adam found the picture!

Jimmy upset he didn’t think of the Dumb of Doheny. Eliot tries to think of another one because his place is not on doheny. Eliot gives credit to his tenants, they aren’t usually dumb.

55 – Jimmy went to see Into The Woods with the auction winner Sarah. Wayne Federman and John Ross Bowie went as well. She got bonus people also Dan Cronin, Josh, and Matilda. She is a PI!

Cadillac Ciel – 

Jimmy got a new car. He switched to an E-Golf.

Adam not a fan of electric cars. He thinks they are soulless.

60 – Adam drives a 1990 Lexus. His wife has a Mercedes.


Jimmy tries to True/False Adam. He jumps the gun with a false immediately. Jimmy went to an auto show with his dad and saw the Lexus before it was its own brand. The Toyota Lexus.

Black Rain 

Here is another Drag Race commercial

65 – Jimmy and Adam talk about Jimmy’s lack of confidence. Jimmy asks Adam about mike saccone, winner of star search.

Jimmy talks about auditioning for star search. He and Jimmy Dore both tried out. Neither of them got on.

Adam was on Star Search when it was at Disney World. He beat one person and came back from lunch and then lost.

70 – the original amateur hour – 

Don Adams’ Screen Test – 

The guys talk about Angeline and Don Woodruff.

75 – the panel looking at pictures of Jimmy’s old car.

Frau Blucher – 

85 – I am completely unable to find what comedian won star search in 1983.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Smokey and the Bandit.

We’ll be back!

90 – Back! Jimmy gives another true or false about seeing Tom Jones at Club Nokia. “gasp! He let himself go grey!” Jimmy and every old lady in the venue.

I failed at finding the 1983 comedy winner. Brad Garrett won in 84. Mike Saccone won in 89.

Jimmy talks to Adam about live tweeting Top Gear. Adam is doing more stand up now and enjoying the connections.

Nurse Jackie is still going, looks like in their final season. Adam talks about doing a play in NY and seeing Edie Falco and crew members had come to see a matinee. He says she is really sweet.

Edie Falco – 

Matt recounts his favorite Edie Falco quote on Sopranos, “like a peppa!”

Adam talks about basically living in a Scorsese movie growing up. His home in queens was basically mean streets.

95 – Adam talks about his Uncle that acted like everything was a secret.

July 12, 1988 Adam’s first time on stage at East Side Comedy Club.

Look like Jimmy’s first comedy attempt was on August 2, 1987.

Frank Sinatra letter to George Michael – 

SNL character Jimmy was talking about – 

100 – Adam Ferrara a 3-timer! Back to Back seasons and twice in a calendar year!

Top Gear, Tuesday Nights on History Channel.

Disc only on Netflix.

I did find it!!

See ya next time!

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