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Mo Mandel

Mo Mandel

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Yes indeed!! Welcome into the players club!! Episode 15 Sssssssssssssssss Jimmy is hissing like a snake but that is not the word. Jimmy thinks Nicki Minaj is sexy and enjoys her single Pills N Potions. 

Jay Z and Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind – 

The song Jimmy was thinking of was Monster

05 – Disneyland trip was okay. I missed Nick Kroll. Woulda rather been here guys!

We hear a little Pills N Potions.

Jimmy likes that song. Matt can’t support any pills or potions. Jimmy mentions Matt had some Butterbeer at Oliver’s birthday.

10 – Jimmy doesn’t understand the hatred for Elf on a Shelf. Jimmy and Matt talk about screwing up the Elf movements.

“Why does he want to sit in the stink?” Jimmy on Harry the Elf being in the bathroom.

Matt’s elf is named Stiller.

Ricky Schroeder’s NYPD Blue character is Danny Sorenson. 

15 – Jimmy mentions a twitter event. Anna DeVane is terrible at her job. Sme guy tweets back at Jimmy. He reads the tweets. Jimmy blocks the guy live on air. Successfully blocked!


Once you resort to name calling you’re just a child.

Here is the email Matt and Jimmy are talking about: 

Joel McHale email – 

20 – The guys talk more about the Joel McHale email. We don’t understand how this makes Joel the nicest guy and the other makes Paul Reiser sad. We don’ get it.

Mad About You – 

25 – Nashville chat! It was the winter finale. Jimmy admits to tearing up and the Avery Juliet wedding.

Here is a recap of the episode – 

Here is how to tell DNA a part with brothers – 

Nashville has the worst celebrity couple names and Hash Tags. #Layna and #Ruke #JaveryWedding.

30 – Jimmy laughed at himself for getting choked up over the Javery wedding.

Jimmy was proud he could guess when Nashville was going to commercial.

Jimmy moves on to Shark Tank.

35 – Eliot and Jimmy get into Shark Tank discussion. Eliot’s response to this Kevin guy, “I get it Kevin, you’re out. Be out.”

We’re gonna take a break! Mo Mandel is joining us today. He hosts Barmageddon.

Eliot had plumbing issues at the complex so he had to address it before he came in. Pushed us back a few minutes.

Jimmy worried he might have a polyp from pardcastathon. He’s gonna go get to his guy, Joe Sugarman.

The guys talk bands with Shine in their name and how in Chicago the word Shine was a derogatory term.

We’ll be back!

40 – We’re back with episode 15 Spatula! No winner it seems.

What just happened?! Jimmy took a character to a weird place. Some brief Cosby talk.
Ennis Cosby – 

Jimmy gives some theories.

Our guest Mo Mandel was on Conan last night and had a terrific set according to Jimmy. Mo talks about part of his set and double dipping during the set. Jimmy talks about the audience trying to figure out where to look during a comic’s set so Jimmy thinks the double dip asking how they are doing was a good idea.

45 – Jimmy talks about his process as a host and dealing with MCs on shows, etc. Mo and Jimmy talk about doing a Late Night set around town.

Jimmy talks about having to make a tape to send to bookers back in the day.

Mo questions my voice. It’s real.

Mo and Matt have high hair today.

50 – Sounds like Jimmy’s Kojak phase is over.

Mo used to wrestle. His dad calls him whenever wrestling is on the Olympics.

Mo talks about getting a reaction that he should hang himself after a 4.5 minute set.

People are stupid.

Schenectady was Eliot’s word.

Matt’s word was Serial.

All Mo watches right now is Anthony Bourdain shows and Prison Shows. Mo is going through a break up so he is in a studio apartment that is not unlike a prison. Jimmy wonders if he is also in an emotional prison.

55 – Mo hosts Barmageddon on TruTV Wednesdays at 10pm. He calls it Wife Swap for bars. Bar owners have to go work at another’s bar.

Mo’s word is Scrumptious.

No winner! Jimmy wonders if he should start adding $5 to the till every week.

Mo thinks the game isn’t great if no one can win.

Jimmy shuts down. Eliot joins the bit.

60 – Jimmy’s been singing Barmageddon It since he heard the name of Mo’s show. Mo says he’s had to watch Armageddon every night to go to sleep and to get an erection. The guys talk Armageddon and Deep Impact.

Deep Impact had Robert Duvall not Tommy Lee Jones –

Jimmy does his line from The Naked Truth playing a detective. He talks about doing ridealongs and exposing the rampart scandal.

Mo thinks Jimmy should play detectives. Jimmy says his acting talent slows him down.

Mo was on Free Agents. We all loved the show. They shot 8, aired 4, but were picked up for 13.

65 – Mo talks about the experience working on Free Agents and how people reacted to the ratings and cancelation.

Mo says that Kathryn Hahn is one of the nicest people he’s every met in Hollywood.

Mo seems to want a duvet cover.

Mo talks about the weirdness of coming to audition on the same lot he worked on a month earlier.

70 – The guys talk about Billy Gardell and Mike and Molly. Jimmy and Danielle really liked Free Agents.

Mo is not short for Maurice.

Here is Jimmy’s IMDB page – 

Unprecedented second break!

Welcome back to 15 Spatula, not to be confused with Jimmy’s #1 album Spretzaturra!

We’re gonna guess Mo’s name. I said Montgomery or Morton (Matt also was going to guess morton) Eliot says Morrie.

75 – Mo reveals his name by telling a story about how his parents named him via a new age baby name book’s Hebrew section. Mohan? Which is actually Hindu not Hebrew.

Howie Mandel’s real last name is indeed Mandel. He’s 59. 

The panel speculates why he looks so young.

Jimmy asks Mo to talk about meeting Julio Iglesias in 2010 and opening up for him.

80 – Mo tells about Julio talking about his trumpet play, “This man is gay. I could never be gay because I love women too much but if I were gay this man would be my lover.” The next stop Mo saw the guy in bar before the show and asking him about it. The guy said he isn’t even gay and that Julio gets bored and just says random stuff.

85 – To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before – 

Jimmy talks about opening for an Elvis impersonator and bombing. He just kept acting like it was really Elvis coming out.

The guys talk about Dueling Pianos.

90 – Freddy Fender – 

Mo tries to remember a hip hop song he likes. Matt is no help.

Power 106 Playlist

Jimmy wonders about the new imacs having no CD drive.

Mo not on board with macs not having CD Rom.

The name of the show is Barmageddon. Wednesday night at 10pm on TruTV.

Mo has an iPhone 4. He can’t get Shazam, Uber, or Tinder.

See you next time!!

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