15W – Cashing Checks with Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman

After-the-fact, not by Skype, or in-studio notes by Darryl Asher


You can also see Wayne Federman playing cards with Kenny Rogers in an unavoidable but very funny commercial running on television, streaming services, and in your dreams.


Welcome to 15W!


Eliot annoys Jimmy as soon as the show starts

Jimmy apologizes for not being sensitive about Eliot’s mother

“Go fuck yourself if you think I’m insensitive”

No Garon due to illness, and not enough time OR INTEREST to get Darryl Asher

I  don't know if this count as a shout-out or a shit-on. Half and half I guess.

I don’t know if this counts as a shout-out or a shit-on. Half and half I guess.

More than you ever needed to know about flu shots


Jimmy takes offense at Matt’s “You’re short for a stormtrooper” joke, which was awesome

The Star Wars 10K and half marathon in Anaheim


Lots of street maintenance around Jimmy’s old house on Rimpaugh

Eliot’s peek into the underbelly of Los Angeles street maintenance

One-Lane Bullshit played a great set at Bonaroo

Paul Anka rant reenactment


San Diego Chargers are still a team

Jimmy wants to buy an NFL team with someone else’s money

Wayne Federman got recognized as he was coming into the studio


Everyone loves Wayne’s commercial with Kenny Rogers


Jimmy schools Wayne on mic placement

All the details about Jimmy’s LG TV purchase


Paul Anka Rant / Buddy Rich rant / Casey Kasem Rant


TRUE OR FALSE: Jimmy made Oliver laugh with his “too many buttons” comment in the Chrysler 300

Jimmy’s new eGOlf: 4 mile range

Garon is apparently the glue/catalyst that holds the whole show together. No Garon = CHAOS


Crazy Train


Wayne has only owned 3 cars, all foreign made

15 Winnebego! (Shoulda been WAYNE! Come on, Jimmy!)

Ads for Wayne’s Plymouth Arrow used the song Me and my Arrow song by Harry Nilsson


Ribs, veal, and food from cute baby animals

Turkey neckbones. Really Jimmy? Gross.

Turkey neckbones. Really Jimmy? Gross.

Jimmy used to eat turkey neckbones

COUPON and other pronunciations


There’s no predicting what shows are a hit in syndication

Why no Family Ties in syndication

Wayne was on a “very special episode” of a show in the 90s

Different World!


Wayne takes a bold stance against saying the N word

Dean Cain talk

Pardcastathon talk

Wayne gives some Pardcastathon constructive criticism


Wayne thinks every role he plays might spin off into it’s own movie, TV show, and theme park

The Jessica Savitch meltdown video (And yes it’s Savitch not Savage)

Jessica Savitch

Hannah Storm makeup wacking

Lots of wordplay




Immediate anger at Eliot’s countdown method

Hannah Storm tweets her defense of the makeup artist stiff-arm

All about WayneFederman.com


Jimmy offers Matt $100 if he can name all the domain names Jimmy owns

Wayne got a residual check for $0.00


More anger at Eliot

Gripping details about Wayne’s check depositing methods


Everyone wants in on the sweet, sweet check cashing and depositing story-telling action

What other shows has Wayne been on?


deathstareJimmy’s domains: jimmypardo.com; nevernotfunny.com; 591rock.com; 591roll.com; ihated2ndshowfriday.com (?); chicagopodcastauthority.com; nevernotfunnypodcast.com

Death stare at Eliot

Wayne listed Oscar noms by studio on his Facebook page for reasons


Selma Oscar snubs

Jimmy thinks maybe Selma wasn’t Oscar-worthy

Wayne uses “Tomato” as a verb, which I love! “Selma is tomato-ing at 99%!”

Jimmy and Matt both think The Lego Movie was just OK


All about the various version of Annie

Wayne did not use actresses and celebrities as his teenage fantasy objects

More about Oscar noms for animated films

Daniel Koenig - Show Interrupter

Daniel Koenig – Show Interrupter

A cameo by Danielle (via phone call interrupting the show)


Movie talk, movie talk, and more movie talk

Jimmy is hosting a pilot presentation at the Acme

Wayne watched the Oscar noms on his phone while still in bed because THE WORLD HAS CHANGED, PEOPLE!!!


Wayne knows every best picture by heart


TRUE OR FALSE: Jimmy has never seen Braveheart

Jimmy insists that Barbra Streisand didn’t get nominated for best director for her movie that nominated for Best Picture


Jimmy is upset that VH1 is pre-empting “his music videos” for a SNL marathon

Jimmy and Wayne love the Palladia network


Finding Vivien Meyer is on Showtime

Fan Tom Jenkinson’s documentary “One Rogue Reporter” is on Vimeo and  www.oneroguereporter.com

Controversy over what year Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World was released


The Roger Ebert doc Life Itself was not nominated for an Oscar

Streisand has directed Yentl, The Mirror has Two Faces, and The Prince of Tides

The Prince of Tides was nominated for Best Picture but not Best Director


The Summer of 69 is NOT about 69-ing, no matter what Bryan Adams says about his own song

More about Oscar history

Wayne thought Megan Trainor was black before seeing the video

Wayne lilkes Selena Gomez’s “I Love you Like a Love Song”

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

-Darryl Asher, note curator, magician, photographer, Skyper-inner (but not for this one)