14D – Rooting for the Home Team with David Huntsberger

David Huntsberger (bottom) and his hair (top)

David Huntsberger (bottom) and his hair (top)

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

David Huntsberger
Professor Blastoff

00 – Hello! Indeed the door is open! Welcome in! Jimmy’s been up since 6am. He’s talked out. Let’s get out and vote.

Election day is 11/4 this year. Fly your flag.

What band did Election Day?

Tighten up that ascot and quiet down that larynx. Matt tells Eliot he looks like a homeless Paul F. Tompkins. Or Clue to Jimmy.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot's talking and outfit

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot’s talking and outfit

He looks great!

Pipe in the face is what you order at a bathhouse.

Jimmy’s giving away money for a song guess and a movie.

05 – Jimmy wants more layers for Eliot. No correct guesses for the song. Next clue is that they were an off shoot from another band.

I’m out! It’s down to Eliot and Matt for $5. Matt’s out. Eliot guesses Robert Palmer. Incorrectly. The answer is Arcadia featuring members of Duran Duran. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcadia_(band)

10 – $2 still up for grabs. Jimmy talks about doing the worst Johnny Carson impression ever on the Playboy morning show. He expects a call from Guinness.

More music guessing. Asia is guessed by Matt.

The movie was Less Than Zero as spoken by James Spader.

15-D as in DYNASTY!

15 – Never Not Funny might be Nunca no es Gracioso

Jimmy on a half apple box on @Midnight this week. Jen Kirkman and April Richardson are tall ladies especially in heals. Looks like Jimmy’s up to 5’5”

Jimmy makes a joke about sicking ISIS on Eliot, instantly regrets it.

20 – How much money to watch a video of someone dying?

Jimmy ready to pitch “What Would It Take?” to see how much you can take to watch a terrible video.

Eliot is talking an awful lot today. We need to get a sheet or something up so Jimmy doesn’t look at him.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot's click 'n' wink

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot’s click ‘n’ wink

Our guest was supposed to be here brb!

No one outside!

There was a trade in Jimmy’s Fantasy Baseball league!

25 – One of the guys is really funny. Steve Johnson. A good man, really funny. Former ASTer.

Tostada this, tostada that!

Tostada this, tostada that!

Jimmy using as many versions of PLANE/PLAIN as possible.

Jimmy doing a PSA today for Love Can. I think this is it http://www.lovecan.us/

30 – Confusion over Jimmy’s email. Jimmy’s putting it all on David. Jimmy explains the letter game to David.

Matt had a tostada. Jimmy is sick of hearing about his goddamn tostadas. Eveywhere they go it’s “Tostada this, Tostada that.”


Welcome back!

Apparently our neighbors hate us. Jimmy said hello to one and they just looked at him.

Jimmy's beef: David's hair

Jimmy’s beef: David’s hair

Our guest brings “real high energy.”

Jimmy plays both the straight man and the fool.

35 – Tada! Jimmy is going to go around the room.

David is from Professor Blast-off! Jimmy says David’s roaring to talk since his co-hosts never let him talk. He explains how they all met.

Our neighbors hate us. Jimmy talks about a neighbor at an old apartment who used to blare her TV.

2000 Gold Mercury Cougar

2000 Gold Mercury Cougar

40 – Matt wonders if the neighbors are unfriendly because of our noise level or if they are just unfriendly.

Jimmy lays his movie quote on David. He doesn’t know it. He guesses Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Go around the horn!

Jimmy saw Scooby Doo

My D word was Diet Green Tea

I’m doing great!

45 – Jimmy’s the Authority now!

Hello Eliot.

50 – Eliot’s popping Dayquils. His D word is Daver.

Mad Dog Russo made an appearance on Letterman. Every booking is precious right now on Letterman and they book Mad Dog?

Nobody likes Jimmy’s Mad Dog impression. So much so that Scott Aukerman shut it down saying, “no one likes that character.”

Eliot talks about the Mad Dog appearance on Letterman. They talked a lot about Pete Rose.

Mad Dog doesn’t get stumped. Jimmy Mad Dog Rickles.

55 – Jimmy is very very unconfortable being 4 episodes behind on his soap, General Hospital.

David finds styling hair absurd. Jimmy says to have respect for your head.

If you let Pete Rose in do you need to let in the Juicers too?

60 – Baseball chat! David tells a story about trying to get the crowd all excited during a game and no one joining in.

65 – Jimmy mentions the mic throwing incident and how we made money off a t-shirt recreating it. Jimmy doesn’t hate Elias.

Apparently Peter Cetera likes or maybe doesn’t like Jimmy.

The Thin Blue Line – Great movie
The Thin Red Line – Terrible movie

“Shadows and life baby” what movie? Boogie nights! Matt guesses it.

70 – David gets True or Falsed! He was indeed at the Sammy Sosa home run breaking. David’s D word was Dogtown.

Jimmy's beef: David, just in general

Jimmy’s beef: David, just in general

Jimmy tells a story about his first skateboard. He then talks about a kid in school who dictated who everyone can be friends with.

David follows up with a story about someone he knew hand delivering invitations to his birthday party as a kid. No one showed up.

He then talks about inviting some poor kid to his birthday party. They’re still friends and that guy never forgot it.

75 – When it comes to merging just let the guy in!

Traffic talk!

David wants there to be blinking signs on cars so you can send messages to people.

Jimmy talks about being haunted by the time he was mean to another kid. He went to his facebook page and saw that he turned into a right wing crazy gun racist so he decided not to apologize to him.

80 – David breaks it down as to whether jimmy should apologize anyway or not. He would never reach out to that guy either.

Jimmy talks about rekindling friendship with Mike Cusick after 30 years, it’s like they never lost contact. Jimmy will never apologize to Jerry O’Connor. He asked him why he doesn’t like him once. He said I just don’t.

85 – David tells a story about a kid going nuts and choking another kid after he told him to go ask to be friends.

Jet blue steward incident – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JetBlue_flight_attendant_incident

90 – Jimmy attempts a round with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen with Matt they cannot get it off.

Jimmy references Eliot as a musician as one of his Jack of no trades.

Jimmy calls the Don’t Fear The Reaper SNL sketch as one of the top 10 sketches as all time.

Bill Murray Whipmaster clip – http://www.clipstr.com/videos/BillMurrayAsTheWhipMasterSNL/

95 – We’re done!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on the way out!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper