1505 – Busting a Move with Kulap Vilaysack



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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – 1505! 1-5-0-5! Jimmy’s been up since 615. First day co-hosting the Playboy Morning Show. He’s saw tits, asses, but no puss. He had a lot of fun. Young Jeezy was supposed to be a guest. He was at the Chris Brown party where Suge Knight got shot. Suge got shot 6 times and walked out on his own.

Jeezy in Jail! 

Jimmy’s favorite part of the VMA was Nicki Minaj singing about Anaconda and having to adjust her dress and underwear.

Matt doesn’t know what the fuck is going on anymore in terms of VMAs and music. Jimmy says that is a wonderful way to put it.

Becky G 

Not a white girl from Sherman Oaks. A Hispanic girl from Inglewood.

Jimmy loved Usher’s performance. Thinks Sam Smith was okay.

05 – Matt wants more nostalgia when watching MTV. Maybe it should be covering more genres like the old days.

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off 

Common Cares about Ferguson.

Jeezy arrested not related to Suge Knight.

10 – Jimmy asks Matt about the whole East Coast/West Coast feud. Jimmy’s done some research and by god he’s gonna get it out.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West

Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy

15 – Robin Williams VMA “tribute” 

Eliot’s under the weather. He went on a date last week and might be why he is sick. They had a long date of talk and drinks. Conversation! It wasn’t “Eliot doing a monologue over noodles.” Jimmy wonders if Eliot’s gonna play the field while his new girl is on a trip.

Eliot guesses Queen correctly.

Matt wonders what would happen if you brought a bike on Naked and Afraid, or if it would even be allowed.

Matt and Jimmy went to see some Shakespeare with the family. Andy Daly was there. Fun times had by all. Mid Summer Nights Dream My Little Pony Style.

20 – Jimmy apologizes for Oliver’s Precociousness. He and Zoe did a show together for everyone and then Oliver went rogue and solo with his impressions.

Jimmy regrets the trailer he got Oliver might have inflated his ego.

The kids all got along!

Kulap is here!!

25 – The guys talk Facebook while I am out of the room.

Kulap Vilaysack – Sock or Sack. Kulap says SOCK!

Doc Talk!

Kulap was shimmying off camera and distracting everyone!

Taking a break!

We’re back! Jimmy singing some All I Need by Jack Wagner. Jimmy learned about Krumping vs Krunking.

whitecastle30 – Krump v Crunk 

We’re loving this hip hop character.

35 – There is no doubt about Taye Diggs dick size. Matt tells his Taye Diggs beach story. (First told in Episode 1222) Kulap Gives a little Let it Go!

40 – IDina Let it Go 

Demi Let It Go

Jimmy genuinely likes the song Let It Go.


Guessing Demi’s chart place

Kulap 79
Eliot 88
Matt 38
Jimmy 54 (38 was what he really wanted to pick. Matt took it when he said it.)

It’s 38!!

Top Five Billboard:
Let It Go – Idina Menzel
Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo
Dark Horse – Katy Perry
All of Me John Legend
Happy – Pharell
Eliot makes a joke that nauseates Jimmy.

50 – The panel talk Cats. Jimmy tries to figure out a theater he saw Cats at.

Kulap has indeed had White Castle!

Jimmy loved White Castle during his drunk years.


Kulap describes her documentary. She found out her dad wasn’t her real dad when she sided with him and her mom said, “Why are you defending him he isn’t even your real dad.”

IndieGoGo campaign 

55 – Kulap is married to Scott Aukerman! Apparently, Jimmy wasn’t immeadiately on board with Scott dating Kula She was 19 when they started dating.

The panel talks about Kulap and Scott’s wedding. Jimmy met her mother there.

60 – They talk about all the comedians laughing at jokes but none of the family laughing.

Jimmy thinks Kulap will be a dynamite mom.

Katharis AKA Kulap

Katharsis AKA Kulap

65 – More Let It Go singing!

Kulap is a DC Character?!?!?!

Nicki Costa Like a Feather 

OriginStoryDoc.com is the documentary website.

Flirting With Disaster

70 – Jimmy tries to call Taye Diggs via twitter again. No deal Jimmy!

Jimmy instructs Kulap and Matt to Fuck and Off.

Kulap was on the original Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party.


We’re back! I was out getting a tea for Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about a scene from 30 rock: Werewolf Bar mitzvah. 

Jimmy and Danielle both currently working at Playboy. Jimmy reenacts a clip from The Stash, the show Danielle writes for.

75 – Back to the VMAs. Jimmy watched all the way through Usher on the VMAs then he had to go to bed. Kulap says Jimmy missed a lot of ass throughout the night. Kulap loves Beyonce’s newest album. Which did indeed go to #1 

Kulap watched the entire show.

Nicki Minaj Pills and Potions 

Jimmy talks about Nicki performing at a mall near his house.

80 – Matt sings some Starships. Jimmy says Rap Royalty is next door and our discussion on rap will send her out of here.

Back to the charts! Jimmy gets the 80s charts out so we can guess the #1 song.

Jimmy watched Wizard Wars with Penn and Teller. He enjoyed it.  The show Matt referred to was Penn and Teller: Fool Us!

We get the beige chart. Week ending 9/6/80 –

Kulap’s birthday is May 11, 1980. Mine May 21!

The Fifth Beatle  (Billy Preston)

90 – I guessed Olivia Newton John right! Eliot guessed the song title.

Jimmy's beef: Knife-in-face anger towards Eliot for almost beating Jimmy to a joke

Jimmy’s beef: Knife-in-face anger towards Eliot for almost beating Jimmy to a joke

We’re going 1982!

Kulap says it’s never too early for Taylor Dayne.


Eliot took off. Matt thinks it’s Olivia Newton John.

It was a restroom trip.

100 – Jimmy couldn’t make the Earwolf 4 Year party. Kulap played a lot of Cornhole, a bean bag lawn game. They call it “bags” in Chicago.

Airwolf is not the same as Earwolf


True or False Jimmy’s first celeb sighting at Target North Hollywood was Ernest Borgnine. TRUE.


105 – Were done! Jimmy apologizes for it taking so long to get Kulap on the show. She is a joy!

Give her the Never Not Funny bump guys! OriginStoryDoc.com.

Scott also talks about the CBB bump. Pardo Pushed Weird Al to #1.

Kulap’s podcast is Who Charted! Jimmy was on once. They also have Two Charted which doesn’t have a guest.

Cajun Jimmy showed up on The Playboy Morning Show.

Kulap wants me to look up cleaning!

Jimmy makes a Survivor reference and wonders if anyone got it.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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